On symposium to support victims of terrorism

United Nations General Assembly President Srgjan Kerim expresses his sincere gratitude to all participants, but especially to the victims’ representatives for attending today’s symposium to support victims of terrorism. The President commends the Secretary-General for convening this first global gathering at the United Nations. He appreciates the opportunity to have addressed the opening of the symposium with the Secretary-General and Ms. Ingrid Betancourt who spoke on behalf of victims of terrorism.

The President notes that countering terrorism has been one of the main priorities of the current session of the General Assembly. He points out that promoting solidarity with victims of terrorism and support for national systems of assistance to victims of terrorism has been an imperative expressed by Member States themselves in the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy which the General Assembly adopted two years ago. The President is especially pleased that today’s symposium comes four days after the General Assembly reiterated its full support in the Strategy and Member States expressed their common will to further advance on its implementation.

Today’s symposium should be seen as part of that effort. Therefore, the President also commends Member States for their support and participation in making the event possible. The President hopes that the symposium marks the beginning of our greater action and continued dialogue on solidarity with and support to victims of terrorism.

New York
9 September 2008

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