Addressing Climate Change: The United Nations and the World at Work


Mrs. Ying Chen is the Deputy Director-General of China Enterprise Confederation, the Global Compact Board member and Board member of China Business Council for Sustainable development. In April of 2005, Mrs. Chen, as a member of China CSR expert panel, joined International Standard Committee for formulating ISO26000. Since 1990, she has been attending many international conferences especially meetings on labors, giving speeches and participating in the law making processes regarding enterprises, standing for the Chinese enterprises. She had rich knowledge, expertise and experience on CSR, gender equality, employer organization development as well as labor relations.

In 2007, Mrs. Chen published in People’s Daily three articles of “It Is Corporates’ Responsibilities to Take on Social Responsibilities”, “Enterprises Have to Be Sensitive about Social Responsibilities” and “Policies Have to Be in Place to Support Enterprises’ Taking on Social Responsibilities”. Mrs. Chen is also the author of books including “Sharing Harmonization-Guidance on SA8000 Social Responsibility System”, “Gender Equality and Enterprises-Guidance on Advancing Gender Mainstreaming”, “A Report on the Status of Labor Relations in Chinese Enterprises”, “Employer Organizations in China” and “Case Studies of Corporate Labor Relations” among many other publications. Mrs. Chen also chairs many big research projects on the topics of CSR, Civilization Management, SME development, women entrepreneurs’ development, employer organization in China and so on.