Main Issues

During its 63rd session, the General Assembly will continue efforts to make its work more focused and relevant by streamlining its agenda, improving the working methods of its Main Committees and strengthening the role and authority of the President. This “revitalization” process will strengthen the ability of the Assembly to advance its work on major global challenges.

During the 63rd session, the Assembly will focus on the following key issues:

  1. Democratization of the United Nations, including Security Council Reform, System-wide Coherence and Revitalization of the General Assembly ;
  2. Financing for development to end hunger and poverty and ensure access to clean water and basic health services;
  3. Climate change in a divided but ecologically interdependent world;
  4. Achieving the goals of the United Nations Decade: “Water for Life” (2005-2015);
  5. Implementation of the Counter-Terrorism Strategy, with full respect for human rights;
  6. Human security as a part of international peace and security, including disarmament and nuclear control.

Other issues on the agenda of the 63rd session include: