On the Occasion of the Election of the President of the Sixty-Fourth Session of the United Nations General Assembly

UN Headquarters , New York, 10 June 2009

Dear Friends,

Please allow me to congratulate my brother H.E. Dr. Ali Treki, the minister for African Union Affairs of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, for his election as the president of the sixty-fourth session of the General Assembly.

I know that Dr. Treki assumes this honour with the same passion and determination that have inspired my presidency. And I am sure that his presidency will continue to press for the revitalization of this body as it seeks to restore its authority and leadership on the world stage during these perilous times.

I am reminded that our tenure in this position is short. I assure the president-elect that I will be, with great pleasure, available to assist him and his team in any way he sees fit as he prepares for next September, so that the urgent work before us can proceed seamlessly into the next session.

I trust that all of us will assist our Libyan brother as he prepares to assume the honour and responsibility of the Assembly presidency.

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