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PRESIDENT of the 64th Session
United Nations General Assembly

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United Nations, New York, 9 March 2010

President Treki meets with President Bongo Ondimba of Gabon

The President of the General Assembly, H.E. Dr. Ali Abdussalam Treki, met with H.E. Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of the Republic of Gabon. President Bongo Ondimba was accompanied by H.E. Mr. Paul Toungui, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and H.E. Ms. Laure Olga Gondjout, Minister of Communications, Posts, Telecommunications, and New Information Technologies, and other senior officials from Gabon.

They exchanged views on important issues on the agenda of the sixty-fourth session of the General Assembly, including peace and security, development and climate change. President Bongo reiterated the full support of Gabon for the United Nations Organization, which in the view of both Presidents, is the best framework to promote multilateral and effective solutions for the global challenges.

They discussed the situations in Africa and the Middle East, prominent on the agenda of the Security Council. President Treki also noted the priority accorded to Africa’s interests in the General Assembly, referring in particular to the importance of the September 2010 High Level plenary meeting of the General Assembly on the Millennium Development Goals. President Bongo Ondimba accepted President Treki’s invitation to attend the September Summit.

President Treki also briefed President Bongo Ondimba on the thematic debates to be held in the General Assembly. They also discussed United Nations reforms, including the reform of the Security Council, the revitalization of the General Assembly and the efforts for enhanced coordination and interaction among the principal Organs of the United Nations.