On meeting the Deputy Prime Minister of Viet Nam

The President of the General Assembly, Srgjan Kerim met today with H.E. Pham Gia Khiem, the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Viet Nam. The President congratulated the Deputy Prime Minister for his country taking on the role of the presidency in the Security Council and also expressed his appreciation for Viet Nam’s active involvement in the work of the General Assembly.

The President briefed the Deputy Prime Minister on the General Assembly session on the global food and energy crisis. The two also reviewed other priority issues on the agenda of the General Assembly, especially climate change, development and UN reforms. In that regard the Deputy Prime Minister expressed his support for the efforts of the President to advance on a strong development agenda during the 62nd session of the Assembly and for promoting climate change as the defining issue of the session. He also highlighted his country’s economic development policies and noted that Viet Nam was the first “delivering as one” pilot country of the United Nations system wide coherence efforts to be a non-permanent member of the Security Council.

They also discussed regional issues with a special focus on recent developments related to Myanmar, a topic that both the General Assembly and the Security Council has been focusing on. In the context of regional issues both stressed the growing importance of ASEAN as a regional body taking a more active role in promoting peace and stability in South East Asia.

New York
17 July 2008

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