Third Informal Thematic Debate
Civilizations and the Challenge for Peace: Obstacles and Opportunities

Mohamed Al Rumaihi

Born in 1942, Professor Mohamed Ghanem Alrumaihi is Professor of political sociology, Kuwait University. He wrote extensively on the subjects of political sociology, social change in the Arabian Gulf region, and the Changing culture of Arab world. Published more than twenty books and over two hundred articles on the subject. Served as head of department, and as assistant Dean, of the college of arts and letters, in Kuwait University. Editor in chief of the Prestigious well known Magazine Alarabi for seventeen years. General Secretary for the council of culture arts and letters of Kuwait government, Founder and editor in chief for daily, and monthly publications, Advisor in various Committees on Eduaction, Informaion, Culture and politics, within the Government of Kuwait, and private institutions.

Mr. Al Rumaihi has served as member of various Committees within Kuwait government Departments, [1994-97] member of the Advisory board for the Council of ministers, headed by the Prime Minister of Kuwait. Member of a number of working commissions on general education and higher education, member of the boards on information, culture policies and planning.

He has published more than twenty books on the political Sociology of the Arab Gulf Region, Arab Political Culture, and Current Affairs of Arab region and is the founder and editor in chief of the Journal of gulf and Arabian Peninsula studies {1975] still published by Kuwait university, and the fonon, Art monthly Magazine [2001] published by the council of arts and letters, Kuwait.

Mr. Al Rumaihi contributes a weekly article, syndicated throw the Gulf Countries, Alray alam daily newspaper in Kuwait, Alwatan Dailies in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman, Alwasat daily in Bahrain , Alnahar daily in Beirut. And a by weekly article in Alhayat international paper in London. Participated and contributed to a number of seminars, lectures, and international conferences on the Gulf and Arab Current Affairs in Kuwait and Arab countries, USA, Britain, India, Iran, Japan and other countries.

Mr. Al Rumaihi has received a number of awards including 1980 Honorary Award in Social and Economic studies From KFAS, Kuwait, the 1990 Ibn Sina Award (an Award for international Cultural Activities) Moscow, the 1996 Sultan al Uways Award (an award for humanities and future studies) Dubai, UAE and the 2003 republic of France award of (Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres)