United Nations Headquarters
New York, 4 December 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I thank you once again for your active participation in this informal meeting of the General Assembly dedicated to the implementation of the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

I have also a high appreciation for the work of the Task Force and in particular of Assistant Secretary-General Orr! Very often I hear complains about lack of efficiency and other kind of remarks of the same nature on the account of the UN's work. I think this is one example of very good work, expertise and common sense. And it should be said!

I would like to thank the two Vice-Presidents – Permanent Representatives of Turkey and Uruguay for chairing the meeting and providing us with useful summaries on the discussion held.

The presence of Member States, members of the Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force and civil society highlights the determination to work together in this common effort to go forward with the implementation of all aspects of the Strategy.

We must continue to raise the awareness of the Strategy in order to ensure the effectiveness of its implementation. These discussions should not stay in New York but be translated into furthering integrated and coordinated actions in your capitals.

We must boost the visibility of the many capabilities of the United Nations system, especially through the coordinating function of the Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force. I was pleased to note a number of initiatives that Member States have taken together with the Task Force. I call on you to consider further ways to strengthen this collaboration. I welcome also the partnerships of Governments with regional organisations and civil society in the implementation process.


This was the first opportunity for the General Assembly to look into the developments in the process of implementing the Strategy.

As you know, when adopting the Strategy, the General Assembly agreed to come back to examine the progress achieved in the implementation of its provisions in two years time. I will consult with Member States during the coming months on the best ways to proceed towards this formal review that will take place in early September 2008.

For that, we must evaluate and take stock of what has been discussed today. However, our discussions here in New York should not divert our attention to what is primary: comprehensive and effective measures to put into practice so that globally we can all benefit from the Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

Thank you.

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