Statement by

His Excellency Ahmad bin Abdullah Al-Mahmoud Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Member of the Council Of Ministers

At the Closing Session of Financing Development to Achieve the MDGs

17-18 June 2007
Doha, Qatar

HE President of the United Nations General Assembly
HE President of the ECOSOC- UN
Ladies and Gentlemen

I have the pleasure on behalf of the government of the State of Qatar, to express sincere thanks to all participants in the meeting on Financing Development to achieve the MDGs, for their positive and constructive spirit that prevailed in our deliberations in the past two days.

Discussions during the two-day meeting have, as a matter of fact, reflected that many developing and least developed countries, especially those in the African sub-Sahara, are off-track in achieving any of the MDGs.

We hope that these discussions have contributed in developing our ideas and views regarding the best practices and experiences in two major pivots namely, the challenges in the way of realizing MDGs, and thinking of the best practices and experiences in this field. It was illogical, however, to reach and develop specific and final attitudes and formulate foundations that contribute in deepening our understanding and defining our march to bring views closer together and attain more harmonization in vision in order to work out practical arrangements that support and boost the constructive participation which was one of the salient features of the international conference on financing development. We are keen to ensure that such feature will continue to serve the development process at international, regional and national levels.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our meeting has resulted in certain facts that should be examined and considered because they will have a great impact in achieving the MDGs:

Distinguished Guests,

I do not want to go into details of the discussions during this meeting in the past two days, but I would like to urge all the participants to work together and extend aid and support to all countries and the African sub-Saharan least developed countries in particular, in order to achieve the MDGs.

With this spirit we look forward to see you all next year in Doha, so as to make big steps towards wider scopes in development and to promote the spirit of participation among the peoples of the world.

May Allah Al-Mighty bless us all to work for the welfare and prosperity of mankind at large. Thank you.