Follow-up to the 2005 World Summit

Five years after the 2000 Millennium Summit, in September 2005, Heads of State and Government gathered in record numbers for a three-day high-level meeting at United Nations Headquarters in New York, to review progress in implementing the Millennium Declaration and to consider additional measures in four key areas:

On 16 September, the Assembly adopted the groundbreaking 2005 World Summit Outcome Document, taking decisive steps in each area, and requesting a number of follow-up actions. In the course of the sixtieth session, the Assembly has acted on several of those mandates, such as establishing a Peacebuilding Commission and a Human Rights Council.

Some of the mandates, especially concerning the United Nations Secretariat and management reforms, as well as an institutional framework for environmental activities, are expected to continue to be considered at the sixty-first session.

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