At the Open-Ended Working Group on the Question of Equitable Representation on and Increase in the Membership of the Security Council and other Matters Related to the Security Council

New York, 9 September 2009

General Assembly Decision 62/557 requested the Open-ended Working Group to submit a report to the General Assembly, including any agreed upon recommendations, before the end of the 63rd session. Yesterday, the draft report including recommendations and the corrigendum were issued as documents A/AC.247/2009/L.1 and A/AC.247/2009/L.1/Corr.1. In this regard I wish to draw Member States’ attention to the correction of paragraph 17C. A correction we had to make due to processing errors outside my office’s control.

The report documents the work of the Open-ended Working Group and its successful compliance with decision 62/557. In this regard, allow me to briefly sum up the overall work of the OEWG during this session. So far, we have held no fewer than seven meetings; one on 11 November 2008, one on 17 November 2008, two on 5 December 2008, one on 19 January 2009, one on 26 January 2009, as well as our final meeting today.

In order to advance our work during these meetings I circulated my work plan to Member States through my 24 November letter. Member States embraced said work plan, a plan strictly based on decision 62/557. Likewise, during the first meeting on 11 November 2008, Member States all rallied around my choice for Vice-Chairman of the Working Group, His Excellency Zahir Tanin, Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations. Allow me to briefly use this opportunity to thank Ambassador Tanin for his tireless efforts.

As Chairman, I have wasted no opportunity to encourage Member States - in keeping with decision 62/557 - to use the meetings to address the framework and modalities in order to prepare and facilitate intergovernmental negotiations. While the Working Group also heard oral proposals, a number of delegations heeded my call by presenting detailed written proposals, which are attached to the report as I already announced back in January. On 26 January 2009, the Working Group discussed the results of these consultations, which I subsequently presented to an informal plenary of the General Assembly on 29 January 2009, in strict compliance with paragraph c of decision 62/557.

Today, as we gather for the Working Group’s last meeting during this session, my most fundamental conclusion when looking back is that we have dutifully complied with decision 62/557. Thus, the Open-ended Working Group is only left with one final task during this session: To secure a smooth transition of our work to the 64th General Assembly.

A smooth transition will enable us all to continue towards the goal that our leaders set at the 2005 World Summit; “an early reform of the Security Council – an essential element of our overall effort to reform the United Nations – in order to make it more broadly representative, efficient and transparent and thus to further enhance its effectiveness and the legitimacy and implementation of its decisions,” end of quote.

With the report and recommendations in front of you I am confident that we have not only faithfully complied with both the letter and spirit of decision 62/557, we are also ready to embark on the next stages of this journey towards a reform of the Security Council.

Thank you.

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