New Year’s Greeting I Video

UN Headquarters , New York, 24 December 2008

My name is Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann.  I am the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations, the most representative organ of this world Organization with Headquarters in New York – from where I am sending you this heartfelt New Year’s greeting.

I wish you much love, strength and perseverance in the struggle to make this world - so filled with miseries, hunger, hatred, selfishness, poverty and wars - a more human world.  To survive, our world has to become more humane.  We must make it a world more compassionate, more just and more sensitive to the needs of the dispossessed.  A world free from the insane and suicidal selfishness that is destroying all of us.

Even though it may seem difficult, it is my wish – dear sisters and brothers –that you will keep alive the faith and hope that another world IS possible.  A world in which the human being – and not greed and selfishness – is at the centre of our every endeavour, including our work in the economic and commercial fields.

All the most serious problems that are, right now, a source of so much pain to so many people in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and Oceania, are man-made problems and, for the most part, caused by those countries that are most developed in terms of material wealth.

In the name of an ill-conceived model of development, and without caring about its disastrous impact on the planet’s poorest countries, or on the environment, the rich countries are even endangering the continuity of the human race itself.

The ravages of climate change are also a consequence of the greed of the powerful that, for decades, have turned a deaf ear on warnings about the damage that their development model was causing the environment and did not heed the reiterated demands to develop alternative sources of energy.

At the heart of all this disaster – is the fact that decisions on how this world is governed have been taken by a tiny group of economically and militarily powerful countries – while excluding from the decision making process the poor countries, which are the ones that pay the worse consequences of such decisions, vitiated by selfishness and a desire for ever greater profit.

The United Nations is the world Organization best able to respond to the multiple converging problems that are threatening humanity and our Mother Earth.  But to carry out that task effectively, the United Nations must stop being a Subjugated Nations governed by the dictatorship of the world’s elite who - although it hurts to have to say it, and without meaning to offend anyone -  have been acting as if they owned this Earth which God has made for all of us and not for them alone.

We have been betraying the most sacred values of all our religious beliefs and ethical traditions.  We have forgotten that the most important truth in this world is that we are all brothers and sisters and that we must act accordingly.

Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, another world is possible.  The relentless struggle to achieve it, is what must give meaning to our lives.  For us, here, this means struggling to democratize the United Nations, to ensure respect for the supreme authority of the G-192, that is, the 192 Member States that make up the General Assembly, the one and only forum that represents us all, without exception.

Thank God, we have the firm support of the vast majority of Member States, and of the Secretariat, with the Secretary-General at the helm.  I would also like to have the support and prayers of each and every one of you.

In this year 2009, which the United Nations has declared the International Year of Reconciliation, may our hearts be filled with forgiveness for those who might have done us wrong and with abundant hope for the future that, together, we must build.  May we never forget that another world is, indeed, possible.  A world without war, without criminal embargoes, without hunger, without extreme poverty, without Guantánamos, without nuclear weapons, without imperial dreams or attitudes, without the insane and suicidal selfishness in which we now find ourselves. A world with employment possibility and just wages, with housing, health, education, food and clean water accessible to all is a world we could attain if only we put our hearts and minds to it.

With the help of God, we will achieve it through an unwavering and non-violent struggle at all levels.  The election of the new President of the United States fills us with joy, and it is our most sincere hope that the promised change will materialize.

I wish you, dearest brothers and sisters, a year filled with hope and success in the struggle for a better world.  That struggle is the reason and purpose for the existence of the United Nations.

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