Revitalization of the work of the General Assembly

Over the past years, there has been an intensified effort to make the work of the General Assembly more focused and relevant.

At the fifty-eighth session, it became a major priority. Resolutions 58/126 and 58/316, adopted on 19 December 2003 and 1 July 2004, respectively, set out concrete measures to reorder the work of the Assembly, streamline its agenda, improve the practices and working methods of the Main Committees and enhance the role of the General Committee.

Resolution 59/313, adopted on 12 September 2005, assessed the implementation of those mandates and found additional ways and means to further revitalize the work of the General Assembly, including the strengthening of the role and authority of the President.

These efforts continued at the sixtieth session, including, additionally, examination of the role of the General Assembly in the selection of the Secretary-General.

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