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16 April, 2014
GA/PAL/1291United Nations Roundtable on Legal Aspects of Question of Palestine to Be Held in Geneva, 24-25 April

14 April, 2014
GA/11500General Assembly Decides to Include Financing of New Peacekeeping Mission in Agenda for Current Session

10 April, 2014
GA/11498Traffic Accidents Take Toll on Social, Economic Progress, General Assembly Agrees, Adopting Resolution Improving Road Safety

GA/11499-ECOSOC/6606Mutual Trust Central to Effective Cooperation, Economic and Social Council President Says at Conclusion of Joint Thematic Debate

9 April, 2014
GA/11494-ECOSOC/6604Secretary-General Calls for Strengthening United Nations Capacity to Harness Strengths of External Actors in Tackling Development Goals

GA/11496General Assembly Adopts Resolutions Concerning Staff Mobility Framework, Capital Master Plan, Acting on Recommendations of Fifth Committee

SG/SM/15760-GA/11495-ECOSOC/6605Secretary-General, at Forum on Partnerships, Stresses Need for Greater Ambition in ‘Race to MDG Finish Line’, Delivering Post-2015 Agenda

SG/SM/15762-GA/11497Secretary-General Says Managed Mobility Framework Will Enhance Staff Management, after General Assembly Adopts ‘Historic Decision’

8 April, 2014
GA/PAL/1290Two-State Solution Will Remain Elusive without Resolution of Jerusalem’s Future, Co-Editors Tell Palestinian Rights Committee

1 April, 2014
GA/COL/3262Visiting Mission to New Caledonia ‘Mostly Well Received’, Its Leader Tells Special Committee on Decolonization

28 March, 2014
GA/AB/4104Fifth Committee Approves Eight Texts as It Concludes First Part of Resumed Sixty-Eighth Session

27 March, 2014
GA/11493General Assembly Adopts Resolution Calling upon States Not to Recognize Changes in Status of Crimea Region

26 March, 2014
GA/11492Peacebuilding Commission, Fund Urged to Better Coordinate with Main Organs as General Assembly Reviews Their Activities

GA/AB/4103Fifth Committee Considers Financial Implications of Draft Resolution on Strengthening United Nations Human Rights Treaty Body System

25 March, 2014
GA/11491Modern Forms of Slavery Still Thrive among Us, Delegates Tell General Assembly as It Commemorates Transatlantic Slave Trade’s Victims

GA/AB/4102Fifth Committee Welcomes Proposal to Improve Safety, Security of Staff at Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia Complex in Beirut

21 March, 2014
DSG/SM/758-GA/11490-OBV/1314Racial Discrimination Strikes at Dignity, Rights of Individuals, Stresses Deputy-Secretary-General at International Day Commemoration

GA/11489‘Robust’ Policies Needed to End Racism-driven Inequities, Say Speakers as General Assembly Marks Day for Elimination of Discrimination

20 March, 2014
GA/AB/4101Fifth Committee Seeks to Curb Capital Master Plan Cost Overruns while Keeping $2.2 Billion Headquarters Renovation Project on Track for 2015 Completion

GA/PAL/1289United Nations International Meeting on Question of Palestine to Be Held in Quito, Ecuador, 25–26 March

18 March, 2014
GA/AB/4100Fifth Committee Speakers Stress Importance of Health, Safety, Accessibility On United Nations Premises, as They Undertake Strategic Capital Review

14 March, 2014
GA/PAL/1288Palestinian Approach to Ending Occupation Will Change Unless Israel Ends Its ‘Inflammatory, Illegal’ Policies, Permanent Observer Warns

11 March, 2014
GA/AB/4099Fifth Committee Delegates Seek More Clarity on Budget Implications of Building Institutional Civilian Capacity in Post-Conflict Situations

7 March, 2014
GA/11487General Assembly Re-elects Achim Steiner for Additional Two-Year Term as Executive Director of United Nations Environment Programme

SG/SM/15696-GA/11488Progress on Gender Equality Fuels Progress across Entire United Nations Agenda, Secretary-General Says at Closing of General Assembly High-level Session

6 March, 2014
GA/AB/4098Speakers in Fifth Committee Commend Organization’s Emergency Management, Saying Storm Sandy Underlined Importance of Fully Operational System

GA/COL/3261United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization Undertakes Visiting Mission to New Caledonia, 9-18 March

5 March, 2014
GA/PAL/1287Statement by Bureau of Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, on the Situation in Jerusalem

3 March, 2014
GA/AB/4097Fifth Committee Opens Resumed Session with Discussion of Joint Inspection Unit’s Oversight Role

25 February, 2014
SG/SM/15665-GA/11486-IHA/1336Secretary-General, in General Assembly, Urges Syrian Parties to Ease Humanitarian Access, Treat Civilians Humanely

20 February, 2014
DSG/SM/748-GA/COL/3260Decolonization Message Must Reach Wide Audience, Says Deputy Secretary-General, Applauding Special Committee’s Latest Efforts at Opening of 2014 Session

GA/COL/3259Special Committee on Decolonization Opens Session, with Deputy Secretary-General Urging Progress on Pending Issues

19 February, 2014
DSG/SM/747-GA/11485-ENV/DEV/1413Investing in Water, Sanitation, Energy Essential to Improving Chances for Better Life, Says Deputy Secretary-General during General Assembly Debate

18 February, 2014
SG/SM/15648-GA/11484-DEV/1412‘Eradicating Extreme Poverty Is Our Most Urgent Priority, Sustainable Development Our Guide,’ Secretary-General Tells General Assembly

10 February, 2014
GA/11483General Assembly Weighs Progress in Controlling Non-Communicable Diseases ahead of Comprehensive Review

29 January, 2014
GA/11482Just Ahead of Winter Olympics in Russian Federation, General Assembly President Appeals to Member States to Uphold Spirit of Olympic Truce

20 January, 2014
GA/PAL/1286Statement by Bureau of Committee on Exercise of Inalienable Rights of Palestinian People on Humanitarian Situation at Yarmouk Camp

17 January, 2014
SG/SM/15586-GA/11481-ORG/1577Secretary-General to General Assembly: United Nations Should Not Have to Plead for Troops, Police, Assets ‘While Victims of War and Poverty Suffer and Die’

16 January, 2014
DSG/SM/737-GA/PAL/1285Current Moment of Opportunity Must Not Be Lost, Deputy Secretary-General Says As Palestinian Rights Committee Opens 2014 Session

GA/PAL/1284Palestinian Rights Committee Opens 2014 Session upon Launch of International Year of Solidarity, as Speakers Outline Steps to Redress ‘Historical Injustices’

31 December, 2013
GA/11480General Assembly President Urges Decisive Action, Collaboration in Tackling Grinding Poverty, Other Tasks under Budgetary Constraints

27 December, 2013
GA/11479General Assembly Adopts $5.53 Billion Budget to Fund Worldwide Operations as Main Segment of Sixty-eighth Session Concludes

GA/AB/4096Fifth Committee Recommends $5.53 Billion Budget for 2014-2015 Biennium as It Concludes Main Part of Sixty-eighth Session

20 December, 2013
GA/11478General Assembly, Taking up Second Committee Reports, Adopts 41 Resolutions, 2 Decisions, Deferring Action on Small Islands Text

19 December, 2013
GA/11476Calling Him ‘Beacon of Freedom’, General Assembly Celebrates Life of Nelson Mandela in Special Tribute

SG/SM/15549-GA/11477-AFR/2773Mandela ‘Our Era’s Greatest Ambassador for Human Dignity', Secretary-General Tells Special Meeting Dedicated to South African Leader’s Life

18 December, 2013
GA/11474General Assembly Adopts 5 Draft Resolutions, Including Texts on Combating Extremism, Diamonds-Fuelled Conflict, Aid for Rwanda Genocide Survivors

GA/11475General Assembly Adopts 68 Resolutions, 7 Decisions as It Takes Action on Reports of Its Third Committee

GA/AB/4095Intergovernmental Bodies Need Predictable, Sufficient Funds, Fifth Committee Told During Review of Next Biennium Costs for Human Rights, Sustainable Development

16 December, 2013
GA/11473Adopting 21 Sixth Committee Resolutions, General Assembly Highlights Significant Achievements in Development of International Law

GA/AB/4094Fifth Committee Delegates Voice Concern over 2012-2013 Budget Cost Overruns

13 December, 2013
GA/11471General Assembly Adopts Five Resolutions as Delegates Stress Vital Importance of Unhindered Humanitarian Access

GA/AB/4093Fifth Committee Considers Progress Reports on New Office Space at Economic Commission for Africa Headquarters

SG/SM/15541-GA/11472-DC/3473Secretary-General, in General Assembly, Strongly Deplores Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria as Offence against Humankind’s Universal Values

12 December, 2013
GA/11470General Assembly Considers Draft Resolutions Aimed at Strengthening Coordination of United Nations Humanitarian, Emergency Assistance

11 December, 2013
GA/11469General Assembly, Taking Up Reports of Fourth Committee, Adopts New Resolution on Special Political Missions, Texts on Outer Space, Palestine Refugees

GA/EF/3392Ten Draft Resolutions Approved as Second Committee Concludes Its Session

10 December, 2013
DSG/SM/731-GA/11468-HR/5166Deputy Secretary-General, at Ceremony for United Nations Human Rights Prize, Says ‘Peoples of the World’ Must Enjoy Inherent Freedom to Engage with Organization

GA/11467Deputy Secretary-General Honours Recipients of 2013 United Nations Human Rights Prize at General Assembly Ceremony

GA/AB/4092Fifth Committee Tackles Wide Range of Financial Matters, Including Funding for International Criminal Tribunals’ Transition to Residual Mechanism

GA/PAL/1283Chair Says Nelson Mandela Will Be ‘In Our Hearts and Minds’ as Palestinian Rights Committee Mobilizes Support for Lasting Solution to Question of Palestine

9 December, 2013
GA/11466‘Moral and Political Failure’ to Leave Oceans Unprotected, Speaker Tells General Assembly, as It Adopts Two Broad-Based Resolutions on Topic

6 December, 2013
DSG/SM/730-GA/11465-AFR/2761Mandela’s Inspirational Life ‘A Tribute to the Dignity of Man’, Deputy Secretary-General Tells General Assembly

GA/11464General Assembly Elects Jordan as Non-Permanent Security Council Member, Appoints Morocco to Economic and Social Council

GA/EF/3391Second Committee Approves 16 Draft Resolutions Including Text Urging Banks to Move Forward on Aid for Developing Countries

5 December, 2013
GA/11463Capping Intensive Disarmament Committee Session, General Assembly Adopts 53 Texts on Wide Range of Pressing International Security Concerns

4 December, 2013
GA/11462General Assembly Adopts Text on Graduation from Least Developed Category as Vanuatu, Equatorial Guinea Attain Middle-Income Status

3 December, 2013
GA/11461-PAL/2169As Budget Shortfall, Insecurity Threaten Efforts of UN Agency for Palestine Refugees, 17 Member States Promise Funds at Pledging Conference

GA/EF/3390Second Committee Approves 7 Draft Resolutions Including Text on Reducing Post-harvest Food Losses, Waste

2 December, 2013
GA/AB/4091Fifth Committee Delegates Voice Frustration at Cost Overruns, Delays in Umoja/Enterprise Resource Planning Project

27 November, 2013
GA/EF/3389Second Committee Approves Texts on Agriculture, Rural Development, as Delegates Also Pass Draft on United Nations University Charter

GA/SHC/4095Third Committee Passes 11 Texts, Including One on Protecting Women Human Rights Defenders, as Members Conclude Their Work

26 November, 2013
GA/11460General Assembly, Wrapping Up Annual Consideration of Question of Palestine, Situation in Middle East, Adopts Six Resolutions by Recorded Vote

GA/SHC/4094Third Committee Approves Text Titled ‘Right to Privacy in the Digital Age’, as It Takes Action on 18 Draft Resolutions

25 November, 2013
GA/11459Hopes for Two-State Solution Dampened by Current Challenges Facing Peace Process, General Assembly Hears in Opening Debate on Question of Palestine

GA/AB/4090Concern Aired over Financial Impact of Proposed Mobility Scheme, Staff Recruitment Rules as Budget Committee Takes Up Human Resources Management Reports

GA/PAL/1281Direct Talks Signal Time to End Suffering, Say Speakers as Committee Holds Special Event Marking International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People

GA/SHC/4093Third Committee Approves Texts on Youth Policies, International Cooperation on Human Rights, Protection against Enforced Disappearance

SG/SM/15495-GA/PAL/1282-OBV/1283Secretary-General, in Message, Says Solidarity Day Chance to ‘Reflect on Critical Situation of Palestinian People, Consider Our Collective Responsibilities’

22 November, 2013
GA/AB/4089Concern over Rising Cost Estimates, Possible Delays Dominate Fifth Committee Debate as Secretariat Unveils New Outlay for Geneva Office Renovation

GA/PAL/1280-OBV/1280Committee Will Hold Special Meeting, Other Events to Mark International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People, 25 November

21 November, 2013
GA/11458General Assembly Urges Steps to Address Shortcomings of Security Council’s Reporting System, Increase Its Transparency

GA/EF/3388Second Committee Approves Text on Operational Activities for Development, Takes up Amendments to United Nations University Charter

GA/SHC/4092Third Committee Approves Text on Human Right to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation, 10 Other Draft Resolutions

20 November, 2013
GA/11457Unanimously Adopting Resolution, General Assembly Reaffirms Global Commitment to Afghanistan’s Peaceful, Prosperous Future

19 November, 2013
GA/SHC/4091Delegates Hail Human Rights Improvements in Myanmar as Third Committee Approves 8 Draft Resolutions, including 4 Country-Specific Texts

18 November, 2013
GA/11456General Assembly Elects Four States to Economic and Social Council, One Judge for Former Yugoslavia Tribunal

GA/AB/4088Budget Committee Approves Draft Resolutions on Board of Auditors’ Reports, Internal Oversight Body’s Work

GA/PAL/1279Palestinian Rights Committee Approves 4 Draft Resolutions as It Considers Situation in Occupied Territory

15 November, 2013
GA/L/3473Approving 16 Draft Resolutions, Legal Committee Continues Tradition of Consensus in Session’s Final Debate

14 November, 2013
GA/EF/3387Second Committee Approves Text Demanding Israel Comply with International Law, End Exploitation of Arab Resources

GA/SHC/4090Third Committee Approves Several Texts, Including One Designating 30 July ‘World Day against Trafficking in Persons’

GA/SPD/550Fourth Committee Forwards 28 Drafts to General Assembly for Adoption, Concluding Work for Session

13 November, 2013
GA/11455In Report to General Assembly, Human Rights Council President Highlights Significant Progress in Discharging Mandate Worldwide

GA/AB/4087Growing Staff Costs, Retirement Age Rules Dominate Budget Committee’s Debate on Conditions of Service for United Nations Employees

GA/EF/3386Regulation of Financial Institutions Critical to Avoiding Spread of Global Risk, Speaker Says as Second Committee Debates Economic Crisis

GA/SHC/4089Participation by All Crucial for Successful Universal Periodic Review of National Records, Third Committee Told

12 November, 2013
GA/11454In Single Secret Ballot, General Assembly Elects 14 Member States to Three-Year Terms on Human Rights Council

GA/SHC/4088Solitary Confinement, ‘Refoulement’ Cited as Third Committee Approves Text on Torture, Hears Presentation of 11 Others

11 November, 2013
GA/11452Economic and Social Council Critical to Guiding Global Dialogue on Post-2015 Development Agenda, Delegates State during General Assembly Debate

GA/SPD/549Threats to Latest Middle East Peace Initiative Could Bring Process ‘Back to Square One’, Speaker Tells Fourth Committee

SG/SM/15463-GA/11453Secretary-General Urges Member States to Support Purpose of United Nations in Briefing to General Assembly on Organization’s Worldwide Activities

8 November, 2013
GA/11451Speakers Call for Permanent Africa Seat, Enlargement by 2015, as General Assembly Ends Debate on Security Council Reform

GA/AB/4086New Technical Capacity, Expanded Staff Would Keep United Nations Pension Fund Fiscally Solid, Budget Committee Told

GA/EF/3385With New Technologies Will Come Challenge of Learning New Skill Sets, Speaker Tells Second Committee in Discussion on Future Employment

GA/L/3472Sixth Committee Hears Working Group Reports, Approves Drafts on Programme Assistance, Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism

GA/SPD/548Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Tells Fourth Committee It Can Confirm Several ‘Disturbing Trends’, Despite Lack of Cooperation

7 November, 2013
GA/11450Calling for Security Council Reform, General Assembly President Proposes Advisory Group to Move Process Forward

GA/PAL/1278Statement by Bureau of Committee on Exercise of Inalienable Rights of Palestinian People on Israel’s Settlement Activity in Occupied Palestinian Territory

GA/SHC/4087Third Committee Approves Three Draft Resolutions, Including One Addressing Needs of Rural Women

GA/SPD/547Israel Approves ‘Vast Majority’ of Requests by Relief Agency for Palestine Refugees, but Opposes Its Political Agenda, Fourth Committee Hears

6 November, 2013
GA/11449General Assembly Adopts Resolutions Supporting Atomic Energy Agency’s Work on Nuclear Safety, Urging Member States to Observe Olympic Truce

GA/AB/4085Considering Reports on Pattern of Conferences, Budget Committee Voices Concern over Delays in Issuing Documents, Shrinking Use of Conference Facilities

GA/EF/3384Investors Can Have Both Financial, Social Returns, Says Business Leader as Second Committee Discusses Sustainable Development Challenges

GA/L/3471Speakers in Sixth Committee Address Progress, Shortcomings in New United Nations System of Internal Justice

GA/SHC/4086United Nations Refugee Agency’s Services Severely Tested by Syria Conflict, Persisting Crises Worldwide, High Commissioner Tells Third Committee

GA/SPD/546Palestine Refugees ‘Contemporary Symbol’ of Difficulties of Peacemaking, High Cost of Failures, Head of United Nations Relief Agency Tells Fourth Committee

5 November, 2013
GA/11448Nuclear Technology Vital for Cost-Effective Energy Sources, Achievement of Millennium Development Goals, Delegates Tell General Assembly

GA/DIS/3494‘Record-Breaking’ Participation Defined First Committee Session, Says Chair at Closing, as Delegations Send 53 Drafts to General Assembly

GA/EF/3383General Assembly President Calls Financial Resources ‘Lifeblood’ of Race to Meet Development Targets

GA/L/3470As Sixth Committee Concludes Review of International Law Commission’s Report, Delegates Urge Stronger Legal Frameworks for Disaster Preparedness

GA/SHC/4085Self-Determination Integral to Basic Human Rights, Fundamental Freedoms, Third Committee Told as It Concludes General Discussion

4 November, 2013
GA/DIS/3493With Some in First Committee Seeking to Reframe Nuclear Debate around Humanitarian Consequences, New Draft Reaffirms Compliance with International Humanitarian Law

GA/EF/3382Countries Must Break Unsustainable Consumption Patterns, Say Speakers as Second Committee Begins Sustainable Development Debate

GA/L/3469Advancing Rule of Law Crucial to Inclusive Economic Growth, says General Assembly President, Urging Principle’s Integration into Post-2015 Development Agenda

GA/SHC/4084Support International Decade for People of African Descent, Working Group Chair Urges, as Third Committee Takes up Racism, Self-Determination

GA/SPD/545Special Political Missions Diversify United Nations Toolbox, Creating Nimbler, More Coherent Response in Battle’s Wake, Fourth Committee Told

1 November, 2013
GA/AB/4084Budget Committee Recommends that General Assembly Fill Vacancies in 6 Subsidiary Bodies

GA/DIS/3492First Committee Approves 18 Texts Covering Dual-Use Goods Transfers, Transparency in Armaments, Arms Trade Treaty, Five Requiring 21 Separate Recorded Votes

GA/EF/3381Climate Change Greatest Threat to Small Island States, Delegate Tells Second Committee, Urging Critical International Support for Survival

GA/L/3468Enhancing Role of International Court Could Improve People’s Lives ‘Around the World’, President tells Delegates, Legal Advisers

GA/SHC/4083Delegates Stress Need to Engage with United Nations Human Rights Mechanisms as Third Committee Concludes General Discussion

GA/SPD/544Fourth Committee Sends Draft Resolution on Mine Action to General Assembly for Adoption, Two on Outer Space

31 October, 2013
GA/11447Role of International Courts in Fight against Impunity Applauded as General Assembly Hears Presentation of Annual Reports

GA/AB/4083Rein in Cost of Headquarters Renovation, Budget Committee Urges as Project Director Stresses Extra Funds Vital for Timely Completion

GA/DIS/3491First Committee Forwards 15 Drafts to General Assembly for Adoption on Nuclear and Other Mass Destruction Weapons, Conventional Arms, Missiles, Outer Space

GA/EF/3380Regional Voices Must Be Heard, Priorities Captured in Post-2015 Agenda, Commission Head Tells Second Committee

GA/SHC/4082Third Committee Approves Texts Aimed at Eradicating Illiteracy Worldwide, Boosting Cooperatives as Sustainable Business Enterprises

GA/SPD/543Peacekeeping Faces Unique Operational Challenges, Not Least Drawing Line between Imposing Peace, Risking Reprisal, Fourth Committee Told

30 October, 2013
GA/11446General Assembly Elects 18 Members of Economic and Social Council, Confirms Five States Nominated to Programme and Coordination Committee

GA/DIS/3490Nothing ‘Conventional’ about Conventional Weapons, First Committee Told, as Hopes for New Treaty Temper Ambivalence towards Arms Restraint

GA/EF/3379Control, Exploitation of Resources Detrimental to Palestinian Development, Delegates Say in Second Committee

GA/L/3467After Two Decades, ‘Guide to Reservations’ Presented to Sixth Committee as Annual Review of International Law Commission Continues

GA/SHC/4081Elections ‘Not an End in Themselves’, Says Under-Secretary-General as Third Committee Continues Discussion on Human Rights

GA/SPD/542Shared Expectations in Post-Conflict Regional Settings, Pooling of Resources by Missions Help Peace Operations Meet Goals, Say Fourth Committee Speakers

29 October, 2013
GA/11445General Assembly Demands End to Cuba Blockade for Twenty-Second Year as Speakers Voice Concern over Impact on Third Countries

GA/AB/4082Fifth Committee Calls for Simpler Budget Process, Expressing Concern over Proposed Cutbacks in 2014-2015 Cycle

GA/DIS/3489First Committee Speakers Greet Arms Trade Treaty as ‘Epoch-Making’ Achievement Capable of Restraining Proliferation If Backed by Strict Export Controls

GA/EF/3378United Nations, Private Sector Central to Development, Delegates Say as Second Committee Takes Up Global Partnerships

GA/L/3466As Review of International Law Commission Report Continues, Legal Committee Tackles Definitions, Interpretations of Draft Texts

GA/SHC/4080Progress Cannot Be Hostage to Favoured Agendas, General Assembly President Says as Third Committee Continues Discussion on Human Rights

GA/SPD/541For Peacekeeping Operations Deploying into Volatile Situations, Proper Training, Equipment, Political Neutrality Underpin Success, Fourth Committee Told

28 October, 2013
GA/AB/4080Secretary-General Unveils $5.4 Billion 2014-2015 Budget to Fifth Committee, Net Reduction of Posts Draws Mixed Reviews from Delegates

GA/DIS/3488Space-Based Ballistic Missile Defence ‘Very Worrying Dimension’, with Potentially Devastating Consequences on Earth, Speaker Tells First Committee

GA/EF/3377Holistic Approach Critical in Addressing Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture, Delegates Say, as Second Committee Takes Up Food Security, Nutrition

GA/L/3465Marked Progress, New Undertakings Exemplify International Law Commission Session, as Sixth Committee Begins Review of Annual Report

GA/SHC/4079Silence of Millennium Goals on Inequalities Called ‘Biggest Blind Spot’ as Third Committee Continues Consideration of Human Rights

GA/SPD/540United Nations Peacekeeping, Seen as Confronting Lingering Forces of Conflict, Remains Effective Tool in Transition to Peace, Fourth Committee Told

SG/SM/15425-GA/AB/4081Secretary-General, Addressing Fifth Committee, Unveils $5.4 Billion 2014-2015 Budget, Stresses Commitment to Prudent Use of Resources

25 October, 2013
GA/11444International Community Must Honour Aid Commitments, Expand Partnerships for Africa’s Development, Speakers Tell General Assembly

GA/DIS/3487Outer Space Increasingly ‘Congested, Contested and Competitive’, First Committee Told, as Speakers Urge Legally Binding Document to Prevent Its Militarization

GA/SHC/4078Delegates Consider Deadly Use of Drone Technology as Third Committee Hears More Presentations by Experts on Human Rights Obligations

GA/SPD/539New Findings by United Nations Scientific Committee on Human Exposure to Radiation from Accident at Fukushima Power Plant Dominate Debate in Fourth Committee

24 October, 2013
GA/AB/4079Concern Aired Over Disregard for Recosting Procedures as Budget Committee Discusses Spending by United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research

GA/DIS/3486Recent Battlefield Use of Chemical Weapons, Absence of Verification Mechanism for Biological Weapons Ban Trigger Strong Rebuke in First Committee

GA/EF/3376Trade Reform, Removal of Protectionist Measures Vital to Economic Growth, Second Committee Hears in Debate on Macroeconomic Policy Questions

GA/SHC/4077Third Committee Approves Text on Women's Advancement as It Continues Hearing Presentations by Special Rapporteurs, Other Human Rights Experts

23 October, 2013
GA/DIS/3485Debating Whether Rules of Procedure Were Political Impediments or Working Methods in Need of Review, First Committee Seeks Ways to Revive Disarmament Machinery

GA/EF/3375New Approach Needed to Address Vulnerabilities of Middle-Income Countries, Delegates Say in Debate on Globalization, Interdependence

GA/SHC/4076Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights Increasingly ‘Action-Oriented’, She Tells Third Committee as It Hears from Special Rapporteurs

GA/SPD/538Securing Sustainability of Outer Space Technology as Significant Contribution to Modern Societies Meant Guarding against Militarization, Deterioration

22 October, 2013
GA/DIS/3484‘Globalization of Indifference’ No Option, Says Speaker as First Committee Probes Degree to Which Stalled Progress Symptomatic of Institutional Failings

GA/EF/3374Bridging Digital Divide Critical to Economic Opportunities, Delegates Say as Second Committee Takes Up Information and Communications Technology

GA/L/3464Praising Draft Texts on Transboundary Harm, Aquifers, Allocation of Loss, Delegates Disagree over Final Forms, Seek Further Examination

GA/SHC/4075‘Outdated’ Prisoner-Related Standards Need Revision, Says Special Rapporteur as Third Committee Discusses Human Rights

GA/SPD/537Speaker in Fourth Committee Calls for 'Democratic Management of Outer Space', as Efforts Intensify to Galvanize Advances in Space Science and Technology

21 October, 2013
GA/11443Adopting Consensus Text, General Assembly Endorses Construction of Permanent Memorial at Headquarters to Honour Slave Trade Victims

GA/AB/4078Concern over Unequal Geographical Representation, Contract Terms Aired as Budget Committee Discusses Human Resources Management

GA/DIS/3483Discourse Shifts in First Committee from Cold War ‘Balance of Terror’ Logic against Nuclear Weapon Use to Catastrophic Humanitarian Impacts

GA/EF/3373Improved Transport Infrastructure, Greater Regional Cooperation Stressed as Second Committee Considers Countries in Special Situations

GA/L/3463Noting Key Role in International Law, Sixth Committee Delegates Disagree over ‘Fate’ of Drafts on State Responsibility, Diplomatic Protection

GA/SHC/4074Implementing Declaration on Indigenous Rights Will Be Difficult or Impossible without Greater Awareness of Human Rights Values, Third Committee Told

18 October, 2013
GA/AB/4077Budget Committee Highlights Role of Administrative Justice System, Encourages Informal Mechanism Use to Settle Disputes

GA/DIS/3482Concept of Nuclear Deterrence, Hard-Wired into Certain Security Strategies, Comes under Critical Review as First Committee Continues Thematic Debate

GA/L/3462At Conclusion of Sixth Committee Debate, Delegates Cite Abuse of Universal Jurisdiction, ‘Lip Service’ to Fight against Impunity

GA/SHC/4073Promoting Children’s Rights Key to Future Development, Prosperity, Delegates Stress as Third Committee Concludes Debate

GA/SPD/536Fourth Committee Commends Public Information Department for Rising to Formidable Communications Demands, Sending Two Draft Resolutions to General Assembly

17 October, 2013
GA/11442General Assembly Elects Chad, Chile, Lithuania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia as Non-Permanent Members of Security Council

GA/AB/4076Delegates Note United Nations Overall Financial Health, Express Concern over Expected Shortfall by December If Countries in Arrears Fail to Pay Up

GA/DIS/3481Sobering Threat Analysis in First Committee as Agency Heads Present Mixed Reviews: Window of Opportunity Has Opened for Disarmament, but Could ‘Easily Swing Shut’

GA/EF/3372Burden of Unpaid Work Must Be Valued, Formal Sectors Opened to Women, Delegates Urge as Second Committee Takes Up Poverty Eradication

GA/L/3461Programme of Assistance’s Future Threatened by Lack of Adequate Funding, Sixth Committee Told as Debate Concludes

GA/SHC/4072Third Committee Approves 8 Draft Resolutions, Including Text Aimed at Curbing Trafficking in Cultural Property

GA/SPD/535As New Media Technologies Become 'Channels of Citizen Participation', Fourth Committee Takes Stock of How Public Information Department Measures Up

16 October, 2013
GA/DIS/3480Removing Roadblocks to Progress with ‘Virtually Moribund’ Disarmament Machinery Informs Debate in First Committee as Speakers Consider Probable Causes

GA/EF/3371New Global Economic Governance Must Address Debt Restructuring, Trade, Investment, Delegates Say as Second Committee Considers Macroeconomic Policies

GA/L/3460Criminal Acts by United Nations Officials, Experts on Mission Must Not Go Unpunished, Sixth Committee Told as Debate Begins

GA/SHC/4071UNICEF Executive Director, in Third Committee, Says 18,000 Children Still Dying Every Day, despite Dramatic Fall in Death Rate

GA/SPD/534United Nations Communications Chief Tells Member States in Fourth Committee 'Working with You, We Can Win Support of Peoples You Represent'

14 October, 2013
GA/11441Culture of Global Accountability Now a Reality, Top Officials of Rwanda, Former Yugoslavia Tribunals Tell General Assembly

GA/DIS/3479Focus in First Committee on ‘Excessively Injurious’ Effects of Cluster Munitions, Landmines, Improvised Explosive Devices, Long after Accords Signed, Combat Ends

GA/EF/3370With Report Pointing to Slowing Pace in Development Funding, Delegates Stress Importance of South-South Cooperation, as Second Committee Concludes

GA/L/3459Newly Adopted Transparency Rules Play Fundamental Role in Good Governance, United Nations International Trade Law Body Tells Sixth Committee

GA/SHC/4070Domestic, Gender-based Violence Dominate Third Committee Discussion as Speakers Urge Greater Participation by Women in Political Life

GA/SPD/533Fourth Committee Concludes Annual Consideration of Decolonization, Forwarding Package of 11 Draft Resolutions to General Assembly for Adoption

11 October, 2013
GA/AB/4075Delegates Urge Faster Implementation of Business Operation Reform Initiatives, Hail Increased Use of International Accounting Standards

GA/DIS/3478Adoption of Arms Trade Treaty to Constrain Conventional Weapons Flows 'Big Win', Say Speakers in First Committee; Critics Say Text 'Easy to Manipulate'

GA/EF/3369Delegates Urge Greater Balance between Developed, Developing Countries in Fighting Global Ills, as Second Committee Concludes General Debate

GA/L/3458Speakers Urge Concrete Criteria for Fair Geographic Representation, as Legal Committee Considers Report on Strengthening Organization

GA/SHC/4069Speakers Urge ‘Stand-Alone’ Status for Gender Equality, Empowerment in Post-2015 Framework as Third Committee Considers Advancement of Women

GA/SPD/532Decolonization ‘Last Century’s Most Memorable Transformation’, Says Speaker in Fourth Committee, as Administering Power Urges Care When Severing Link

10 October, 2013
GA/DIS/3477Non-Nuclear-Armed States in First Committee Call for Binding Security Assurances to Address Crippling Potential of Nuclear Weapons Use against Them

GA/EF/3368Delegates in Second Committee Raise Concerns over Widening Gap between Emerging, Least Developed Countries

GA/L/3457International Judicial Bodies Vital to Peaceful Settlement of Disputes, Delegates Affirm, as Sixth Committee Continues Rule of Law Debate

GA/SHC/4068Combating Transnational Crime, Need for Greater Funding Overriding Themes as Third Committee Concludes Debate

GA/SPD/531Decolonization — Considered Long Ago by United Nations to Be ‘Irresistible and Irreversible’ — Only Outcome in Modern World, Fourth Committee Told

9 October, 2013
DSG/SM/716-GA/L/3456Strengthening Rule of Law Ensures Protection for All, Deputy Secretary-General Tells Legal Committee

GA/11440General Assembly, in Consensus Text, Bolsters Resolve to Achieve Remaining Millennium Development Goals, Sets Path for Post-2015 Development Agenda

GA/AB/4074United Nations Financial Indicators ‘Generally Positive’, Top Management Official Tells Budget Committee

GA/DIS/3476Conditions Not Yet Ripe to Rid World of Nuclear Weapons, United States Tells First Committee, Amid Growing Appetite to Make Difficult Policy Choices

GA/EF/3367Quality of Teachers in Developing World Critical to Students’ Long-Term Success, Says Keynote Speaker as Second Committee Begins General Debate

GA/L/3455Rule of Law Cornerstone of Peaceful International Dispute Settlements, Says Deputy Secretary-General as Debate on Principle Begins

GA/SHC/4067Head of United Nations Crime Prevention Office Says Trafficking in Humans, Drugs Violates Human Rights, Undermines Development

GA/SPD/530Questions over Whether Gibraltar Achieved Full Measure of Self-Government Central to Debate in Fourth Committee

8 October, 2013
GA/11439Channel Funds to Development, General Assembly Urged as High-level Dialogue on financing Concludes

GA/DIS/3475Recent Use of Chemical Weapons 'Stark and Horrific Reminder' of Duty to Eliminate Them, Speaker Tells First Committee as It Continues Full-scope Debate

GA/L/3454All Measures to Combat Terrorism Must Observe International Law, Sixth Committee Told during Second Day of Debate

GA/SHC/4066Elderly Called ‘Invaluable’ Force as Third Committee Concludes General Discussion on Social Development

GA/SPD/529Debate on Decolonization Continues in Fourth Committee, as Speakers Greet Decision to Reinstate French Polynesia on Agenda after 60 Years

7 October, 2013
GA/11438Strong Funding Strategy Vital to Attainment of Millennium Goals, General Assembly President Stresses at High-Level Event on Financing for Development

GA/AB/4073Adopting Consensus Text, Budget Committee Ensures Six Countries in Arrears Retain General Assembly Voting Rights

GA/DIS/3474High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Hopes First Committee Can ‘Meet Rising Tide of Expectations’ by Redirecting ‘Counter-Currents’

GA/L/3453As Sixth Committee Commences Session, Delegates Once Again Call for Clear Definition of Terrorism, Consensus on Draft Comprehensive Convention

GA/SHC/4065Social Development Efforts at ‘Important Juncture’, Under-Secretary-General Says as Third Committee Begins Discussion

GA/SPD/528Fourth Committee Opens Session with Debate on Decolonization, as Speakers Seek to Balance Support for Shared Goal with Divergent Views on How to Get There

4 October, 2013
DSG/SM/715-GA/11437-DEV/3048Deputy Secretary-General, at Closing of High-Level Dialogue, Stresses Need to Make Migration ‘a Choice, Not a Desperate Necessity’

GA/11436Italy’s Representative Mourns Loss of Migrants at Sea, as General Assembly Concludes High-level Dialogue on Migration and Development

GA/AB/4072Contributions Committee’s Report Draws Mixed Reactions as Delegates Consider Scale of Assessments

GA/DIS/3473First Committee Holds Brief Organizational Session to Adopt Agenda, Work Programme

GA/PAL/1277Palestinian Rights Committee, in Briefing, Hears Current Diplomatic Initiative May Be ‘Final Window of Opportunity’ for Negotiated Two-State Solution

3 October, 2013
GA/11434Crucial Importance of Strengthening Link between Migrants, Post-2015 Development Agenda Stressed as General Assembly Adopts Declaration

GA/AB/4071Budget Committee Adopts Programme at Organizational Meeting for Session; Concern over Budget, Late Document Submission Aired

GA/SPD/527Fourth Committee Approves Programme of Work in Organizational Meeting for Sixty-Eighth General Assembly Session

SG/SM/15367-GA/11435-DEV/3046Announcing Ambitious Eight-Point Agenda, Secretary-General Urges International Community to ‘Make Migration Work’ for All

2 October, 2013
BIO/4536-GA/11433John Ashe of Antigua and Barbuda Elected President of Sixty-eighth General Assembly Session

BIO/4537-GA/DIS/3472Ibrahim Dabbashi of Libya Elected Chair of First Committee

BIO/4538-GA/EF/3366Abdou Salam Diallo of Senegal Elected Chair of Second Committee

BIO/4539-GA/SHC/4064Stephan Tafrov of Bulgaria Elected Chair of Third Committee

BIO/4540-GA/SPD/526Carlos Enrique Garcia Gonzalez of El Salvador Elected Chair of Fourth Committee

BIO/4541-GA/AB/4070Janne Taalas of Finland Elected Chair of Fifth Committee

BIO/4542-GA/L/3452Palitha T.B. Kohona of Sri Lanka Elected Chair of Sixth Committee

1 October, 2013
GA/11432As General Debate Concludes, Prime Minister Urges Relentless Pressure on Iran, Vowing Israel Will Never Accept Nuclear Weapons in Hands of ‘Rogue Regime'

30 September, 2013
GA/11431Speaker in General Assembly Annual Debate Rejects ‘Pernicious Notion’ Human Dignity Can Be ‘Sliced Up, Compartmentalized, or Compromised’

28 September, 2013
GA/11430As Traditional Challenges to Island States Strain Already Emptying Budgets, General Debate Speakers Ask to Be ‘Saved’ from Climate Change Impacts

27 September, 2013
GA/11429Minister Describes Use of Force to Address Problems as ‘Ineffective, Meaningless and Destructive’, on Fourth Day of General Assembly’s Annual Debate

26 September, 2013
GA/11426Disarmament of Most Loathsome Weapons Would ‘Ease Fear Clouding Human Existence’, Speakers Tell General Assembly in Effort to Change Calculus on Nuclear Debate

GA/11428Africa No Longer Prey to Division by Those Bent on Disrupting Its Progress, Declares President of Ghana, as General Assembly Continues Debate

SG/SM/15335-GA/11427-DC/3454Secretary-General, at High-Level Meeting on Nuclear Disarmament, Says New Binding Legal Commitments, Expanded Cooperation Vital for Ending Proliferation

25 September, 2013
GA/11425World Leaders Highlight Link between Peace, Development as General Assembly’s Sixty-eighth Session Holds Second Day of Annual Debate

24 September, 2013
GA/11423Secretary-General Urges World Leaders to Shoulder Wide-ranging Responsibilities as General Assembly’s Annual Debate Begins

SG/SM/15317-GA/11424At ‘Privileged Pinnacle’, Leaders Must Listen to ‘Just Demands of World’s Peoples and Hear the Call of History’, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly

23 September, 2013
DSG/SM/698-GA/11422-DEV/3030Deputy Secretary-General, Addressing General Assembly, Calls for Development Agenda Incorporating Rights, Concerns of Persons with Disabilities

GA/11419-DEV/3024-HR/5160General Assembly High-level Meeting Seeks Adoption of Resolution Seeking Decent Work, Access to Basic Services for Persons with Disabilities

GA/11420General Assembly High-level Meeting Adopts Outcome Document Seeking to Promote Disability-inclusive Development

SG/SM/15306-GA/11421-DEV/3026Secretary-General, Addressing General Assembly High-level Meeting on Disability, Calls for Immediate Action to Remove Physical Barriers, Bias, Stigma

20 September, 2013
GA/11418General Assembly Adopts Work Programme for Sixty-eighth Session

17 September, 2013
GA/11415General Assembly Faces ‘Pivotal’ Year as It Seeks to Define Development Agenda for Post-2015 Era, New President Says at Opening of Sixty-eighth Session

SG/SM/15288-GA/11416Secretary-General, at Opening of General Assembly Session, Stresses Need to Address Syria Crisis, Accelerate Millennium Development Goals

SG/SM/15289-GA/11417Secretary-General, Briefing General Assembly, Urges International Community to Join His Condemnation of Chemical Weapons Use in Syria as War Crime

16 September, 2013
GA/11413General Assembly Adopts 5 Resolutions, 2 Decisions while Deferring Action on Several Items as Sixty-seventh Session Concludes

SG/SM/15280-GA/11414Secretary-General, at Closing of Sixty-seventh General Assembly Session, Hails Efforts by Member States during Challenging Time for International Community

11 September, 2013
DSG/SM/689-GA/11412Deputy Secretary-General, at General Assembly Dialogue, Says Preventing Atrocity Crimes ‘Both a National and an International Responsibility’

GA/SPD/525Fourth Committee Concludes Review of Peacekeeping, Winding Down Substantive Work for Session with Adoption of Special Committee’s Report

SG/SM/15269-GA/11411Prevention at Core of Responsibility to Protect, Secretary-General Stresses during General Assembly’s Informal Interactive Dialogue on Subject

10 September, 2013
GA/11409General Assembly Examines Growing Role of Credit Rating Agencies as Arbiters of Risk, while Speakers Call for Common Standards, Objectivity, Reforms

SG/SM/15265-GA/11410-ECO/227Secretary-General, in Message to General Assembly Debate, Outlines Challenges of Ensuring Credit Rating Agencies Promote Financial System’s Stability

6 September, 2013
DSG/SM/688-GA/11408People in Authority Duty-bound to Build Bridges across Borders, Cultures, Deputy Secretary-General Tells General Assembly Forum on Culture of Peace

GA/11407Speakers Highlight Education as ‘Primary Tool’ during General Assembly High-Level Forum on Culture of Peace

GA/PK/216Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations Adopts Procedural Report, Concluding 2013 Substantive Session

5 September, 2013
GA/11405-DC/3449-OBV/1253Kazakhstan’s Outlawing of Nuclear Weapons Testing Hailed as General Assembly Marks Fourth International Day

SG/SM/15256-GA/11406-DC/3450Ending Nuclear Weapon Test Explosions Remains ‘Unfinished Business’ on Disarmament Agenda, Secretary-General Tells Observance Event

4 September, 2013
GA/11404General Assembly Passes Resolution in Support of Establishing Eurasian Connectivity Alliance

29 August, 2013
GA/11403General Assembly Acts to Establish Open-ended Working Group Charged with Enhancing 193-Member Organ’s Role, Authority, Efficiency

23 August, 2013
GA/11402General Assembly, in Consensus Action, Adopts Text Proclaiming 6 April ‘International Day of Sport for Development and Peace’

22 August, 2013
GA/11401General Assembly Adopts Text Underscoring States’ Responsibility to Investigate, Prosecute Crimes in Fight against Impunity

15 August, 2013
GA/11400General Assembly, Adopting Resolution, Urges Actions to Mitigate Multidimensional Impacts of World Economic Crisis on Africa, among Hardest-hit by Downturn

2 August, 2013
GA/11399General Assembly Appoints Japanese Envoy to Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions

30 July, 2013
GA/PAL/1276‘Real Test’ of Success in Israeli-Palestinian Political Process Depends on Outcome of New Round of Negotiations, Palestinian Rights Committee Told

24 July, 2013
DSG/SM/686-GA/11398-DEV/3013Deputy Secretary-General, Welcoming General Assembly Resolution, Estimates Economic Losses Due to Poor Sanitation at $260 Billion

GA/11397General Assembly, Acting without Vote, Adopts Draft Resolution Designating 19 November ‘World Toilet Day’

15 July, 2013
DSG/SM/681-GA/11396-DEV/3011Deputy Secretary-General, at General Assembly Hearings, Stresses Need to Ground Migration Debate in Evidence, Dispel ‘Long-held Myths and Prejudices’

GA/11395Need for Shift to ‘Transformative’ Dialogue between Member States, Civil Society Stressed during General Assembly Hearings on Migration and Development

9 July, 2013
GA/11393In Two Texts, General Assembly Establishes Political Forum to Replace Commission on Sustainable Development, Reaffirms UN Role in Global Economic Governance

SG/SM/15163-GA/11394Secretary-General Pays Tribute to Stoyan Ganev of Bulgaria, Former General Assembly President

8 July, 2013
GA/11391Growing Gulf between Rich and Poor ‘Reproach to the Promise of the United Nations Charter’, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly during Thematic Debate

SG/SM/15158-GA/11392Development May Not Be Sustainable if Inequalities Continue to Widen, Secretary-General Warns during General Assembly’s Thematic Debate

28 June, 2013
GA/11390General Assembly Adopts 2013/14 Peacekeeping Budget Approaching $8 Billion for 14 Operations, Acting on Fifth Committee Recommendations

GA/AB/4069Fifth Committee Approves Financing for 14 Peacekeeping Operations as It Concludes Resumed Substantive Session

26 June, 2013
GA/11388Calling for Bold Response to Global Job Crisis, Secretary-General Says Proper Investment in Young Entrepreneurs Could ‘Change the World’

SG/SM/15135-GA/11389-DEV/3004Transforming Unemployed Youth into Entrepreneurs Part of Solution to Global Crisis, Says Secretary-General at Thematic Debate on Development

25 June, 2013
GA/11387International Community Must Address Deepening Links between Migration, Development, Acting General Assembly President Tells Special Event

21 June, 2013
GA/11386General Assembly Passes by Consensus Resolution Establishing Intergovernmental Committee of Experts on Sustainable Development Financing

GA/COL/3258As Session Concludes, Special Committee on Decolonization Reaffirms Inalienable Right of French Polynesian People to Self-Determination

20 June, 2013
GA/COL/3257Special Committee on Decolonization Approves Text Reiterating Need for Negotiated Settlement of Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Question

19 June, 2013
GA/PAL/1274Experts Give Candid Assessments of United Nations Effectiveness in Overcoming Status Quo as International Meeting on Israeli-Palestinian Peace Continues

GA/PAL/1275International Community Must Play Role in Restarting Peace Talks, Speakers Stress as International Meeting on Israeli-Palestinian Peace Concludes

18 June, 2013
GA/COL/3256Special Committee Approves 4 Decolonization-Related Draft Resolutions, Postpones Action on New Caledonia Text

GA/PAL/1271Israeli-Palestinian Conflict ‘No Less Urgent’, Secretary-General Stresses amid Fears that Syria Crisis Could Engulf Already Tense Region

GA/PAL/1273Time to Leave Conflict Behind, Panellists Say as International Meeting on Israeli-Palestinian Peace Considers Viability of Two-State Solution

SG/SM/15116-GA/PAL/1272Secretary-General Urges Israeli, Palestinian Parties at International Meeting to Translate Fragile Hope for Peace into Action

17 June, 2013
GA/COL/3255Special Committee on Decolonization Approves Text Calling upon United States to Initiate Self-determination Process for Puerto Rico

14 June, 2013
GA/11383General Assembly Elects John William Ashe of Antigua and Barbuda as President of Sixty-eighth Session; Also Names 21 Vice-Presidents

GA/11385-SEA/1993General Assembly to Explore Impact of Ocean Acidification Due to Rising Carbon Emissions from Human Activities, 17-20 June

SG/SM/15109-GA/11384Secretary-General Commends Newly Elected General Assembly President for His Integrity, Leadership, Commitment to Organization

13 June, 2013
GA/11382General Assembly Adopts Text Recognizing Right of Return for Internally Displaced Persons throughout Georgia, Including Abkhazia, South Ossetia

12 June, 2013
GA/11379General Assembly President, Secretary-General in Attendance as Speakers Urge Integration of Cultural Traditions into Post-2015 Development Framework

GA/COL/3254Special Decolonization Committee Hears from Petitioners, Government Observer as It Considers Questions on Gibraltar, Western Sahara

SG/SM/15101-GA/11380-DEV/3001Secretary-General, at General Assembly Debate, Calls for Societies Built on Inclusion, Understanding, Mutual Respect

11 June, 2013
GA/11378More Concerted Action, Greater Urgency Could Make Eradication of HIV/AIDS Possible, General Assembly Told as It Concludes Review

10 June, 2013
GA/11376General Assembly Meeting Welcomes Secretary-General’s Recommendations for Meeting Targets on HIV/AIDS

GA/COL/3253Special Decolonization Committee Approves 3 Draft Resolutions on Information Concerning Non-Self-Governing Territories

SG/SM/15091-GA/11377-AIDS/187Secretary-General, at General Assembly Meeting on HIV/AIDS, Urges Courage, Integrity in Protecting Vulnerable against Stigma

5 June, 2013
GA/PAL/1270United Nations International Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace to Be Held in Beijing, 18-19 June

30 May, 2013
GA/COL/3252Caribbean Regional Seminar Discusses Innovative Ways to Expedite Goals of Third International Decade for Eradication of Colonialism

29 May, 2013
GA/COL/3251Caribbean Regional Seminar Considers Trends, Developments in Decolonization Process on Second Day

28 May, 2013
GA/AB/4068Funds Critical for Start-up Operations of United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali, Senior Official Tells Fifth Committee

GA/COL/3250Identify Possibilities for Change while Promoting Decolonization Priorities, Secretary-General Says in Message to Caribbean Regional Seminar

SG/SM/15056-GA/COL/3249Secretary-General Urges Caribbean Regional Workshop Participants to Transfer Principles into Action, Become True ‘Enablers’ of Decolonization Process

24 May, 2013
GA/AB/4067Extra Funds Urgently Needed to Implement Security Measures for United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, Fifth Committee Told

21 May, 2013
GA/11375Acting on Recommendation of Fifth Committee, General Assembly Appoints New Member to Committee on Contributions

20 May, 2013
GA/PAL/1269Success in Resuming Peace Talks Vital, Top Negotiator Stresses at Meeting of Palestinian Rights Committee

17 May, 2013
GA/11374General Assembly Adopts Texts on Items Ranging from Self-Determination to Peace in South Atlantic; Supports Extension of Impunity Commission in Guatemala

16 May, 2013
GA/11373‘We Stand on the Mountain of Development and For the First Time, Mother Earth Is Sending Invoices Back,’ General Assembly Told during High-level Debate

GA/AB/4066Member States’ Timely Payment of Assessed Contributions Critical to Organization’s Financial Health, Fifth Committee Told

GA/COL/3248Special Committee on Decolonization to Hold Caribbean Regional Seminar in Quito, Ecuador, 28-30 May

15 May, 2013
GA/11372General Assembly Adopts Text Condemning Violence in Syria, Demanding That All Sides End Hostilities

14 May, 2013
GA/11371Speakers in General Assembly Stress Need for Greater International Cooperation to Combat Transnational Human Traffickers as High-Level Meeting Continues

GA/AB/4065Reviewing Reports on Peacekeeping Operations, Fifth Committee Hails Progress Towards Zero Tolerance of Sexual Abuse by United Nations Personnel

13 May, 2013
GA/11369Break ‘Vicious Chain that Binds Victims to Criminals’, Secretary-General Urges High-level Meeting on Human Trafficking

SG/SM/15019-GA/11370Secretary-General, in High-level Meeting, Urges ‘Force of Human Solidarity’ to Break Chain that Binds Victims to Criminals

10 May, 2013
GA/11368General Assembly Adopts Recommendations of Senior Advisory Group on Reimbursement Rates for Peacekeeping Troops

GA/AB/4064Top Management Official Says United Nations Financial Situation ‘Healthy’, Thanks to Efforts of Many Member States, in Briefing to Budget Committee

8 May, 2013
GA/AB/4063United Nations Controller Briefs Fifth Committee on Proposed $5.39 Billion Programme Budget for Biennium 2014-2015

6 May, 2013
GA/AB/4062Budget Committee Approves Text Concerning Recommendations on Reimbursement Rates for Peacekeepers, Concluding Resumed Session’s First Part

1 May, 2013
GA/11367General Assembly, in Resolution, Sets Dates, Advances Plans for High-level Meeting on Human Trafficking, to Be Held 13-14 May

30 April, 2013
GA/PAL/1268Africa’s Support, Anti-Apartheid Strategies, Role of Donor Aid in Achieving Palestinian Independence, Sovereignty Spotlighted during Addis Ababa Meeting

29 April, 2013
GA/PAL/1267‘Window of Opportunity for Renewed Engagement Has Opened’ Secretary-General Tells United Nations Conference on African Solidarity with Palestinian People

SG/SM/14993-GA/PAL/1266Status Quo Unsustainable, Secretary-General Tells Palestinian Conference, Urging Concerted Push for Peace in Order to Salvage Two-State Solution

26 April, 2013
GA/11366General Assembly, Adopting Political Text, Pledges to Address Twin Imperatives of Security, Development, in Efforts to End Conflict in Africa

25 April, 2013
GA/11364Praising Socioeconomic Gains Leading to ‘Rise of New Africa’, General Assembly President Urges Resolute Commitment to Help Continent End Conflicts

SG/SM/14984-GA/11365-AFR/2604Secretary-General Heralds Africa’s Great Strides towards Long-term Peace, Democracy, Prosperity, Declining Conflicts at General Assembly Debate

23 April, 2013
GA/PAL/1265United Nations International Meeting on Question of Palestine to Be Held in Addis Ababa, 29-30 April

22 April, 2013
GA/11362Marking International Mother Earth Day, General Assembly President Urges Rapid Action on Sustainable Development to Rescue Planet from Humankind’s Excesses

GA/PAL/1264Caracas Declaration in Solidarity with Palestinian People, State of Palestine

SG/SM/14965-GA/11363-OBV/1209‘When We Threaten the Planet, We Undermine Our only Home,’ Says Secretary-General, Urging Renewal, on International Day, of Pledges to Respect Mother Earth

16 April, 2013
GA/PAL/1263Statement by Bureau of Committee on Exercise of Inalienable Rights of Palestinian People on Occasion of Palestinian Prisoners Day

15 April, 2013
DSG/SM/659-GA/11360-ECO/219All Countries Stand to Gain from More Inclusive Global Economic Governance, Deputy Secretary-General Says during General Assembly Thematic Debate

GA/11359General Assembly, as Uniquely Representative Body, Should Play Key Role in Rapidly Evolving Financial Systems, Say Delegates at Global Economic Governance Debate

GA/PAL/1262Venezuela to Host Special Meeting of Committee on the Exercise of the Rights of the Palestinian People, 17-18 April

12 April, 2013
GA/11358General Assembly Confirms Appointment of Helen Clark to Second Term as UNDP Administrator, Adopts 8 Texts Recommended by Budget Committee

11 April, 2013
GA/11357As Debate Concludes, Many Delegations Stress International Criminal Justice System Cannot Replace National Mechanisms in Building True Reconciliation

10 April, 2013
GA/11355Robust International Criminal Justice System Gives ‘Much-Needed Voice to Victims’ of Serious Crimes, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly

SG/SM/14933-GA/11356Long-term Peace, Stability Require Acknowledging Past Wrongs, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly Debate on Role of Criminal Justice in Reconciliation

5 April, 2013
GA/PAL/1261Palestinian Rights Committee Discusses Political Developments, West Bank Unrest, Looks Ahead to Mid-month Meeting in Caracas on Status, Solidarity

2 April, 2013
GA/11354Overwhelming Majority of States in General Assembly Say ‘Yes’ to Arms Trade Treaty to Stave off Irresponsible Transfers that Perpetuate Conflict, Human Suffering

1 April, 2013
GA/COL/3247Special Committee on Decolonization to Hold Regional Seminar in Guayaquil, Ecuador, 28-30 May

28 March, 2013
GA/AB/4061Human Resources Management Reform, Accountability System, Remediation after Storm Sandy among Issues, as Fifth Committee Approves 8 Consensus Texts

27 March, 2013
GA/11353Speakers Urge Closer Cooperation between Peacebuilding Commission, Development Banks, Regional Organizations, as General Assembly Debate on Report Concludes

GA/PK/215Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations Temporarily Adjourns Session; Will Meet in Plenary Again Not Later Than 26 April

26 March, 2013
GA/11351We Can No Longer Be Bound by Traditional Approaches When Mending Societies Torn by Conflict, General Assembly Told in Annual Peacebuilding Debate

SG/SM/14908-GA/11352Secretary-General, at General Assembly Tribute, Hails Late Bangladesh President’s ‘Lifetime of Dedication’ to Serving His Country

25 March, 2013
GA/11349Ending Contemporary Slavery Would Be Best Way to Honour Victims of Transatlantic Slave Trade, General Assembly Commemoration Event Told

SG/SM/14907-GA/11350-OBV/1205When Recalling Slavery, ‘We Must Be More than Spectators; We Must Address Lingering Consequences’, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly

22 March, 2013
GA/11347Secretary-General Calls for Greater International Cooperation to Secure Fragile Resources as General Assembly Holds High-Level Dialogue on Water

SG/SM/14895-GA/11348-OBV/1198For the Billions without Toilets or Protection from Untreated Waste, Cost Counted in Lives — 4,500 Children a Day — Economic Productivity, Says Secretary-General

20 March, 2013
GA/PAL/1260Palestinian Rights Committee Chairman, Presenting Film on Yasser Arafat, Says Former Leader’s Cause ‘More Relevant than Ever’

15 March, 2013
GA/AB/4060Fifth Committee Takes Up Budget Impact of United Nations Remediation Work in Aftermath of Storm Sandy

GA/PK/214Chair Calls Adjournment until End of Month after Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations Proves Unable to Conclude Its Work

13 March, 2013
GA/11345United Nations Officials Hail ‘Strong Leadership’, Dedication of Late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez

SG/SM/14864-GA/11346As General Assembly Honours Hugo Chávez, Secretary-General Hails Fallen Venezuelan Leader’s Commitment to Regional Integration, Solidarity with Most Vulnerable

8 March, 2013
GA/11344General Assembly Appoints Vinay Kumar (India) to Complete Compatriot’s Term as Member of Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions

GA/AB/4059Budget Committee Takes Up Recommendations of Senior Advisory Group on Reimbursement Rates for Troop Contributors to Peacekeeping Operations

6 March, 2013
SG/SM/14850-GA/11343-DEV/2977Secretary-General, at General Assembly Session on Water and Disasters, Stresses Importance of Early Warning, Disaster Education, Resilient Structures

4 March, 2013
GA/AB/4058Budget Committee Begins Resumed Session, Takes up Secretary-General’s Report on Air Travel Accommodation Standards, Report of Joint Inspection Unit

28 February, 2013
GA/PAL/1258Rome Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People Focuses on Support for Economy and State-building Efforts

GA/PAL/1259Speakers at Rome Seminar Cite Strong, Stable Palestinian Authority as Prerequisite to Sovereign, Independent State of Palestine

27 February, 2013
GA/PAL/1255Future of Palestinian Institutions Closely Linked to Progress on Two-State Solution, Secretary-General Tells Rome Meeting

GA/PAL/1257Policies of Israeli Occupation Main Cause of Humanitarian Suffering in Palestinian Territory, Rome Meeting Told

SG/SM/14839-GA/PAL/1256Unprecedented Financial Crisis Threatens Gains in Institution-building, Warns Secretary-General in Message to Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People

21 February, 2013
GA/11342General Assembly Sets 22 September 2014 for Special Session to Follow Up Programme of Action from Conference on Population and Development

GA/COL/3245Secretary-General, at Opening Meeting of Special Committee on Decolonization, Urges ‘Fresh and Creative’ Approach to Ending Colonialism

SG/SM/14827-GA/COL/3246Risk of Movement Preferable to Status Quo Stagnation, Secretary-General Tells Special Committee on Decolonization as It Begins 2013 Session

20 February, 2013
GA/11341General Assembly Launches International Year of Quinoa, with Secretary-General Saying Extraordinary Grain Could Have Significant Impact on Anti-hunger Fight

GA/PK/213Troop Contributors’ Views Must Be Reflected in Field, at Headquarters, Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations Told as General Debate Concludes

SG/SM/14825-GA/11340-OBV/1184Launching International Year of Quinoa, Secretary-General Says It Is ‘Food for the MDGs, Important Contribution to Post-2015 Development Strategies’

19 February, 2013
GA/PK/212Growing Demand, Emerging Conflicts Dominate Debate as Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations Opens 2013 Session

5 February, 2013
GA/PAL/1253Status Quo ‘Unsustainable and Unacceptable’, Secretary-General Tells Palestinian Rights Committee, Urging Parties to Advance Middle East Peace Process

SG/SM/14796-GA/PAL/1254International Re-engagement Meaningless without Parties Committing to Advance Peace Process, Secretary-General Tells Palestinian Rights Committee

22 January, 2013
GA/11339-ENV/DEV/1334New Open Working Group to Propose Sustainable Development Goals for Action by General Assembly’s Sixty-eighth Session

GA/11388General Assembly Establishes Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals to Follow Up on Outcome Document of ‘Rio+20’ Conference

SG/SM/14777-GA/11337Secretary-General, in Address to General Assembly, Calls ‘Tyranny’ of Status Quo ‘Another Brake on Our Common Progress’

3 January, 2013
GA/11336With World Beset by Unprecedented ‘Series of Ruptures’, General Assembly President Urges Member States to Show ‘Tenacity of Purpose, Will to Overcome Differences’

24 December, 2012
GA/11335General Assembly Concludes Main Part of Session Following Consensus in Fifth Committee on Member State Contributions to Regular, Peacekeeping Budgets

GA/AB/4057Fifth Committee, Concluding Session, Approves 2013-2015 Assessment Scales Used to Determine Member State Contributions to Regular, Peacekeeping Budgets

21 December, 2012
GA/11332Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review, Implementation of Rio+20 Outcome Draw Attention as General Assembly Takes Up Second Committee Reports

GA/11333-EN/274United Nations General Assembly Declares 2014-2024 Decade of Sustainable Energy for All

SG/SM/14742-GA/11334-WOM/1933Hailing Historic Resolution Eliminating Female Genital Mutilation, Secretary-General Says Five Resolutions on Women Advances Violence-Free World

20 December, 2012
GA/11331General Assembly Strongly Condemns Widespread, Systematic Human Rights Violations in Syria, as It Adopts 56 Resolutions Recommended by Third Committee

18 December, 2012
GA/11330On Recommendation of Fourth Committee, General Assembly Adopts Nearly 30 Texts, Nine on Palestinian Refugees, UN Agency Tasked with Mitigating their Plight

GA/AB/4056Fifth Committee Takes Up Revised Estimates for 2012-2013 Budget Due to Sustainable Development Conference, Human Rights Council Decisions, Sierra Leone Court

17 December, 2012
GA/11329General Assembly Cites Need for ‘Moderate Voices’ from all Religions To Work Together in Building More Secure, Peaceful World

GA/AB/4055Fifth Committee Begins Consideration of First Performance Report for Biennium 2012-2013 Budget

14 December, 2012
GA/11328General Assembly Upholds Rule of Law Principle through Consensus Adoption of Sixth Committee Resolutions

GA/AB/4054Budget Committee Takes Up $567 Million Proposal to Finance 33 Special Political Missions in 2013

GA/EF/3365Draft Resolution Approved in Second Committee Stresses Primary Role of Governments for National Development, Coordinating External Aid

13 December, 2012
GA/11327Recognizing Evolving Nature of Humanitarian Crises, General Assembly Encourages Dialogue among Member States, UN Agencies to Bolster Emergency Response System

GA/EF/3364Second Committee Approves Draft Resolution Stressing Essential Role of Aid in Complementing, Leveraging, Sustaining Development Financing Goals

12 December, 2012
GA/11326Adopting Consensus Text, General Assembly Encourages Member States to Plan, Pursue Transition of National Health Care Systems towards Universal Coverage

GA/EF/3363Draft Resolution Stresses Need to Increase Investment in Agriculture, Rural Development, as Second Committee Approves Three Texts without Vote

11 December, 2012
GA/11325Advancing Rio Call to Secure ‘Future We Want’, General Assembly Notes Importance of Healthy Marine Environment to Achieving Goals for Sustainable Development

GA/AB/4053Fifth Committee Takes Up Proposed $5.34 Billion Programme Budget Outline for Biennium 2014-2015

GA/EF/3362Text Approved in Second Committee Stresses Shared Responsibility of Creditors, Debtors for Preventing Unsustainable Debt Situations

10 December, 2012
GA/11323General Assembly Commemorates Thirtieth Anniversary of Opening for Signature of United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea

SG/SM/14710-GA/11324-SEA/1984Secretary-General Urges Universal Participation in Law of the Sea Convention as General Assembly Commemorates 30-year Anniversary of ‘Essential Treaty’

7 December, 2012
GA/AB/4052Budget Committee Takes Up Reports on New United Nations Online Initiative to Expand Pool of Civilian Experts Assisting Post-Conflict Countries

GA/EF/3361Text Approved in Second Committee Would Urge General Assembly to Increase Voluntary Funding for United Nations Environment Programme

6 December, 2012
GA/PAL/1252Statement by Bureau of Committee on Exercise of Inalienable Rights of Palestinian People on Israel’s Settlement Activity in Occupied Palestinian Territory

5 December, 2012
GA/EF/3360Economic and Financial Committee Approves Text Stressing Need to Increase Share of New Energy Sources in Global Mix

4 December, 2012
GA/11322-PAL/2157Twenty-Seven Donors Pledge Contributions to United Nations Relief Agency for Palestine Refugees, with Agency Facing ‘Time of Great Challenge’

3 December, 2012
GA/11321General Assembly, in Wake of High-Stakes Debate in First Committee that Championed Common Positions but Fell Short of Bridging Divides, Adopts 58 Texts

30 November, 2012
GA/11319Adopting Six Resolutions by Recorded Vote, General Assembly Concludes Annual Debates on Question of Palestine, Wider Middle East Situation

GA/EF/3359Second Committee Approves Draft Resolution Stressing Need to Strengthen Scientific Base of Activities against Desertification, Drought

SG/SM/14691-GA/11320Unless Syrian Peace Process Receives Full Support from All Stakeholders, ‘We Will All Lose’, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly

29 November, 2012
GA/11317General Assembly Votes Overwhelmingly to Accord Palestine ‘Non-Member Observer State’ Status in United Nations

GA/PAL/1250Palestinians to Upgrade Status at United Nations against ‘Complex and Wrenching Backdrop’, Secretary-General Says on International Day of Solidarity

SG/SM/14685-GA/PAL/1251Israelis, Palestinians Must Break Out of ‘Zero-sum Mentality’, Embrace Peaceful Path Forward, Says Secretary-General to Rights Committee

SG/SM/14688-GA/11318-PAL/2155Noting New Status Accorded to Palestine, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly ‘No Substitute for Negotiations’ in Efforts towards Peace, Two-State Solution

28 November, 2012
GA/11316Adopting Resolution, General Assembly Invites Stakeholders to Promote Principles of Updated United Nations Action Plan on Sport for Peace, Development

GA/EF/3358Second Committee Approves Text Stressing Need for Further Substantial Consideration of Mauritius Strategy on Small Island Developing States

GA/PAL/1249-OBV/1165Observance of International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People, 29 November

GA/SHC/4063Social Development Summit, Follow-up to Beijing Women’s Conference, Child Rights Among Issues, as Third Committee Approves 24 Resolutions, Concludes Session

27 November, 2012
GA/11315Pledging United Nations Continued Support to Government, People of Afghanistan, General Assembly Adopts Consensus Text Welcoming Phased Security Transition

GA/SHC/4062General Assembly Will Strongly Condemn Continued Human Rights Violations in Syria, Under Terms of Resolution Approved by Third Committee

26 November, 2012
GA/AB/4051Budget Committee Takes Up Reports on United Nations Common System

GA/SHC/4061Third Committee Approves Draft Resolution Aimed at Intensifying Global Effort to Eliminate Female Genital Mutilation

21 November, 2012
GA/AB/4050As Budget Committee Takes Up Human Resources Management Reports, Delegates Air Concerns on Financial Impact of Proposed Mobility Initiative

GA/EF/3357Second Committee Approves Text Demanding End to Israel's Exploitation of Natural Resources in Occupied Arab Lands

SG/SM/14661-GA/SHC/4060Secretary-General Welcomes Third Committee’s Death Penalty Moratorium Resolution, Saying Taking of Life ‘Too Absolute’ Even Under Legal Regime

20 November, 2012
GA/SHC/4059General Assembly Will Condemn in Strongest Terms Use of Extrajudicial Executions, Demand States End Practice, Under Terms of Text Approved by Third Committee

19 November, 2012
GA/11314General Assembly Adopts 10 Consensus Texts on Cooperation Between United Nations, Regional Organizations

GA/PAL/1248Palestinian Rights Committee Approves Four Draft Resolutions as It Considers Latest Hostilities in Gaza Strip

GA/SHC/4058General Assembly Will Call for Moratorium on Executions, with View to Abolishing Death Penalty, under Terms of Resolution Approved by Third Committee

16 November, 2012
GA/AB/4049With Major Administrative Reform Initiative Facing Delays, Cost Overruns, Budget Committee Delegates Urge Strong Secretariat Leadership to Keep Project on Track

GA/L/3451Upholding Tradition of Consensus, Legal Committee Approves 11 Draft Resolutions, One Request for Observer Status in Final Debate

GA/PAL/1247Statement by Bureau of Committee on Exercise of Inalienable Rights of Palestinian People on Situation in Gaza Strip

GA/SHC/4057Resolution Approved by Third Committee Calls for High-level General Assembly Meeting to Assess Progress against Grave Challenge of Human Trafficking

15 November, 2012
GA/11313‘We Have Only Ourselves to Blame’ for Lagging Progress on Security Council Reform, General Assembly Told as It Convenes Debate on Council’s Report, Working Methods

GA/EF/3356Management Can Determine Whether Migration Has Positive or Negative Impact, Second Committee Panel Discussion Told

GA/SHC/4056Third Committee Approves Resolution That Condemns All Forms of Torture, Calls for Full Implementation of Absolute Prohibition

GA/SPD/524Voting Machine Locks in Familiar Pattern as Fourth Committee Concludes Session with Approval of Nine Texts on Palestine Refugee Agency, Israeli Practices

14 November, 2012
GA/11312General Assembly Speakers Hail Human Rights Council as 'Voice of Accountability', Say Body Requires Sufficient Resources, Must Not Yield to Political Pressure

GA/SHC/4055Human Rights Council Successfully Built on Strong Desire of States to Address Human Rights Violations in Non-Confrontational Manner, Third Committee Told

13 November, 2012
GA/11311‘Archaic, Punitive’ Embargo Must Be Consigned to History Books, Say Speakers, as General Assembly, for Twenty-First Year, Demands End to Cuba Blockade

GA/EF/3355General Assembly President, in Address to Second Committee, Identifies Elements of 'Perfect Storm' Afflicting Agricultural Output

GA/SHC/4054Third Committee Approves Text Reaffirming Fundamental Importance of Universal Realization of Right of All Peoples to Self-Determination

GA/SPD/523Fourth Committee Approves Resolution Endorsing Scientific Committee’s Intention to Conclude Assessment of Radiation Exposure from Fukushima Accident

12 November, 2012
GA/11310In Single Secret Ballot, General Assembly Elects 18 Member States to Serve Three-Year Terms on Human Rights Council

GA/EF/3354Second Committee Speakers Hail 'Mobile Revolution' While Underlining Need to Bridge Gap in Access to Broadband Connectivity

GA/SPD/522Israel, Expressing Disbelief, Rejects Fourth Committee Debate on Israeli Practices as ‘Theatre of the Absurd’, ‘Blind’ to Palestinian Culpability

9 November, 2012
GA/AB/4048Budget Committee Makes Recommendations to Fill Vacancies on Subsidiary Bodies

GA/EF/3353Full Access to Information and Communications Technology Would Boost Developing World’s Participation in Global Economy, Second Committee Told

GA/L/3450Despite Delays after Storm, Legal Committee Heralds Progress on 11 Draft Resolutions, Two Working Group Reports

GA/SPD/521Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Warns of Strategy to Severely Marginalize Palestinians, Maintain Permanent Suppression, in Fourth Committee

SG/SM/14619-GA/11309While Storm Damage to UN Facilities ‘Contained’, Secretary-General Acknowledges Secretariat ‘Fell Short’ on Communicating with Staff, Permanent Missions

8 November, 2012
GA/11308General Assembly Elects 18 Members of Economic and Social Council

GA/EF/3352Desertification, Drought Affect One Third of Planet, World’s Poorest People, Second Committee Told as It Continues Debate on Sustainable Development

GA/SHC/4053‘There Are No First-Class or Second-Class Rights,’ as All Human Rights, Freedoms Interdependent, Indivisible, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/520Harmonizing Mix of Roles and Responsibilities in Fragile, Conflict-Affected Countries Served by UN Peacekeepers Focus of Debate in Fourth Committee

7 November, 2012
GA/DIS/3471First Committee, Concluding Session, Sends 59 Draft Texts to General Assembly, Consistent with Its Practice of Voting on Nearly Half

GA/EF/3351Rio+20 Conference ‘A Crucial Milestone’, Second Committee Told as Speakers Stress Urgent Need to Address Climate Change, Build Post-2015 Development Agenda

GA/SHC/4052As Conflicts Multiply, World Community’s Capacity to Respond to People Uprooted by Violence Being Tested in ‘Unforeseen Ways’, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/519'Hurricane Sandy Every Day in the Camps,' Fourth Committee Told during Debate on Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees

6 November, 2012
GA/11307Concluding Consideration of Work of International Criminal Court, General Assembly Delegates Say Enhanced Cooperation with States Key to Body’s Lasting Success

GA/DIS/3470Diplomatic Frustration over Conference on Disarmament Deadlock Sparks Urgent Calls for Tangible Results in First Committee Drafts

GA/EF/3350Israeli Attacks Timed to Coincide with Olive Harvests, Second Committee Told during Discussion on Arab Sovereignty over Resources in Occupied Lands

GA/L/3449As Debate Concludes, Legal Committee Urges International Law Commission to Establish Global Rules of Customary Law Based on State Practice

GA/SHC/4051Universal Recognition of Inalienable Right to Self-Determination Most Effective Way of Guaranteeing Fundamental Freedoms, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/518‘Tiptoeing Away from UNRWA Not an Option’, Commissioner-General Tells Fourth Committee, Warning Cuts in Services Politically Risky, Morally Wrong

5 November, 2012
GA/11306General Assembly Adopts Consensus Text Reaffirming Strong Support for Indispensable Role of International Atomic Energy Agency

GA/AB/4047Budget Committee Briefed on Impact of Hurricane Sandy on United Nations Headquarters in New York

GA/DIS/3469Persistent Divisions in First Committee Lock Voting Machine in Familiar Pattern as 26 Drafts, 16 by Recorded Vote, Forwarded to General Assembly

GA/EF/3349Unfulfilled Global Pledges Impact Fight against Hunger, Second Committee Told as It Considers Agricultural Development

GA/L/3448Delegations Urge Expanded 'Foreign Criminal Jurisdiction' Immunity for Broader Range of State Officials

GA/SHC/4050Comprehensive Approach, Solid Legal Framework Needed to Address ‘New and Complex’ Challenge of Racial Hatred Promoted Through Internet, Third Committee Told

2 November, 2012
GA/DIS/3468First Committee Approves Series of Drafts on Which Diverse Positions Converge before Tackling Raft of More Contentious Texts Next Week

GA/L/3447Natural Disaster Relief Draft Articles Need Clearer Parameters, Argue Delegates as Legal Committee Continues Review of International Law Commission Report

GA/SHC/4049Human Rights Not Luxuries, but Rather ‘Inalienable Entitlements’ to Be Exercised Everywhere by All Members of Human Family, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/517Delegates in Fourth Committee Address Spectrum of Contemporary Challenges to Peacekeeping, Revealing Complexity of Flagship Enterprise

1 November, 2012
GA/11305Praising Work of International Court of Justice, General Assembly Delegates Say Body Vital to Promoting Rule of Law, Peaceful Settlement of Disputes

GA/DIS/3467First Committee, Seeking to Catch Up in Hurricane’s Wake, Speeds through Thematic Debates, Hearing Calls to Translate Arms Trade Concerns into Durable Treaty

GA/EF/3348Global Commitment to Sustainable Urban Development Will Be Reinvigorated Through 2016 World Summit, ‘Urban Agenda for 21st Century’, Second Committee Told

GA/L/3446As Annual Review of International Law Commission Report Begins, Delegates Urged to Contribute State Practice Information, Enable Commission’s Progress

GA/SPD/516‘Peacekeeping Actually Works’, Under-Secretary-General Says of United Nations Flagship Activity, in Briefing to Fourth Committee

25 October, 2012
GA/DIS/3466Conference on Disarmament President Tells First Committee ‘Do Not Ask What the CD Can Do for Your Country, Ask What Your Country Can Do for the CD’

GA/EF/3347Ability to Handle Crisis-hit Major Economies Crucial in Combating Risk of Sovereign Debt Default, Keynote Speaker Tells Second Committee

GA/SHC/4048UN Expert Calls for Boycott of International Businesses Profiting from Israeli Settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territories, in Third Committee

GA/SPD/515Pivotal Role of Department of Public Information as ‘Messenger of Peace and Tolerance’ Spotlighted in Fourth Committee

24 October, 2012
GA/AB/4046Despite Recent Increase in Actuarial Deficits, United Nations Pension Fund’s Long-Term Objectives ‘Still Largely Being Met’, Budget Committee Told

GA/DIS/3465Complexity of Arms Restraint Considered in First Committee as Delegates Urge ‘Get Back to Work’ on Binding Treaty to Regulate Trade

GA/EF/3346Speaker in Second Committee Highlights Imbalances Preventing Greater Share of World Trade for Least Developed Countries

GA/L/3445Legal Committee Condemns Surge of Attacks on Diplomats, Missions, Saying Host States Must Fulfil Protection Obligations

GA/SHC/4047Past Year Marred by Events - Syria, Horn of Africa - That 'Put to the Test' World Community's Capacity to Respond to Human Rights Crises, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/514Public Information Department, in Step with Major Trends, Manages United Nations Message with Profound Impact, Say Fourth Committee Delegates

23 October, 2012
GA/AB/4045As Budget Committee Considers Reports on Pattern of Conferences, Delegates Laud Cost-Saving Measures, Urge Action to Fill Vacancies at UN Office in Nairobi

GA/DIS/3464Full-Spectrum Dominance of Outer Space Can Turn Frontier into ‘Military Theatre’, Build Walls of Suspicion, Breach Global Security, First Committee Told

GA/EF/3345Trade Imbalances Worsening Effects of Global Crisis for Least Developed Countries, Second Committee Told During Discussion on Macroeconomic Policy Questions

GA/SHC/4046In Third Committee, Special Rapporteur on Torture Calls on States to Seriously Reconsider Whether Death Penalty Amounts to Cruel, Inhuman Treatment

GA/SPD/513Under-Secretary-General, in Fourth Committee, Pledges to Work with Member States to ‘Project Common Vision for United Nations, Its Strength and Its Promise’

22 October, 2012
GA/11304By Working Together, General Assembly, Economic and Social Council Can Promote Role of UN in Building More Secure, Equitable World, Assembly President Says

GA/DIS/3463Manifold Misery of Mass Destruction Weapons Captures Attention of First Committee as Speakers Wrestle with Consequences of Unmet Commitments, Weak Verification

GA/EF/3344Comprehensive Approach of Monterrey Consensus, Doha Declaration Still Most Effective in Addressing Financing for Development, Second Committee Told

GA/L/3444Adherence to Geneva Conventions, Additional Protocols Critical to Protecting Civilians in Diverse Armed Conflicts, Says Legal Committee

GA/SHC/4045Much Progress since General Assembly Adoption of Indigenous Rights Declaration, But ‘Long Way to Go’ to Fully Realize Those Rights, Third Committee Told

19 October, 2012
GA/DIS/3462Nuclear Weapons Remain Integral to Strategic Doctrines of Military Alliances, Despite ‘High-Sounding and Moralistic Assertions’, First Committee Told

GA/L/3443Legal Committee Hears Oral Report of Informal Consultations on Administration of Justice at United Nations

GA/SHC/4044Third Committee Speakers Describe National Efforts to Safeguard Child Development, Including Intensified Effort to Combat Under-5 Malnutrition in Developing World

GA/SPD/512Fourth Committee Concludes Outer Space Debate, Spotlighting Arena’s Growing Role in Economic Development, Disaster Mitigation, Information Management

18 October, 2012
GA/11303General Assembly Elects Argentina, Australia, Luxembourg, Republic of Korea, Rwanda as Non-Permanent Members of Security Council

GA/AB/4044While ‘Encouraged’ by United Nations Financial Health, Budget Committee Delegates Warn Outstanding Payments to Troop Contributors Could Harm Overall Liquidity

GA/DIS/3461Centrality of Missiles for Offensive, Defensive Purposes, Absence of Far-Reaching Commitments to Restrain Their Proliferation Draw Attention of First Committee

GA/EF/3343Speakers Discuss Benefits, Pitfalls of Migration as Second Committee Considers ‘Globalization and Interdependence’

GA/L/3442As Debate Concludes, Delegates Stress Universal Jurisdiction Should Be Last Resort in Combat against Impunity

GA/SHC/4043Strengthening UN Efforts against Transnational Organized Crime among Issues Addressed, as Third Committee Approves 5 Texts on Criminal Justice

GA/SPD/511Light Shed on ‘Risk of Mishaps, Misperceptions, Miscalculations’ in Outer Space as Fourth Committee Urges Realm’s Peaceful Purposes over Its Militarization

17 October, 2012
GA/11302As General Assembly Reviews Partnership for Africa’s Development, Body’s President Praises Continent’s Determination to Overcome ‘Seemingly Insurmountable Obstacles’

GA/DIS/3460As First Committee Begins Focused Debate on Nuclear Weapons, National Positions Converge on Principles, Classic Differences Persist on Practical Enforcement

GA/EF/3342Resources for Office of Countries in Special Situations Do Not Match Expanded Mandate, High Representative Tells Second Committee

GA/EF/3342Resources for Office of Countries in Special Situations Do Not Match Expanded Mandate, High Representative Tells Second Committee

GA/L/3441Delegations Urge Clear Rules to Avoid Abuse of Universal Jurisdiction Principle, Seek Further Guidance from International Law Commission

GA/SHC/4042Too Many Children Being Left Behind Due to Poverty, Malnutrition, ‘Unpardonable Discrimination’, UN Children’s Fund Head Tells Third Committee

GA/SPD/510Fourth Committee Affirms Relevance of University for Peace in Draft Resolution, Begins Annual Consideration of Outer Space Issues

16 October, 2012
GA/DIS/3459Attempts to Further Mass Destruction Weapon-Free Zone in Middle East Falter amid Seemingly Insoluble Disagreements, Speakers Tell First Committee

GA/EF/3341Human Life Dependent on ‘Planetary Boundaries’ That Should Not Be Crossed, Says Panellist in Second Committee Special Event

GA/L/3440Legal Committee Reviews Five Requests for Observer Status; Delegations Concerned over ‘Growing Tendency’ in Submission Procedures

GA/SHC/4041Third Committee Debate on Women’s Rights Critical to Achieving Gender Equality, Goal That Should Receive Wide Global Support, Says General Assembly President

15 October, 2012
DSG/SM/647-GA/EF/3340Deputy Secretary-General Urges Second Committee to Use Quadrennial Policy Review to Help Reaffirm, Re-energize United Nations Development System

GA/11301Top Officials from International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda, Former Yugoslavia Report Significant Progress towards Wrapping up Work within Next 12 Months

GA/11301Top Officials from International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda, Former Yugoslavia Report Significant Progress towards Wrapping Up Work within Next 12 Months

GA/DIS/3458‘End Nuclear Testing Before Nuclear Testing Ends Us,’ First Committee Told, as Disarmament Machinery Chiefs Assist Search for Global Consensus

GA/EF/3339Millions Worldwide Deserve International Community’s Best Efforts, Stresses Deputy Secretary-General in Second Committee

GA/L/3439United Nations International Trade Law Body Crucial to Rule of Law; Legal Committee Reviews Annual Report, Applauds Achievements

GA/SHC/4040Pervasive, Continued Violence against Women ‘An Appalling Human Rights Violation;’ Eliminating Such Violence at Core of Women’s Empowerment, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/509Fourth Committee, Concluding Consideration of Decolonization, Approves Ten Draft Resolutions, One Decision, Half by Recorded Vote

12 October, 2012
GA/AB/4043Budget Committee Takes Up Reports of Board of Auditors on 2010-2011 Financial Statements for United Nations, Funds, Programmes

GA/DIS/3457Non-Nuclear-Armed States in First Committee Seek to Bridge Security Gap with Unconditional Pledge of Non-Use of Nuclear Weapons against Them

GA/L/3438Delegates Argue Legitimacy of Targeted Sanctions as Legal Committee Concludes Debate on Special Charter Committee

GA/SPD/508Decolonization Debate Concludes in Fourth Committee, as Delegations on Both Sides of Key Territorial Disputes Urge Their Resolution

11 October, 2012
DSG/SM/645-GA/L/3436Deputy Secretary-General, Addressing Sixth Committee, Says United Nations Has Comparative Advantage in Providing Rule-of-Law Assistance to Member States

GA/11300General Assembly Faces Choice: Adapt or be Left Behind, Warns Body’s President, Urging ‘Bold Action’ to Revitalize United Nations Most Representative Forum

GA/AB/4042United Nations Financial Indicators Generally ‘Positive and Sound’, Under-Secretary-General for Management Tells Budget Committee

GA/DIS/3456Prospects for Nuclear-Weapon-Free World Increasingly Illusive as ‘Tectonic Shifts’ from Unilateral Measures Affect Strategic Stability, First Committee Told

GA/L/3437Syria Calls for Application of Rule of Law in ‘Unimaginable’ Situation Facing Country, as Sixth Committee Concludes Rule of Law Debate

GA/SHC/4039Heinous, Fast-Growing Crimes of Human, Drug Trafficking Will Continue to Ravage World’s Economies without Coordinated Global Action, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/507Special Committee on Decolonization ‘No Longer Relevant’ to Overseas Territories of United Kingdom, Fourth Committee Told

10 October, 2012
GA/AB/4041Continuing Work of Substantive Session, Budget Committee Hears Status Report on Construction Projects at United Nations Facilities in Ethiopia, Kenya

GA/DIS/3455United States’ Patience Wearing Thin on Unblocking Progress to Ban Fissile Material for Nuclear Weapons, Delegate Tells Disarmament Committee

GA/EF/3338‘Fully Fledged War’ Needed to Eradicate Poverty, Second Committee Told as It Concludes General Debate

GA/L/3435Legal Committee Delegates Commend Recent High-level Meeting, Declaration as Debate Begins on Rule of Law

GA/SHC/4038World Faces Complex, Interconnected Threats from Practically Seamless ‘Web of Drugs, Crime and Sometimes Terrorism', Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/506Political Ambiguity over Western Sahara, Polarizing Ideologies, Plight of Refugees Central to Fourth Committee Debate as Petitioners Appeal for End to Conflict

9 October, 2012
GA/11299Reviewing Secretary-General’s Report on Work of Organization, General Assembly Delegates Say Quest to Tackle Poverty, Inequality Remains ‘Salient as Ever’

GA/AB/4040Fifth Committee Takes Up Scale of Assessments for Determining Member State Contributions to 2013-2015 Peacekeeping Budget

GA/DIS/3454High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Urges First Committee Not to Become Arena for Competitive Advancement of One State's Interests Over Another

GA/EF/3337Delegate Warns Second Committee Colleagues Not to Lose Sight of Emerging Food Insecurity Threat, as General Debate Continues

GA/L/3434As Debate Concludes, Delegates Urge Capacity-building Partnerships, Eradication of Root Causes in Fight against Terrorism

GA/SHC/4037Creation of Decent Work - Especially for Millions of Unemployed Youth - Vital for Reducing Inequality, Eradicating Poverty, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/505Consequences of Persistent Dependency Relations Examined in Fourth Committee as Petitioners Express Unyielding Positions over Disputed Territories

8 October, 2012
GA/AB/4039Budget Committee Discusses Annual Report of Main United Nations Oversight Body, Stresses Need for Improved Risk Management, Investigative Capacities

GA/DIS/3453Opening Day in First Committee Spotlights Strategic Uncertainty, Political Stasis, as Speakers Urge ‘Save Ourselves from Ourselves’

GA/EF/3336Inclusive Economic Structure Depends on Effective, Centralized State, Says Keynote Speaker as Second Committee Opens General Debate

GA/L/3433Legal Committee Urges Conclusion of Draft Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism

GA/PAL/1246Adopting Draft Report, Palestinian Rights Committee Says Progress on Palestinian Status at United Nations Will Add ‘New Dynamic’ to Stalled Peace Process

GA/SHC/4036Significant Progress Made Towards Development Goals, but Multifaceted Challenges Remain, ‘None More Daunting’ Than Rising Inequality, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/504Decolonization Process at ‘Virtual Halt’, Fourth Committee Told as Annual Debate Opens, with Troubling Information Deficit in Non-Self-Governing Territories

5 October, 2012
GA/AB/4038Budget Committee Takes Up Proposed Assessment Scale Used to Determine Member State Financial Contributions for 2013-2015 Period

GA/DIS/3452First Committee Prepares for Annual Debate with Approval of Agenda, Work Programme for Sixty-Seventh Session

4 October, 2012
GA/AB/4037Budget Committee Adopts Work Programme at Organizational Meeting for Session; Concerns over Cost of Political Missions, Late Documentation Highlighted

GA/SPD/503Fourth Committee, Meeting Briefly in Organizational Session, Approves Work Programme, Ahead of Debate Monday on Decolonization

1 October, 2012
GA/11298General Assembly President, Closing Annual Debate, Commends Efforts to Stabilize World’s Increasing ‘Geostrategic Volatility and Unpredictability’

29 September, 2012
GA/11297Foreign Ministers Urge Member States to Take Charge of Efforts Aimed at Strengthening Multilateral System as General Debate Continues

28 September, 2012
GA/11296General Assembly Seized with ‘War on Climate Change’ as Island Nations Warn Political Cowardice Leaves Them One Strong Hurricane away from Collapse

27 September, 2012
GA/11295Shared Goal of Middle East Peace at Centre of General Assembly Debate, but Leaders Chart Divergent Paths to Its Achievement

26 September, 2012
GA/11294World Leaders in Annual Debate Commend Democratic Transformations, Articulate Ways to Restore Global Landscape Scarred by Conflict, Instability, Intolerance

25 September, 2012
GA/11292Opening Annual Debate amid ‘Time of Turmoil, Transition’, Secretary-General Calls on World Leaders to Overcome Divisions, Do More to Address Sobering Challenges

SG/SM/14532-GA/11293Urging World Leaders to Listen to Their People, Secretary-General Warns in Time of Turmoil, Transformation — ‘Time Not on Our Side’

24 September, 2012
GA/11290World Leaders Adopt Declaration Reaffirming Rule of Law as Foundation for Building Equitable State Relations, Just Societies

SG/SM/14526-GA/11291-L/3198Secretary-General Tells General Assembly’s High-Level Meeting ‘Strengthening Rule of Law Is for Every Country and Is in Everyone’s Interest’

21 September, 2012
GA/11289General Assembly Approves Work Programme for Sixty-Seventh Session

GA/EF/3335Second Committee Elects Vice-Chair to Fill Remaining Bureau Vacancy

19 September, 2012
GA/11288General Assembly’s First-ever High-Level Meeting on Rule of Law, at Headquarters on 24 September, Will Feature Voluntary Pledging, Side Events

18 September, 2012
BIO/4405-GA/11285Vuk Jeremić of Serbia President of Sixty-Seventh Session of General Assembly

BIO/4406-GA/DIS/3451Desra Percaya of Indonesia Chair of First Committee

BIO/4407-GA/EF/3334George Talbot of Guyana Chair of Second Committee

BIO/4408-GA/SHC/4035Henry Leonard Mac-Donald of Suriname Chair of Third Committee

BIO/4409-GA/SPD/502Noel Nelson Messone of Gabon Chair of Fourth Committee

BIO/4410-GA/AB/4036Miguel Berger of Germany Chair of Fifth Committee

BIO/4411-GA/L/3432Yuriy A. Sergeyev of Ukraine Chair of Sixth Committee

GA/11286Opening Sixty-Seventh Session, New General Assembly President says United Nations, for All Its Imperfections, Remains Vital amid Heightened Geopolitical Volatility

SG/SM/14517-GA/11287Moderate Voices Must Speak up for Others’ Beliefs, Says Secretary-General at Opening Meeting of General Assembly’s Sixty-Seventh Session

17 September, 2012
GA/11283General Assembly Stood Strong, Active, Responsive to Challenges, Says Outgoing President as Sixty-Sixth Session Concludes

SG/SM/14515-GA/11284Hailing Sixty-sixth Session’s ‘Legacy of Achievement’, Secretary-General Says Promoting Culture of Peace Must Remain General Assembly Priority

14 September, 2012
GA/11281General Assembly Convenes High-level Forum on ‘Culture of Peace’, with Education, Youth Outreach, Women’s Empowerment Highlighted as Keys to More Peaceful World

SG/SM/14510-GA/11282Education, Tackling Roots of Conflict Vital to Understanding Common Humanity, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly Forum on Culture of Peace

13 September, 2012
GA/11278Secretary-General Describes ‘Real Progress’ in Strengthening UN Mediation Efforts, Presents Guidance Aimed at Making Mediation More Effective, in General Assembly

GA/11280General Assembly Decides to Continue Intergovernmental Negotiations on Security Council Reform at Sixty-Seventh Session

SG/SM/14508-GA/11279Secretary-General Says UN Making Real Progress in Strengthening Mediation Efforts, as He Presents Report, Guidance Aimed at Making Mediation More Effective

12 September, 2012
SG/SM/14504-GA/11276Secretary-General Calls General Assembly Resolution Important Milestone in Common Understanding of Human Security at United Nations

11 September, 2012
GA/PK/211More Effective Planning, Management of Critical Missions Essential to Maintaining International Peace, Security, Special Committee Says in Adopting Report

GA/SPD/501Fourth Committee, Concluding Work of Sixty-Sixth Session, Endorses Proposals Submitted by Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations

10 September, 2012
DSG/SM/633-GA/11275-DEV/2953Sustained, Inclusive, Equitable Growth Essential to Increasing Job Opportunities, Deputy Secretary-General Tells General Assembly Development Dialogue

GA/11274General Assembly Calls for Accelerated Efforts to Eliminate Malaria in Developing Countries, Particularly Africa, by 2015, in Consensus Resolution

6 September, 2012
GA/11272-OBV/1134Experts Warn of Nuclear Testing Risks despite Moratorium, as General Assembly Marks International Day

SG/SM/14494-GA/11273-OBV/1135Secretary-General, in Message on International Day against Nuclear Tests, Offers to Visit Any State Remaining Unconvinced of Reliability of Test-Ban Treaty

5 September, 2012
GA/11270World Not Fulfilling ‘Never Again’ Vow, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly Meeting on Responsibility to Protect

SG/SM/14490-GA/11271Responsibility to Protect Faces Urgent Test ‘Here and Now’, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly, Stressing Immense Human Cost of Failure in Syria

4 September, 2012
GA/11268Humanitarian Situation in Syria Deteriorating, with 2.5 Million Urgently Needing Relief, Says Secretary-General, Accusing Both Sides of Atrocities

GA/AB/4035Fifth Committee Elects Bureau for Sixty-Seventh General Assembly Session

GA/DIS/3450First Committee Elects Bureau for Sixty-Seventh General Assembly Session

GA/EF/3333Second Committee Elects Bureau for Sixty-Seventh General Assembly Session

GA/L/3431Sixth Committee Elects Bureau for Sixty-Seventh General Assembly Session

GA/SHC/4034Third Committee Elects Bureau for Sixty-Seventh General Assembly Session

GA/SPD/500Fourth Committee Elects Bureau for Sixty-Seventh General Assembly Session

SG/SM/14488-GA/11269Conflict in Syria Takes Brutal Turn, Engulfing Region, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly, Urging Solid, Unifying Support for New Envoy’s Mission

13 August, 2012
GA/PAL/1245Palestinian Rights Committee Will Continue Calls on Security Council, Others to Hold Israel Accountable for Its Actions, Chair Pledges

3 August, 2012
GA/11266/Rev.1General Assembly, in Resolution, Demands All in Syria ‘Immediately and Visibly’ Commit to Ending Violence that Secretary-General Says Is Ripping Country Apart

SG/SM/14442-GA/11267Secretary-General Says While Syrian Parties, Especially Government, Have Primary Responsibility to End Violence, Conflict Is Test of Everything UN Stands For

31 July, 2012
SG/SM/14438-GA/11265Secretary-General Outlines Messages He Took to G-20 Summit in Los Cabos, Introduces Mexico’s Vice-Minister to Brief General Assembly in Detail

27 July, 2012
GA/11264Despite Reservations, General Assembly Endorses Rio+20 Outcome Document; Will Study Modalities for Its Implementation, Budgetary Implications

23 July, 2012
GA/11263General Assembly Adopts Two Texts Relating to Conflict, Development in Africa, Draft Decision on Tenure of International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda Judges

11 July, 2012
GA/PAL/1243Israeli Settlements ‘Removable Obstacle’ to Peace, as Many West Bank Settlers Would Be Willing to Evacuate under Right Terms, Asia-Pacific Meeting Told

GA/PAL/1244Shoring Up Support of Asia-Pacific Region for Palestinian Statehood, Boycotting Settlement Goods, ‘De-occupation’ Gain Traction at Close of Bangkok Meeting

10 July, 2012
GA/PAL/1240With Two-State Solution ‘Increasingly at Risk’, Common Objective of Comprehensive Peace in Middle East More Remote, Secretary-General Tells Asia-Pacific Meeting

GA/PAL/1242Asian and Pacific Meeting Told Israeli Settlements Claiming Strategically Vital Tracts of Palestinian Land, Obviating Statehood

SG/SM/14408-GA/PAL/1241Secretary-General Says Israeli-Palestinian Process at Dangerous Standstill, Long-Hoped for Two-State Solution Increasingly at Risk, in Message

5 July, 2012
GA/PAL/1239United Nations Asian and Pacific Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace to Be Held in Bangkok, 10-11 July

3 July, 2012
GA/11262General Assembly Adopts Text Recognizing Right of Return of Internally Displaced, Refugees to Homes throughout Georgia, Including Abkhazia, South Ossetia

29 June, 2012
GA/11261General Assembly Renews Commitment to Strengthening 2006 Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, Calls for Stepped Up, Integrated Implementation by Member States

28 June, 2012
GA/11259With Global Strategy, Member States Expressed Strong Resolve to Defeat Terrorism; Now Action, Results Needed to Free World from Scourge, General Assembly Told

SG/SM/14387-GA/11260-ENV/DEV/1313Secretary-General, in Remarks to General Assembly, Hails Rio+20 Outcome as ‘a Milestone on an Essential Journey’

26 June, 2012
GA/11257At General Assembly Debate, Secretary-General Says 'Global Menace' of Drugs, Crime Now Threatens 'One of Our Most Important Goals' - Ensuring Sustainable Developmnet

SG/SM/14382-GA/11258-SOC/NAR/943Illicit Drugs, Organized Crime Today ‘Clear Global Menace’ Says Secretary-General, Now Threaten ‘One of Our Most Important Goals’ — Ensuring Sustainable Development

22 June, 2012
GA/COL/3244Special Committee on Decolonization Concludes Session with Adoption of Resolutions on Tokelau, New Caledonia

21 June, 2012
GA/11256General Assembly Adopts 2012/13 Peacekeeping Budget of Just over $7 Billion for 14 Operations, Acting on Recommendations of Fifth Committee

GA/COL/3243Special Committee on Decolonization Adopts Resolution on Organizational Matters, Approves Report on Pacific Regional Seminar

20 June, 2012
GA/COL/3242Special Decolonization Committee Approves Consensus Omnibus Draft Resolution on Non-Self-Governing Territories

19 June, 2012
GA/COL/3241Special Committee Approves Texts Concerning Implementation of 1960 Decolonization Declaration, Economic Activities in Territories, UN Specialized Agencies

18 June, 2012
GA/COL/3240With Consensus Text, Special Committee on Decolonization Calls on United States to Expedite Process Allowing Puerto Rico to Fully Exercise Self-Determination

15 June, 2012
GA/COL/3239Special Committee Dealing with Unfinished Business of Decolonization with Renewed Vigour, Members Told, as Situations in Disputed Territories Inform Debate

14 June, 2012
GA/COL/3238Special Committee on Decolonization Considers ‘Question of the Falkland Islands (Malvinas)’, Hears from Petitioners, Island Assemblymen, Argentina’s President

12 June, 2012
GA/AB/4034Budget Committee Recommends Financing for 14 United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, as It Concludes Resumed Session

GA/PAL/1238Palestinian Rights Committee Approves Programme for Asian and Pacific Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace, Reviews Political Developments

11 June, 2012
GA/11254In General Assembly, Secretary-General Describes ‘Cause for Hope’ in Fight against HIV/AIDS, But Warns Redoubled Effort Needed to ‘Win the Race’ against Epidemic

GA/COL/3237Special Committee on Decolonization Approves Texts on Hearings Requests from Non-Self-Governing Territories, Dissemination of Information

SG/SM/14343-GA/11255-AIDS/178‘We Cannot Slow Down’ Effort to Give All People HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment Services, in Drive towards 2015, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly

8 June, 2012
GA/11253General Assembly Elects Serbia’s Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic President of Sixty-Seventh Session; Also Names 20 Vice-Presidents

7 June, 2012
GA/11250Prognosis for Progress in Syria Grave, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly, Reporting on Latest ‘Shocking and Sickening’ Massacre, UN Monitors under Fire

SG/SM/14337-GA/11251-WOM/1908‘Think of Important Women in Your Life,’ Secretary-General Says at Cultural Event; ‘Now Think of This: More than Half of All Women Will Be Victims of Violence’

SG/SM/14338-GA/11252'Syria and Region Can Quickly Move From Tipping Point to Breaking Point,’ Secretary-General Says, Calling for Urgent Implementation of Annan Plan

6 June, 2012
DSG/SM/621-GA/11249-DEV/2943Deputy Secretary-General Says Bringing Integrated Implementation Framework ‘Fully to Life’ Requires Member States to Use It Effectively, Keep it Relevant

SG/SM/14334-GA/11248-DEV/2942Launching Integrated Implementation Framework, Secretary-General Says It Will Be Living, Ever-Changing Platform in Support of Most Vulnerable

4 June, 2012
DSG/SM/620-GA/11247‘Human Security Is More Than an Abstract Concept,’ Deputy Secretary-General Says; ‘For a Hungry Family, Human Security Means Dinner on the Table’

GA/11246Human Security ‘More than an Abstract Concept’ — for Hungry Family, It’s Food on the Table, for Refugee, It’s Shelter from Conflict, General Assembly Told

1 June, 2012
GA/COL/3235Discussion at Pacific Regional Seminar on Decolonization Focuses on Challenges, Opportunities for Non-Self-Governing Territories

GA/COL/3236‘Most Pressing Realities’ of Non-Self-Governing Territories Examined, Prospects for Decolonization Assessed, as Pacific Regional Seminar Concludes in Ecuador

GA/PAL/1237Civil Society’s Role in Ending Israeli Occupation Spotlighted at United Nations Meeting in Paris on Israeli-Palestinian Peace

31 May, 2012
GA/COL/3234Secretary-General, in Message to Pacific Regional Seminar on Decolonization Set to Examine ‘Current Realities and Prospects’, Urges Genuine Discussion

GA/PAL/1235Paris Meeting Stresses Importance of Information Technology, Protection of Right to Education for Palestinian State-Building

GA/PAL/1236Need For Better Coordination between Civil Society, United Nations Stressed as International Meeting on Question of Palestine Concludes

30 May, 2012
GA/AB/4033Budget Committee Takes Up Recommendation from International Civil Service Commission on Revision of Rest, Recuperation Framework Approved Last Year

GA/PAL/1232Role of Women, Youth in Peaceful Settlement of Question of Palestine at Heart of United Nations Meeting in Paris

GA/PAL/1234Impact of Israeli Occupation on Housing, Health Care, Employment for Palestinian Women, Youth Examined at Paris Meeting

SG/SM/14320-GA/PAL/1233Palestinian Women, Youth Have Right to Fulfil Aspirations without Discrimination, Says Secretary-General in Message to Paris Meeting on Question of Palestine

SG/SM/14322-GA/COL/3233Secretary-General Says with 16 Non-Self-Governing Territories Remaining, Dialogue among Special Committee, Elected Representatives, Administering Powers Essential

29 May, 2012
GA/11245General Assembly Welcomes Inter-Parliamentary Union’s Strengthened Support to UN; Encourages Close Cooperation in Peace and Security, Development, Human Rights

25 May, 2012
GA/COL/3232Special Committee on Decolonization to Convene Regional Seminar on Eradicating Colonialism, in Quito, Ecuador, 30 May-1 June

24 May, 2012
GA/11244United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, to Serve Two More Years, by General Assembly Decision

GA/AB/4032In Budget Committee, Speakers Welcome Improved UN Financial Picture, but Express Concern over Peacekeeping Cash Shortages, Delayed Payments to Troop Contributors

GA/PAL/1231United Nations International Meeting on Question of Palestine to Consider Role of Youth and Women in Peaceful Resolution, Paris 30–31 May

23 May, 2012
GA/11242Saying 'An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Remedy,' Secretary-General Calls for Strengthened Conflict Mediation Efforts at High-Level Meeting

SG/SM/14305-GA/11243Secretary-General Tells Meeting on Mediation ‘The More We Deal with Conflict in Flexible, Thoughtful, Forward-looking Way, the More We Can Prevent It’

22 May, 2012
GA/11240Concerned at Pace of Rio+20 Negotiations, Secretary-General Calls for Bold Action ‘for the Sake of Our Planet and Our Children’, at Assembly Thematic Debate

GA/AB/4031Budget Committee Takes Up $8.77 Million Financing Proposal for Special Political Missions in Syria; Sudan and South Sudan

SG/SM/14300-GA/11241-ENV/DEV/1281World Is Watching Rio+20, Says Secretary-General, Warning ‘We Cannot Let Microscopic Examination of Text Blind Us to the Big Picture’

21 May, 2012
GA/11239General Assembly Adopts Consensus Text Concerning Non-Governmental Organization Accreditation for Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference

18 May, 2012
GA/11237Faltering Economic Recovery, Risk of Another Recession, ‘Reason to Recommit’, Secretary-General Tells Participants at Closing of Thematic Debate

SG/SM/14294-GA/11238-ECO/212‘Let Us Leave Here with One Shared Goal,’ Secretary-General Says at World Economy Debate: ‘To Galvanize Global Support for Transformative Agenda for Change’

17 May, 2012
GA/11235International Community Must Take ‘Collective Stand’ to Create New Global Growth Model, Says Secretary-General at Outset of Two-Day Debate on World Economy

SG/SM/14288-GA/11236-ECO/211Secretary-General Says Rio+20 ‘Once-in-a-Generation Moment’, Chance for World Leaders to Rise above Differences, Show True Global Leadership

16 May, 2012
GA/11232Strong, Urgent, Global Action Needed to Help Central America Fight Transnational Threats from Crime, Drug Trafficking, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly

GA/11234Switzerland Withdraws Draft Resolution in General Assembly Aimed at Improving Security Council’s Working Methods to Avoid ‘Politically Complex’ Wrangling

GA/PAL/1230Briefing Palestinian Rights Committee, Key Negotiator in Peace Talks Says 2012 on Track to Becoming ‘Year of Political Vacuum’

SG/SM/14286-GA/11233-CA/52Central America Travelled Long Road to Peace, Says Secretary-General, Urging that Everything be Done to Help Region Secure Better Future

14 May, 2012
GA/AB/4030United Nations Financial Situation Continues to Show Encouraging Signs of Progress, Says Top Management Official, in Detailed Briefing to Budget Committee

11 May, 2012
SG/SM/14281-GA/SM/389-ECO/210Secretary-General, General Assembly President Announce Convening of High-Level Thematic Debate on World Economy and Finance in 2012, 17-18 May

10 May, 2012
GA/AB/4029Fifth Committee Takes Up Peacekeeping Budget Proposals for 10 Additional Missions for 2012/13, With a Number of Delegates Arguing Against Across-the-Board Cuts

9 May, 2012
GA/AB/4028Department of Field Support Tells Budget Committee It Managed to ‘Do Better with Less’, Owing to Global Strategy, Steadfast Commitment of Blue Helmets

SG/SM/14277-GA/11230Instead of ‘Kicking the Can to Rio’, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly, Time to Shift Gears to Reach Destination, Confront All Hard Issues Now

SG/SM/14277-GA/11231Instead of ‘Kicking the Can to Rio’, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly, Time to Shift Gears to Reach Destination, Confront All Hard Issues Now

7 May, 2012
GA/AB/4027Fifth Committee, Resuming Session, Considers Budgets for Peacekeeping Missions, Including Issue of Funding Active Missions with Cash Surpluses from Closed Ones

2 May, 2012
GA/PAL/1229Palestinian Rights Committee Reviews Latest Political Developments, Operational Challenges Facing United Nations Relief Agency for Palestine Refugees

27 April, 2012
GA/11230General Assembly Elects Dalveer Bhandari of India to International Court of Justice, Acting Concurrently with Security Council

25 April, 2012
GA/PAL/1228Statement by Bureau of Committee on Exercise of Inalienable Rights of Palestinian People on Israel’s Settlement Activities in Occupied Palestinian Territory

19 April, 2012
GA/11229General Assembly, Recognizing Burden Resulting from Road Traffic Crashes, Welcomes Launches in More Than 100 Countries of Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020

GA/COL/3231Special Committee on Decolonization to Hold Regional Seminar in Quito, Ecuador 30 May - 1 June

18 April, 2012
GA/11228Sustainable Development Must Be Grounded in Science, New Paradigm Should Reflect Human Impacts on Earth’s System, General Assembly Told in Interactive Debate

16 April, 2012
GA/11227General Assembly Elects Three Judges to Fill Upcoming Vacancies in United Nations Dispute Tribunal

12 April, 2012
GA/11225As General Assembly Holds Thematic Debate, Secretary-General Urges Governments to Integrate Disaster Risk Reduction into Development Agendas

SG/SM/14226-GA/11226When Disaster Risk Reduced, Chances of Building Truly Sustainable World for All Increases, Secretary-General Says in Message to Interactive Thematic Debate

11 April, 2012
GA/11223Experts Stress Need for Political Will to End Excessive Speculation in Commodity Markets as General Assembly Holds Thematic Debate on Price Volatility

SG/SM/14223-ECO/208-GA/11224Full-Blown Food Crisis Ebbed, But Fundamental Problems Causing Clear Negative Consequences, Secretary-General Tells High-Level General Assembly Debate

9 April, 2012
GA/11222Taking Steps to Improve Performance of UN Secretariat, General Assembly Adopts Resolution on Culture of Accountability, Change Management by Recorded Vote

5 April, 2012
SG/SM/14216-GA/11221Further Militarization of Syria Conflict Not Solution, Says Secretary-General, Calling Proliferation in Sources of Violence ‘Simply Unacceptable’

3 April, 2012
GA/11219Citing ‘Abject Poverty’, Secretary-General Urges Social Protections for Most Vulnerable, in Remarks to General Assembly Dialogue on Human Trafficking

SG/SM/14211-GA/PAL/1227Middle East Peace Process ‘at a Dangerous Impasse’, Warns Secretary-General in Message to International Meeting on Question of Palestine

SG/SM/14212-GA/11220Secretary-General, at General Assembly Dialogue on Human Trafficking, Violence against Women, Stresses Need to Make Such Crimes ‘Unprofitable and Untenable’

2 April, 2012
GA/AB/4026Budget Committee Approves Resolution on Culture of Accountability, Change Management by Recorded Vote of 93-47-5, as Resumed Session Concludes

27 March, 2012
GA/PAL/1225Only Concrete Intervention to Prevent Israel from Blocking Two-State Solution Will Preserve Prospects for Peace, Palestinian Rights Committee Told

GA/PAL/1226United Nations International Meeting on Question of Palestine to Consider Implications of Palestinian Political Prisoners, in Geneva, 3-4 April

26 March, 2012
DSG/SM/610-GA/11218-OBV/1087Amid Increasing Bias, There Is Shared Responsibility to Combat Contemporary Forms of Slavery, Says Deputy Secretary-General on Day of Remembrance

GA/11217Speakers Urge Vigilance against Lingering Racism as General Assembly Observes International Day to Remember Transatlantic Slave Trade’s Victims

22 March, 2012
GA/11216Cultural Diversity, Mutual Understanding Formed Bedrock of United Nations; Return to Such Principles Vital for World Torn by Extremism, Fear, General Assembly Told

19 March, 2012
GA/11215Peacebuilding Commission Must Maximize Position as ‘Unique Platform’ for Sharing Knowledge, Expertise in Post-Conflict Situations, General Assembly Told

16 March, 2012
GA/11212Secretary-General, Presenting Report of Global Sustainability Panel to General Assembly, Urges Unity in Creating ‘Future We Want’

GA/11214General Assembly, Acting by Consensus, Adopts Two Resolutions on Strengthening United Nations System

SG/SM/14166-GA/11213-ENV/DEV/1263Secretary-General Highlights Key Points from Report of His High-level Global Sustainability Panel in Remarks to Informal General Assembly Plenary

15 March, 2012
GA/AB/4025Budget Committee Takes Up Secretary-General’s Proposals for Better Utilization of United Nations Air Travel Resources

13 March, 2012
GA/AB/4024In Budget Committee, Top UN Management Official Introduces Report on Progress in Creating Accountability System in United Nations Secretariat

8 March, 2012
SG/SM/14148-GA/SM/388-WOM/1903On International Women’s Day, Secretary-General, General Assembly President Propose Global Conference on Women in 2015, 20 Years after Beijing

6 March, 2012
GA/AB/4023Budget Committee Takes Up Proposal to Restructure Pensions for International Judges, Report of High-level Working Group on Programme Criticality

5 March, 2012
GA/AB/4022Fifth Committee, Opening Resumed Session, Takes Up Assessment Scale, Capital Master Plan, Office of Internal Oversight Services, Joint Inspection Unit

2 March, 2012
GA/11210World Community Has Failed Syrian People; Must Take Urgent, Concerted Action to Halt ‘Brutal Suppression’, Secretary General Tells General Assembly

SG/SM/14139-GA/11211International Community’s Inaction May Have Encouraged Brutal Suppression in Syria; ‘We Must Act, Urgently and in Concert,’ Secretary-General Tells General Assembly

24 February, 2012
GA/PAL/1224Statement by Bureau of Committee on Exercise of Inalienable Rights of Palestinian People on Israel’s Settlement Activities in Occupied Palestinian Territory

23 February, 2012
GA/11209General Assembly Adopts Resolution to Strengthen Human Rights Treaty Body System, by Vote of 85-0-66; Elects Three Judges to United Nations Appeals Tribunal

GA/COL/3229Special Committee on Decolonization Can Evolve ‘Innovative Approaches, Generate New Dynamics’, Says Secretary-General in Message to Organizational Meeting

SG/SM/14122-GA/COL/3230Secretary-General Tells Special Committee 16 Non-Self-Governing Territories — Home to Nearly 2 Million People — Still Not Decolonized, Urging Completion of Process

22 February, 2012
GA/PK/210Importance of Abiding by Core Principles Stressed as Special Committee Delegates Point Up United Nations Peacekeeping’s Triumphs, Failures

21 February, 2012
GA/PK/209All Stakeholders Have ‘Common Duty’ to Identify Peacekeeping Components Needing Improvement, Under-Secretary-General Tells Special Committee

16 February, 2012
GA/11207/Rev.1General Assembly Adopts Resolution Strongly Condemning ‘Widespread and Systematic’ Human Rights Violations by Syrian Authorities

SG/SM/14113-GA/11208Secretary-General Welcomes General Assembly Resolution on Syria Crisis, Says Critical for World to Speak with One Voice to End Bloodshed

13 February, 2012
GA/11206Top UN Human Rights Official Says Member States ‘Must Act Now’ to Protect Syrian People, as Violent Crackdown Continues, in Briefing to General Assembly

GA/PAL/1222Secretary-General Pledges to ‘Spare No Effort’ in Helping Middle East Conflict Parties Reach Better Future, as Palestinian Rights Committee Opens Session

SG/SM/14105-GA/PAL/1223International Community Will Not Accept Unilateral Actions, Secretary-General Tells Palestinian Rights Committee, Urging Parties to End ‘Provocations’

7 February, 2012
GA/PAL/1220Occupation Imposes ‘Huge Price Tag’ Without Which Palestinian Economy Would Be Double Its Size, United Nations Seminar Told

GA/PAL/1221Offsetting Cost of Occupation Faces ‘Stuttering Implementation’ of Peace Accords, Donor Policies Give Israel ‘Room’ to Pursue Ambitions, Seminar Hears

6 February, 2012
GA/PAL/1217Cost-Benefit Calculus for Occupation Must Change, as Israel Reaping All Benefits, Says Palestinian Rights Committee Chairman as UN Seminar Opens in Cairo

GA/PAL/1219Israeli Economic Policies, East Jerusalem’s Separation, Crippling Closures Hamper Growth in Occupied Palestinian Territory, UN Seminar Told

SG/SM/14094-GA/PAL/1218Secretary-General, in Message to UN Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People, Says Status Quo Is Unacceptable, Guarantees Continuing Conflict, Suffering

2 February, 2012
GA/PAL/1216United Nations Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People Considers Economic Cost of Continued Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territory, in Cairo, 6-7 February

25 January, 2012
GA/11205General Assembly Reaffirms ‘Strong and Continuing’ Support for Kimberley Process Certification Scheme Aimed at Eliminating Conflict-Diamond Trade

SG/SM/14081-GA/11204Secretary-General Presents Five-year Action Agenda to General Assembly, Highlighting Killer Diseases, Sustainable Development, Preventive Approaches as Priorities

29 December, 2011
GA/11203Citing ‘Shifting Sands’, General Assembly President Says Future Generations Will Hold Member States Accountable for Their Response to Current Challenges

27 December, 2011
SG/SM/14036-GA/11202Secretary-General, Hailing Adoption of 2012-2013 Programme Budget, Pledges Efficient Delivery of Mandates, Greater Cost Savings

24 December, 2011
GA/11201Having Made Hard Choices, Found Savings while Protecting United Nations Ability to Get Job Done, General Assembly Adopts $5.15 Billion Budget for 2012-2013

GA/AB/4021Fifth Committee, Concluding Session, Recommends $5.15 Billion Budget for 2012-2013, Including Financing for 29 Special Political Missions

22 December, 2011
GA/11200Effects of Global Crises on Poor Countries, Sustainable Development Conference Feature as General Assembly Considers Reports of Second Committee

20 December, 2011
GA/11199General Assembly Speakers Praise Kimberly Process for Significantly Reducing Scope of Conflict Diamond Trade, Say Initiative ‘Too Important to Fail’

19 December, 2011
GA/11198General Assembly Adopts More Than 60 Resolutions Recommended by Third Committee, Including Text Condemning Grave, Systematic Human Rights Violations in Syria

GA/AB/4020Budgetary Committee Urged to Back Secretary-General’s Request for Additional Funds To Support United Nations Operation in Côte d’Ivoire for 2011-2012 Period

16 December, 2011
GA/11197Speakers in General Assembly Call for Stronger United Nations Role at Heart of Global Economic Governance

GA/AB/4019As Budget Committee Takes Up Review of Financing for Special Political Missions, Top UN Official Says Numerous Proposals Offered to Improve Budgetary Framework

15 December, 2011
GA/11196General Assembly Adopts Four Resolutions as Speakers Stress Importance of Streamlining Responses to Complex Humanitarian Emergencies

GA/PAL/1215Bid for Full United Nations Membership ‘Not a Provocation’, Head of Palestine Observer Mission Tells Committee

14 December, 2011
GA/11195Speakers Stress Need to Scale Up ‘Smarter’ Humanitarian Aid as General Assembly Holds Annual Debate on Disaster, Emergency Relief

13 December, 2011
GA/11194General Assembly, Security Council Fill Remaining Vacancy on International Court of Justice by Concurrently Electing Fifth Judge

GA/AB/4018Fifth Committee Takes Up 2012-2013 Financing for Rwanda, Former Yugoslavia Tribunals; Proposed Budgets for New Missions in Libya, South Sudan

12 December, 2011
GA/11193General Assembly Endorses Initiative of Member States to Erect, at Headquarters, Permanent Memorial Acknowledging Victims of Slavery, Transatlantic Slave Trade

9 December, 2011
GA/11191General Assembly, on Recommendation of Fourth Committee, Adopts 26 Texts, including 9 on Arab Israeli Conflict, 11 on Decolonization

GA/11192General Assembly, on Recommendation of Its Legal Committee, Adopts 25 Texts, Advances Preparations for Rule of Law Summit in September 2012

GA/AB/4017Fifth Committee Takes Up Annual Update on Plan to Refurbish UN Headquarters; Project Head Envisions Completion within 4 Per Cent of Original Budget

GA/EF/3332Acting Without Votes, Second Committee Approves 3 Draft Resolutions, Programme of Work as Session Concludes

8 December, 2011
GA/11189Development Cooperation Is Smart Investment in Security, Prosperity; Together, Way Will Be Found to Maximize It, Acting General Assembly President Says

GA/11190Three Panel Discussions, Held in Parallel with the Development Financing Dialogue, Consider Systemic Reform, Innovative Aid Sources, Resilience of Foreign Investment

7 December, 2011
DSG/SM/596-GA/11187-DEV/2928New Ways to Complement, Strengthen Traditional Assistance Needed, Stresses Deputy Secretary-General at High-level Dialogue on Development Financing

GA/11186‘Time to Get Back to Basics’, Fulfil Commitments of Governments to Development Financing, General Assembly Hears at Opening of Two-Day High-level Event

GA/11188-PAL/2149Eighteen Donors Pledge Contributions to United Nations Relief Agency for Palestine Refugees, with Agency Facing Severe, Chronic Financial Constraints

6 December, 2011
GA/11185General Assembly Adopts Resolution Aimed at Ensuring Sustainability of World’s Fisheries, as It Holds Annual Debate on UN Regime Protecting Seas, Oceans

GA/EF/3331Second Committee Approves Six Draft Resolutions by Consensus as Group of 77 ‘Profoundly Regrets’ Passage of ‘Procedural’ Middle-Income Countries Text

5 December, 2011
GA/11184Volunteerism One of ‘Clearest Expressions of Solidarity in Action’, Effective, Sustainable Force for Development, General Assembly Told

2 December, 2011
GA/11182General Assembly, Gravely Concerned about Status of UN Disarmament Machinery, Especially in Conference on Disarmament, Invites States to Explore Options

GA/11183General Assembly Speakers Underscore Vital Importance of Building Momentum towards Achieving Global Development Goals, Beginning Discussion of Post-2015 Agenda

GA/AB/4016Fifth Committee Recommends Additional $70 Million for Democratic Republic of Congo Mission for Technical, Logistical Support During Elections

GA/EF/3330Second Committee Approves Text Stressing Need to Reduce Volatility in Food Prices as It Takes Action on Five Draft Resolutions

1 December, 2011
GA/11181General Assembly Should Be Place for Finding Solutions, Responding to Challenges, Building Global Consensus, Says President, Opening Debate on Revitalization

GA/EF/3329Second Committee Approves Text Urging Elimination of Unilateral Coercive Economic Measures against Developing Countries

30 November, 2011
GA/11180General Assembly Adopts Six Resolutions, Concluding Debates on Question of Palestine, Wider Middle East Situation

29 November, 2011
GA/11179Member States Have ‘Historic Moment’ to Act, Says Palestinian Envoy, Challenging General Assembly to Redress ‘Tragedy’, as Debate Opens on Question of Palestine

GA/AB/4015Deputy Secretary-General Tells Budget Committee Resource Planning Project, Umoja; Information, Communication Initiatives ‘Cornerstones of Management Reform’

GA/PAL/1214On International Day of Solidarity, Palestinian Rights Committee Told 64 Years after Partition Plan, ‘History Once Again Knocking at United Nations Door’

25 November, 2011
GA/PAL/1213-OBV/1055Observance of International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People, 29 November

22 November, 2011
GA/11178General Assembly, After Four Inconclusive Voting Rounds, Remains at Stalemate with Security Council Over Filling Seat on International Court of Justice

GA/EF/3328Second Committee Approves Draft Resolution Urging Coral Reef Protection as Members Take Consensus Action to Pass 12 Texts, Including 7 on Sustainable Development

GA/SHC/4033Third Committee Approves Resolution Condemning Human Rights Violations in Syria, by Vote of 122 in Favour to 13 Against, with 41 Abstentions

21 November, 2011
GA/11177Adopting Wide-ranging Text, General Assembly Pledges Continued Support to Afghan Government, People, Urges Cooperation to Ensure Success of ‘Kabul Process’

GA/SHC/4032Third Committee Approves Draft Resolutions on Human Rights Situations in Iran, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Myanmar

18 November, 2011
GA/11176General Assembly Adopts Text Deploring Plot to Assassinate Saudi Arabian Envoy to United States; Calls on Iran to Help Bring Perpetrators to Justice

GA/PAL/1212Palestinian Rights Committee Asks General Assembly to Stress Urgency of Salvaging Prospects for Peace, by One of Four Draft Resolutions Approved Today

GA/SHC/4031Third Committee Approves Text Stressing Critical Importance of Women's Political Participation in All Contexts — Peace, Conflict, Political Transition

17 November, 2011
GA/11175General Assembly Fills Vacancies on International Law Commission, Committee for Programme and Coordination

GA/EF/3327Second Committee Approves Text Relating to Permanent Palestinian Sovereignty over Resources in Occupied Territories, Oil Slick on Lebanese Shores

GA/SHC/4030Third Committee Approves Resolution Recommending Adoption of United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training

15 November, 2011
GA/AB/4014Budget Committee Considers Comprehensive Emergency Management Framework for United Nations Secretariat in New York

GA/SHC/4029Text Recommending Adoption of Protocol to Child Rights Convention Establishing Communications Procedure for Individual Complaints Approved By Third Committee

11 November, 2011
GA/11174Top Officials from International Tribunals for Rwanda, Former Yugoslavia Hail Courts’ Contributions as Deterrents against War Crimes, Further Atrocities

GA/L/3430Legal Committee Backs West African Economic Grouping for Observer Status in General Assembly; Procedure for Move Is Subject to Question

10 November, 2011
GA/11171General Assembly, Concurrently with Security Council, Elects Four Judges to International Court of Justice

GA/AB/4013Budget Committee Hears Introduction of Reports on Organization’s Efforts to Implement International Public Sector Accounting Standards

GA/EF/3326Most Countries Far Short of ODA Target Figure 10 Years after Monterrey Consensus amid Crisis-Fuelled Plans to Slash Future Aid Budgets, Second Committee Told

GA/SHC/4028Third Committee Approves Text Condemning All Forms of Torture, Any Steps to Legalize Such Actions, Including on Grounds of National Security

GA/SPD/499Fourth Committee Concludes Work, Sending Total of 26 Drafts to General Assembly, Including Recommendation to Expand Scientific Committee’s Membership

SG/SM/13935-GA/11172Secretary-General Reports to Assembly on UN Role at Recent G-20 Summit, Points to Important 2012 Meetings to Further Continuing Objectives

SG/SM/13936-GA/11173-AFR/2284However Deep Libyan Anger at War Crimes Committed by Former Regime, Interim Government Must Persist to Prevent Acts of Revenge, Secretary-General Says

9 November, 2011
GA/11169Security Council ‘Badly Out of Step’ with Evolution of Geopolitics, Speakers Say as General Assembly Concludes Annual Debate on Council Reform

GA/L/3429Current Discussion on Measures against International Terrorism Ends in Legal Committee; Form of Possible Convention Remains Issue

SG/SM/13933-GA/11170Sharper Appreciation of Mediation’s Potential as Promising, Cost-Effective Tool for Conflict Prevention, Peace Accords, Implementation, Says Secretary-General

8 November, 2011
GA/11168‘Opaque, Non-inclusive’ Security Council Must Pursue Lasting, Candid Interaction with Entire United Nations Membership, General Assembly Delegations Say

GA/SHC/4027Draft Text Approved by Third Committee Recognizes Youth as ‘Key Agents for Social Change’, Affirms Investment in Youth Crucial for Sustainable Development

GA/SPD/498‘If Door to Israeli-Palestinian Peace Closes, Very Hard To Reopen’, Fourth Committee Delegate Says, Urging Bold Decisions for Sake of All in Region

4 November, 2011
GA/AB/4012Budget Committee Recommends Appointments to Subsidiary Bodies

GA/L/3428Immunity of State Officials Remains at Issue as Legal Committee Ends Review of International Law Commission Report

GA/SPD/497Opportunity for Israeli-Palestinian Peace ‘Slipping Away’, Fourth Committee Hears During Consideration of Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices

3 November, 2011
GA/EF/3325Speakers in Second Committee Stress Need to Reinforce Progress on United Nations-Private Sector Partnerships

GA/SHC/4026Third Committee Approves Draft Resolution on Women’s Anti-Discrimination Convention; Hears Introduction of 11 Texts on Wide Range of Issues

2 November, 2011
GA/11167Presenting Annual Report, Human Rights Council President Tells General Assembly 2011 Review Process Provided Momentum for Body to ‘Rise above Group Politics’

GA/EF/3324Energy-Food Links to Continue Growing as Cost of Oil Spurs Higher Commodity Prices, Senior Expert Tells Second Committee Panel Discussion

GA/L/3427Guidelines to Help States on Role of ‘Most-Favoured-Nation’ Clause in Trade, Investment Law Are Sought by Legal Committee Delegates

GA/SHC/4025Five Years after Creation, Human Rights Council Has Completed Appraisal of Human Rights Situation in Every Country in the World, Third Committee Told

1 November, 2011
GA/11165Addressing General Assembly, International Atomic Energy Agency Chief Says Right Lessons Must Be Learned from Japanese Nuclear Accident

GA/AB/4011Budget Committee Takes Up Proposals for New Resources Aimed at Strengthening Two-Year-Old Overhaul of United Nations Justice System

GA/EF/3323Speakers in Second Committee Make Case for Third United Nations Conference on Urban Development as They Consider Work of UN-Habitat

GA/L/3426Legal Committee Is Told Immunity of High Officials in Foreign Jurisdiction Must Not Mean Impunity for Commission of Grave Crimes

GA/SHC/402421st Century Proving to Be ‘Century of People on the Move’, Innovative Approaches Needed to Address New Patterns of Forced Displacement, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/496Palestinian Refugee Agency’s Task of Serving as Lifeline to Millions amid Habitual Budgetary Constraints, Complex Political Environment, Focus in Fourth Committee

SG/SM/13915-GA/11166-EN/261Secretary-General Briefs Member States on ‘Sustainable Energy for All’ Initiative, Names Leaders of High-Level Action Group

31 October, 2011
GA/11164United Nations Launches 2012 International Year of Cooperatives

GA/DIS/3449First Committee, Concluding Work for Session, Sends 52 Draft Texts to General Assembly Covering Broad Spectrum of Disarmament, Security Concerns

GA/EF/3322Usual Approach Will Lead to Irreversible Damage, Under-Secretary-General Warns as Second Committee Begins Considering Sustainable Development

GA/L/3425Expulsion of Aliens, Protection of Disaster Victims among Central Issues in Statements of Law Commission Officials to Legal Committee

GA/SHC/4023UN Expert Reports ‘Alarming Resurgence’ in Use of Mercenaries to Violate Human Rights, Often in New, Novel Ways, in Statement to Third Committee

GA/SPD/495Palestinian Refugees Watch Change Recast Middle East, Frustrated by Own Lack of Progress towards Ending 60-Year Plight, Fourth Committee Told

28 October, 2011
GA/AB/4010Fifth Committee Concludes Discussion on Proposed Programme Budget for 2012-2013 with Several Speakers Saying Proposals Short-Change Development Agenda

GA/DIS/3448If Disarmament Conference Fails to Start Work by End of 2012 Session, General Assembly to Consider Options for Fissile Material Ban, Says First Committee

GA/EF/3321Speakers Underline Vital Need to Conclude Doha Talks as Second Committee Concludes General Discussion on International Trade, Commodities

GA/L/3424Legal Committee Delegates Suggest Flaws in International Law Commission Proposals, Suggest Possible Adjustments

GA/SHC/4022Ten Years after Global Agreement in Durban on Framework to Combat Racism, No Country Could Claim to Be Free from Scourge, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/494Anti-Personnel Mines ‘Perverse’— Triggered by Victims, Not Combatants, Fourth Committee Delegate Declares, as Draft Approved to Assist Location, Removal

27 October, 2011
GA/AB/4008Secretary-General Presents $5.2 Billion 2012-2013 Budget to Fifth Committee, Says Figure Acknowledges Ongoing Global Financial Uncertainty, Austerity

GA/DIS/3447First Committee Seeks to Ban Development of New Types of Mass Destruction Weapons, by One of 22 Draft Texts Forwarded to General Assembly for Adoption

GA/EF/3320Governments Must Create Jobs in Face of Worldwide Protest Movements, Warns International Labour Organization Chief during Panel Discussion

GA/L/3423Law Commission’s Work on `Protection of Disaster Victims’ Is Called Key Development in Codification of International Law

GA/SHC/4021In Third Committee, States Describe National Efforts Made to Meet Human Rights Obligations; Stress Rights Are Equal, Indivisible, Mutually Reinforcing

GA/SPD/493Fourth Committee Delegate Says Full-Scale Military Operations No Replacement for Diplomacy, Warning against Politicization of United Nations Peacekeeping

SG/SM/13908-GA/AB/4009Secretary-General Presents $5.2 Billion Proposed Programme Budget for 2012-2013; Says Reflects Challenge — Financing UN at Time of Global Austerity, Uncertainty

26 October, 2011
GA/11163Presidents of International Criminal Court, International Court of Justice Present Annual Reports to General Assembly

GA/DIS/3446Voting Machine ‘Locks’ in Familiar Pattern as Disarmament Committee Sends 17 Drafts to General Assembly for Adoption

GA/EF/3319Arbitrary Detention, Excessive Force, Israeli Settlement Activity Increasing Palestinian Hardship, Regional Commission Chief Tells Second Committee

GA/L/3422Law Commission ‘Guide to Practice’ on Reservations to Treaties Is Applauded in Assembly’s Legal Committee, with Some Concerns

GA/SHC/4020With Crises Disproportionately Affecting Most Vulnerable, World Community Must Ensure Economic, Social Rights Not Relegated to Second Tier, Committee Told

GA/SPD/492‘Creeping Perception’ in Peacekeeping that Countries Are Either Troop Contributors or Troop Funders Can Hinder Multilateral Engagement, Fourth Committee Hears

25 October, 2011
GA/11162Speakers Denounce Cuban Embargo as ‘Sad Echo’ of Failed Cold War Politics; General Assembly, for Twentieth Year, Demands Lifting of Economic Blockade

GA/DIS/3445Perception in First Committee ‘World Cannot Afford to Stand Still’ on Disarmament, but Divergent Views Emerge on Reasons for Stagnation, Ways to Overcome It

GA/EF/3318Treat Farmers like Entrepreneurs to Boost Creation of Wealth, Jobs, Urges Delegate as Second Committee Concludes Debate on Agriculture Development, Food Security

GA/L/3421Legal Committee Notes Completion of Key Issues by International Law Commission; Delegates, Some Critical, Discuss Approaches for New Topics, Future Work

GA/SHC/4019Landmark Election in Tunisia Superb Demonstration of UN Providing Advice, Support, while Fully Respecting National Leadership, Ownership Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/491International Community Asked to ‘Bow Head’ in Memory of Those Who Pay Ultimate Price for Peace, as Fourth Committee Debate Centres on Respect for Host Country

24 October, 2011
GA/11161General Assembly Elects 18 Members to Economic and Social Council

GA/AB/4007Budget Committee Considers Report of International Civil Service Commission, Hears Details of Efforts to Find Equitable Solutions for Staff

GA/DIS/3444Seven Draft Resolutions Introduced in First Committee, Two Reflecting Divergent Views on Solving Impasse in Multilateral Disarmament Forum

GA/EF/3317Nobel Laureate’s Pessimistic Look at Global Prospects Warns of ‘Economic Suicide’ Risk in Briefing to Second Committee, Economic and Social Council

GA/L/3420Legal Committee Begins Annual Review of Issues from International Law Commission, Said to Have Ever-Growing Global Impact

GA/SHC/4018Several Aspects of Sexual, Reproductive Health — Providing Information, Using Contraception, Abortion — Should Be ‘Decriminalized’, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/490United Nations Peacekeeping Has ‘Responsibility and Privilege’ to Serve Those Grasping Promise of Peace, Security, Prosperity, Fourth Committee Told

21 October, 2011
GA/11160General Assembly Elects Guatemala, Morocco, Pakistan, Togo as Non-Permanent Members of Security Council

GA/AB/4006Budget Committee Adopts Draft Text on Programme Planning

GA/DIS/3443If Conference on Disarmament Cannot Break 15-Year-Long Deadlock, United Nations Could ‘Lose Legitimacy in Disarmament Affairs’, First Committee Told

GA/EF/3316Further Delay in Implementing Action Programme for Least Developed Countries Risks Exacerbating Lives of World’s Poorest People, Second Committee Told

GA/L/3419Legal Committee Reviews Procedure for Dealing with Topics of Justice at United Nations, Principle of Applying Universal Jurisdiction

GA/SHC/4017Extremists Have Pushed Anti-immigration Agenda, but in Fact ‘We Are All Migrants’, Migrant Rights Are Human Rights, Says United Nations Expert in Third Committee

GA/SPD/489United Nations Scientific Committee on Effects of Atomic Radiation Increasingly Important with Growing Use of Nuclear Energy, Fourth Committee Hears

20 October, 2011
GA/AB/4005Weighing Financial Situation of United Nations, Budget Committee Delegates Press Member States to Pay All Dues, on Time, in Full

GA/DIS/3442Unregulated Information Highway is Non-Traditional Security Threat with Too Many ‘Traffic Accidents’, China Tells First Committee, Warning of Security Breaches

GA/EF/3315Appeals for Help for World’s Poorest, Least Developed, Landlocked Countries Are Heard in Assembly’s Economic Committee

GA/SHC/4016Under Prolonged Israeli Occupation, Children’s Development ‘Deformed by Pervasive Deprivations’ Affecting Health, Education, Security, UN Expert Tells Committee

GA/SPD/488Delegations in Fourth Committee Herald United Nations as ‘Only Credible Advocate’ for Peaceful World, Forward Two Drafts on Information to General Assembly

19 October, 2011
GA/11159General Assembly Takes Up 2011 Report on the Work of Economic and Social Council

GA/DIS/3441World’s Weapons Stockpile ‘Over-Supplied’, as States Reshape True Aim of Charter-based Article on Self-Defence, First Committee Told

GA/EF/3314Weighing Pros, Cons of Globalization, Second Committee Delegates Caution Growth in Global Trade, Interdependence, Could Exacerbate Inequalities

GA/SHC/4015Protest Movements in Middle East, North Africa Reaffirm Reach of Human Rights Even Where Repression ‘Once Seemed Immutable’, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/487Some Speakers in Fourth Committee Praise New Media for ‘Direct Access to Emotional Part of Public Opinion’, Others Caution Over-Reliance, during Information Debate

18 October, 2011
GA/DIS/3440Stockpiled Instruments of Modern Violence — Conventional Weapons — Focus of Debate in First Committee, as Delegates Rally Support around Key Draft Resolutions

GA/L/3418Legal Committee Delegates Discuss Most Effective Ways to Ensure Good Stewardship of World’s Cross-Border Aquifers

GA/SHC/4014Special Rapporteur on Torture Tells Third Committee Use of Prolonged Solitary Confinement on Rise, Calls for Global Ban on Practice

GA/SPD/486Highlighting Efforts to Expand Use of Traditional, New Media, Communications Chief Says Information Department Aims for Agility, Flexibility, Innovation

17 October, 2011
GA/11158Record Number of Delegations in General Assembly Back Resolution on Building Peaceful, Better World ‘Through Sport and the Olympic Ideal’

GA/AB/4004Budget Committee Examines Measures Aimed at Streamlining Organization’s Human Resources Management, Bolster Ethics Bodies

GA/DIS/3439First Committee Hears Introduction of Eight Drafts on Range of Topics, from Threat of Outer Space Arms Race to Terrorist Acquisition of Mass Destruction Weapons

GA/EF/33131.5 Billion People Living in Absolute Poverty Makes Its Eradication Humankind’s Most Significant Challenge, Second Committee Told

GA/L/3417Legal Committee Delegates Urge Progress on Measures to Regularize Situation of Stateless Persons; Seen as Human Rights Issue

GA/SHC/4013Special Rapporteur Highlights ‘Negative, Even Catastrophic’ Impact of Extractive Industries on Rights of Indigenous Peoples, in Third Committee Statement

14 October, 2011
GA/DIS/3438When It Comes to Non-Proliferation, Arms Limitation, Disarmament Agreements, ‘Rules Must Be Binding, Violations Must Be Punished’, First Committee Told

GA/EF/3312Global Economic Recovery Still ‘Very Vulnerable’ to Shocks, Turbulence, Uncertainty, Say Panellists in Second Committee Briefing

GA/L/3416Legal Committee Lauds Success of United Nations Efforts, Said to Be More Important Than Ever to Promote Understanding of International Law

GA/SHC/4012In Third Committee Member States Detail National Steps to Safeguard, Nurture Children, Call for More Support to ‘The Most Vulnerable of the Vulnerables’

13 October, 2011
GA/DIS/3437It Is ‘Bitter Reality’ in Complex, Dangerous World that Possession of Nuclear Weapons by Some Gives Others Excuse to Acquire Them, First Committee Told

GA/EF/3311Global Financial Crisis Should Not Affect Fulfilment of Official Assistance Commitments, Say Speakers in Second Committee

GA/PAL/1211Statement by Bureau of Committee on Exercise of Inalienable Rights of Palestinian People on Situation of Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Prisons

GA/SHC/4011Strengthening Global Efforts against Criminal Financing, Money-Laundering, among Issues Addressed, as Third Committee Approves Four Criminal Justice Texts

GA/SPD/485Setting Spacefaring Nations against Non-Spacefaring Ones Rejected in Fourth Committee as Debate Centres on Cooperative, Not Competitive, Use of Space

12 October, 2011
GA/AB/4003As Budget Committee Considers Reports on Pattern of Conferences, Delegates Weigh Changes in Document Processing; Urge More Efficient Use of Meeting Facilities

GA/DIS/3436‘Sorry to Report’, Conference on Disarmament Official Tells First Committee, No Key Disarmament, Non-Proliferation Treaties in Pipeline Now

GA/EF/3310Delegates in Second Committee Call Attention to Developing World’s Potential, While Urging Balanced Financing of United Nations Development Activities

GA/L/3415Principle of ‘Universal Jurisdiction’ Again Divides Assembly’s Legal Committee Delegates; Further Guidance Sought from International Law Commission

GA/SHC/4010'Too Many Children Are Being Left Behind' Simply Because They Are Born Female, Have Disabilities, Live in World’s Poorest Places, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/484Value, Inherent Risks of Space Technology Spotlighted in Fourth Committee, with Emphasis on Equal Access to Outer Space for Peaceful Purposes

11 October, 2011
GA/11157Marking Tenth Anniversary of New Partnership for Africa’s Development, Delegates in General Assembly Welcome Progress, Pledge Support for African-led Strategy

GA/AB/4002Briefing Budget Committee, Under-Secretary-General for Management Reports Improvement in United Nations Financial Situation

GA/DIS/3435‘Mantra’ of Nuclear-Armed States that Fissile Material Ban Ripe for Negotiation Follows Dictates of Convenience, Not Security, First Committee Told

GA/EF/3309Need For New Political Commitment to Production, Job Growth Underlined as Panel in Second Committee Discusses Alternative Employment Creation Strategies

GA/SHC/4009With Equal Rights, Empowerment, Women Can Be ‘Agents of Change’ for Sustained Socio-economic Development, Security around World, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/483Following Recorded Votes, Fourth Committee Forwards Five Draft Resolutions on Decolonization to General Assembly for Adoption

10 October, 2011
GA/DIS/3434International Community Wise to ‘Take Step Back, Seriously Question Approach as Mindless Arms Race Flourishes Unencumbered’, First Committee Hears

GA/EF/3308Global Economic Deterioration Dispelled ‘Cautious Optimism’ Over External Debt Sustainability, Senior Official Tells Second Committee

GA/L/3414Legal Committee Delegates Voice Concern That Budget Cuts Could Weaken Role of International Trade Law Body at Critical Time

GA/SHC/4008After ‘Remarkable Year’ for Gender Equality, Women’s Empowerment, Momentum Must Be Turned into Tangible Gains for Women, Girls Everywhere, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/482Fourth Committee Approves Five Consensus Texts Reaffirming Inalienable Right to Self-Determination and Independence

7 October, 2011
GA/AB/4001Budget Committee Takes Up Reports of Office for Partnerships, Committee for Programme and Coordination

GA/DIS/3433China Champions New Thinking on Security, Shaped by Mutual Trust, Mutual Benefit, Amid Calls in First Committee for Binding Pledges of Non Use of Nuclear Weapons

GA/L/3413Legal Committee Is Told Procedural Factors Impair Judicial Efforts to Deal with Criminal Misconduct by United Nations Personnel on Missions

6 October, 2011
GA/DIS/3432Membership in Conference on Disarmament Yields Rights but Also Responsibilities, First Committee Told, as Delegations Make Clear Deadlock Taking Its Toll

GA/L/3412Legal Committee Delegates Review Working Methods of Body Charged with Strengthening Implementation of United Nations Charter

GA/SHC/4007Criminal Groups Trafficking in Drugs, Weapons Can Destabilize Countries, Regions; Combating Them Requires Increased Cooperation, Resources, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/481With Possibility Looming of Another ‘Lost Decade’ for Decolonization Process, Speakers in Fourth Committee Press for Concrete Actions to End Colonialism

5 October, 2011
DSG/SM/574-GA/L/3411Addressing General Assembly’s Legal Committee, Deputy Secretary-General Outlines United Nations Framework to Bolster Rule of Law, Transitional Justice

GA/AB/4000Adopting Consensus Text, Budget Committee Ensures Six Countries Maintain Voting Rights in General Assembly, Despite Budget Arrears

GA/DIS/3431Nuclear Proliferation ‘Biggest Danger Facing Our Planet’, Says France, Warning in First Committee Debate ‘More Disarmament Will Not Suffice’ to Stop It

GA/EF/3307Delegates Stress Importance of Multilateral Action for Sustainable Development as Second Committee Concludes General Debate

GA/L/3410Growing Respect for ‘Rule of Law’ Concept Emerging from Conflict Situations Is Noted by Delegates in Assembly’s Legal Committee

GA/SHC/4006World Confronts Complex, ‘Practically Seamless Web’ of Crime, Corruption, Drugs, Which Touches Every Country, Spans Every Region, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/479/Corr. 1Questions of Western Sahara, Turks and Caicos, Guam, Gibraltar Central to Fourth Committee Debate as United Nations Urged Not to ‘Turn a Blind Eye’ to Hardships

GA/SPD/480Spotlight on Western Sahara in Fourth Committee as More than 30 Petitioners Express Mounting Frustration over Still Outstanding Resolution

4 October, 2011
GA/11156Citing Dramatically Transformed Geopolitical Landscape, General Assembly Delegates Urge New Strategies to Successfully Tackle Global Challenges

GA/AB/3999Budget Committee Takes Up Annual Reports by Office of Internal Oversight Services, Independent Audit Advisory Committee

GA/DIS/3430Path from Prague ‘Fast and Straight’, but Moving into ‘Uncharted Terrain’, United States Delegate Tells First Committee during General Debate

GA/EF/3306Europe Hardest-Hit in ‘Great Recession’, Second Committee Told as It Holds Dialogue with Heads of United Nations Regional Commissions

GA/L/3409General Assembly’s Legal Committee Is Told Global Convention Needed against Terrorism Since No Country Immune; Final Action Urged

GA/SHC/4005Austerity Measures Adopted by Developed Countries Hurt Global Growth, Push More into Poverty, Just When Greater Social Protection Needed, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/479Questions of Western Sahara, Turks and Caicos, Guam, Gibraltar Central to Fourth Committee Debate as United Nations Urged Not to ‘Turn a Blind Eye’ to Hardships

3 October, 2011
GA/AB/3998Budget Committee Takes Up Scale for Assessing Member States' Dues; Speakers Stress Importance of ‘Capacity to Pay’ Principle

GA/DIS/3429First Committee Must Not ‘Close Shop and Wait for World Peace’ before Furthering Disarmament, Non-Proliferation and Arms Control, Delegations Told as Debate Opens

GA/EF/3305Under-Secretary-General Calls for More Equitable Development Models as Second Committee Begins General Debate

GA/L/3408Events of 11 September 2001 Noted by General Assembly’s Legal Committee as Framework for Debate on Measures against International Terrorism

GA/SHC/4004As World Struggles with Economic Crisis, ‘Time Bomb’ of Rising Social Inequality Could Tear Apart Moral Fabric of Societies, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/478‘No Effort Should Be Spared to Fulfil Dream of All Peoples to Self-Determination’, Fourth Committee Hears as It Opens Annual Debate on Decolonization

30 September, 2011
GA/DIS/3428First Committee, in Preparation for Start of Annual General Debate Monday, Holds Organizational Meeting to Adopt Agenda, Work Programme for Session

GA/PAL/1210Most in International Community Persuaded to ‘Actualize Endgame of Two-State Solution’, Now up to Security Council, Palestinian Rights Committee Told

29 September, 2011
GA/AB/3997Fifth Committee Approves Work Programme for Current Session, Which Includes Proposed Programme Budget for 2012-2013

GA/SPD/477Fourth Committee Approves Work Programme for Sixty-Sixth Session, Setting Dates for Deliberations on Broad Range of Items, From Decolonization to Peacekeeping

27 September, 2011
GA/11155Closing ‘Historic and Unforgettable’ Annual Debate, General Assembly President Says Time to Shift Gears to Crucial Next Step, ‘Turn Talk into Real Impact’

26 September, 2011
GA/11154General Assembly Debate Considers Global Development at Crossroads, as Least Developed Countries Buckle under Strain of Meeting Most Basic Needs

24 September, 2011
GA/11153Examination of Mediation versus Military Intervention to Assist Regions Wracked by Conflict Focus of General Assembly Debate as It Enters Fourth Day

23 September, 2011
GA/11152Palestinian Authority President Outlines Application for United Nations Membership as Heads of State, Government Address General Assembly

22 September, 2011
GA/11149General Assembly Adopts Declaration Intended to Mobilize Political Support for Ending All Forms of Racial Discrimination, Related Intolerance

GA/11151In Year of Clarion Calls for Reform in Middle East, North Africa, World Leaders in General Assembly Urged ‘Not to Lose Our Nerve’ in Supporting New Freedoms

SG/SM/13829-GA/11150-RD/1007Resurgence of Intolerance Indicates Not Enough Done ‘To Stem the Tide’, Says Secretary-General, Appealing to All to Work in Harmony to Promote Harmony

21 September, 2011
GA/11147Secretary-General, Opening Annual General Debate, Urges World Leaders to Tackle Global Challenges Decisively for Sake of Future Generations

SG/SM/13823-GA/11148Secretary-General, Introducing Report in General Assembly, Outlines ‘Generational Opportunities’ to Shape Tomorrow’s World by Today’s Decisions

20 September, 2011
GA/11143Dryland Management Must Be Placed Higher on International Agenda, Stresses Secretary-General at High-level General Assembly Event on Desertification

GA/11145Global Response against Non-communicable Diseases Must Be Urgent, Comprehensive, Fully Coordinated, Say Speakers at Final Round-table Discussion

GA/11146As High-level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases Concludes, New York City’s Mayor Says ‘We Are in Race with Time We Cannot Afford to Lose’

SG/SM/13815-GA/11144-ENV/DEV/1229Preserving Drylands, Nurturing Dependant Communities Lie at Core of Sustainable Development, Secretary-General Tells High-Level General Assembly Meeting

19 September, 2011
GA/11138Non-Communicable Diseases Deemed Development Challenge of ‘Epidemic Proportions’ in Political Declaration Adopted During Landmark General Assembly Summit

GA/11140Non-communicable Diseases Pose Rapidly Growing Threat to Socio-economic Development in World’s Poorest Countries, Round Table Discussion Told

GA/11141International Cooperation to Boost National Prevention Capacities in Fighting Non-communicable Diseases Stressed during Round Table Discussion

GA/11142-ENV/DEV/1228General Assembly High-Level Meeting on 20 September Will Focus on Actions to Reverse Increasing Loss of Productive Lands in World’s Dry Regions

SG/SM/13806-GA/11139Secretary-General, at High-level General Assembly Event, Urges Concerted Government, Business, Civic Campaign against Non-communicable Diseases

16 September, 2011
GA/11137After Much Wrangling, General Assembly Seats National Transitional Council of Libya as Country’s Representative for Sixty-Sixth Session

GA/DIS/3427First Committee Completes Bureau for Sixty-Sixth General Assembly Session

GA/EF/3304Second Committee Completes Bureau for Sixty-Sixth General Assembly Session

GA/SHC/4003Third Committee Completes Bureau for Sixty-Sixth General Assembly Session

14 September, 2011
BIO/4319-GA/DIS/3426Jarmo Viinanen of Finland Chair of First Committee

BIO/4320-GA/EF/3303Abulkalam Abdul Momen of Bangladesh Chair of Second Committee

BIO/4321-GA/SHC/4002Haniff Hussein of Malaysia Chair of Third Committee

BIO/4322-GA/SPD/476Simona-Mirela Miculescu of Romania Chair of Fourth Committee

BIO/4323-GA/AB/3996Tommo Monthe of Cameroon Chair of Fifth Committee

BIO/4324-GA/L/3407Hernán Salinas Burgos of Chile Chair of Sixth Committee

13 September, 2011
BIO/4314-GA/11135Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser of Qatar President of Sixty-Sixth General Assembly

GA/11134'The Sands Are Shifting,' Says New General Assembly President, Opening Sixty-Sixth Session with Call to Action on United Nations to ‘Rethink’ Way It Does Business

SG/SM/13794-GA/COL/3228Secretary-General Says Member States Determine List of Non-Self Governing Territories

SG/SM/13797-GA/11136Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Pledges to Carry on Work of United Nations That Late Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld Died Defending

12 September, 2011
GA/11131‘We Have No Right to Remain Indifferent’ in Face of Precarious Situations, General Assembly President Says upon Conclusion of Sixty-fifth Session

SG/SM/13788-GA/11132Secretary-General, in Tribute to President of Fifty-fifth General Assembly, Hails Fallen Finnish Statesman’s ‘Great Leadership’

SG/SM/13789-GA/11133Secretary-General Praises Outgoing President’s Role in Highlighting Relevance of General Assembly as ‘Chief Deliberative and Representative Body’

9 September, 2011
DSG/SM/572-GA/11130Deputy Secretary-General, at Commemoration, Says Attacks of 11 September 2001 Targeted Universal Values That United Nations Was Created to Defend

GA/11129General Assembly President, at Commemoration of 11 September 2001 Attacks, Urges Member States to Work for Convention on Terrorism during Upcoming Session

GA/AB/3995Fifth Committee Elects Rest of Bureau for Sixty-sixth General Assembly Session

GA/SPD/475Fourth Committee Completes Bureau for Sixty-sixth General Assembly Session

2 September, 2011
GA/11128-OBV/1023Legal Prohibition Only Way to Realize World Free of Nuclear Testing, Weapons, Deputy Secretary-General Says during Observance of International Day

19 August, 2011
GA/PAL/1209Statement by Bureau of Committee on Exercise of Inalienable Rights of Palestinian People on Upsurge in Israeli Settlement Activity

12 August, 2011
GA/11127-RD/1006General Assembly High-Level Meeting on Combating Racism, Intolerance to Be Held at Headquarters on 22 September

29 July, 2011
GA/11126General Assembly Wraps Up Two Meetings — on Achieving Human Right to Water and Sanitation; Revitalizing Conference on Disarmament

28 July, 2011
GA/11125General Assembly Strives to Chart Way Out of Paralysis Gripping Conference on Disarmament, Stoking Divergent Views on Taking Negotiations Elsewhere

27 July, 2011
GA/11120Pressure Mounts to Break Deadlock in Conference on Disarmament, as General Assembly Debates Ways to Jump-start Negotiations on Core Security Concerns

GA/11123Against Backdrop of Drought-Driven Emergency in Horn of Africa, General Assembly Examines Vital Human Right to Safe Drinking Water, Adequate Sanitation

GA/PAL/1208With State-building Programme Complete, Time Is Ripe for Palestinian Statehood, United Nations Membership, Permanent Observer Tells Committee

SG/SM/13723-GA/11121-DC/3299Secretary-General Cites ‘Growing Crisis of Confidence’ in Remarks to General Assembly Follow-Up to 2010 High-Level Multilateral Disarmament Meeting

SG/SM/13724-GA/11122-SOC/4781No Pursuit Greater, No Calling More Noble than Advancing Human Well-being, Global Common Good, Secretary-General Says at Side Event of High-level Meeting on Youth

SG/SM/13726-GA/11124-ENV/DEV/1225Progress ‘Can Be Ours’ in Achieving Goals for Water, Sanitation, Stability, Prosperity, Peace ‘If We Work Together’, Says Secretary-General

26 July, 2011
GA/11119Crowning High-Level Meeting of General Assembly on Youth, Outcome Document Urges Decisive Action to Overcome Young People’s Widespread Unemployment

25 July, 2011
GA/11117At Summit Meeting Coined by Youth Representative as ‘International Tahrir Square’, Secretary-General Says Failure to Invest in Young People ‘A False Economy’

SG/SM/13719-GA/11118-SOC/4780Failure to Invest in Young People ‘a False Economy’, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly High-Level Meeting on Youth

19 July, 2011
GA/11116Adopting Resolution on Multilingualism, General Assembly Emphasizes Importance of Equality among Six Official United Nations Languages

14 July, 2011
GA/11114When South Sudan Started Its Journey, Says Its Representative upon Country’s Admission to United Nations, It Could Hardly Imagine Road Would Lead Here

SG/SM/13703-GA/11115-ORG/1545On South Sudan’s Admission to United Nations, Secretary-General Says ‘You Now Sit with Us; We Stand with You’

12 July, 2011
GA/11112‘For Those Facing Mass Rape and Violence, the Slow Pace of Global Deliberations Offers No Relief’, Secretary-General Cautions in General Assembly Debate

SG/SM/13700-GA/11113History of Atrocity Crimes Is Not One of Acting Too Boldly, But of Doing Too Little, Too Late, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly

1 July, 2011
GA/11110General Assembly, Acting on Recommendation of Its Fifth Committee, Adopts Peacekeeping Budget of More than $7 Billion for 2011-2012

GA/11111General Assembly, Adopting Text on Bolstering Effectiveness of Military, Civil Assets in Disaster Response, Reaffirms Principles of Neutrality, Independence

GA/AB/3994Following Days of ‘Very Difficult and Sometimes Unorthodox’ Negotiations, Fifth Committee Approves Budgets for 13 United Nations Peacekeeping Operations

30 June, 2011
GA/SPD/474Fourth Committee Approves Draft Resolution Recommending That General Assembly Review Implementation of Peacekeeping Proposals by Subsidiary Body

29 June, 2011
GA/11109General Assembly Resolution Stresses Need to Ensure that ‘Graduation’ from List of Least Developed Countries Does Not Disrupt Development Progress

GA/PAL/1207International Meeting on Middle East Appeals to Europe to Back Palestine Recognition Bid

SG/SM/13675-GA/PAL/1206International Community Must Help Bring Parties Back to Talks, Secretary-General Tells Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace

28 June, 2011
GA/11107Secretary-General Tells General Assembly “While We Are All in the Same Boat, Not All Have a Say in How to Steer It,’ in Debate on UN in Global Governance

GA/PAL/1204With Deadlines Looming, Secretary-General Calls on International Community to Help Resumption of Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations

GA/PAL/1205Future of Two-State Solution, Arab Peace Initiative, Quartet Road Map Examined at Brussels Meeting

SG/SM/13674-GA/11108-ECO/195‘Global Economic Governance Need Not Be a Zero-Sum Game’, If Best Use Made of Each Actor’s Comparative Advantages, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly

24 June, 2011
GA/COL/3227Special Committee on Decolonization Concludes Session with Approval of Draft Resolution on Tokelau, Another Containing Report on Organizational Matters

23 June, 2011
GA/COL/3226Omnibus Draft Resolution on Non-Self-Governing Territories Approved by Consensus in Special Committee on Decolonization, amid Proposals to Treat Cases Separately

GA/PAL/1203United Nations Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process to Convene in Brussels, 28-29 June

22 June, 2011
GA/11104General Assembly Adopts Text Inviting Member States to Make Most of Mediation in Peacefully Settling Disputes, Preventing or Resolving Conflict

GA/11105Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser of Qatar Elected President of General Assembly’s Sixty-Sixth Session; Vice-Presidents, Main Committee Chairs Also Named

SG/SM/13663-GA/11106Secretary-General Tells General Assembly President-elect ‘You Have Already Made a Significant Contribution; You Will Do Even More as Leader of Most Universal Body’

21 June, 2011
GA/11102General Assembly Appoints Secretary-General Ban Ki–moon to Second Term of Office; Ban: ‘Together, No Challenge Is Too Large — Together, Nothing Is Impossible’

GA/COL/3225Special Committee on Decolonization Adopts Draft on Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Requesting Argentina, United Kingdom to Resume Talks as Soon as Possible

SG/SM/13661-GA/11103Secretary-General Tells General Assembly ‘It Has Been a Great Privilege to Serve; That You Should Ask Me to Serve Once Again Makes It All the Greater’

20 June, 2011
GA/COL/3224Special Committee on Decolonization Calls on United States, in Consensus Text, to Speed up Process Allowing Puerto Rico to Exercise Self-Determination

GA/PAL/1202Palestinian Rights Committee Approves Agenda for 28-29 June Brussels Meeting Aimed at Advancing Palestinian Statehood, Middle East Peace Process

17 June, 2011
GA/11101Five Years after Creation, General Assembly Maintains Human Rights Council as Subsidiary Body, Concluding Review of Work, Functioning

16 June, 2011
DSG/SM/561-GA/11100Deputy Secretary-General, at Informal Civil Society Hearing, Stresses Importance of Ending Myth That Non-communicable Diseases Target Affluent People

15 June, 2011
GA/11099General Assembly Adds Item on Appointment of Secretary-General to Current Agenda

14 June, 2011
DSG/SM/560-GA/11098-DEV/2900‘Not a Moment to Lose,’ Warns Deputy Secretary-General at General Assembly’s Development Dialogue, as 2015 Nears Amid ‘Vast Backlog of Deprivation’

GA/11097‘Think Big’ in Launching Final Push to Meet Millennium Development Goals, Plan Post-2015 Strategies, Says General Assembly President in Development Dialogue

13 June, 2011
GA/11096General Assembly Calls for Intensified Effort towards Goal of ‘Conflict-Free Africa’, Continued Assistance to Address Challenges Hampering Peace, Sustainable Development

GA/COL/3223Special Committee on Decolonization, Resuming 2011 Session, Considers Gibraltar, Western Sahara Disputes, Approves Three Drafts on Non-Self-Governing Territories

10 June, 2011
GA/11093Adoption of Political Declaration Promises ‘Bold and Decisive Action’ to Wipe Out What Remains of Global Human Tragedy of HIV/AIDS, as High-Level Meeting Concludes

GA/11094Nobel Laureate Leads Strong Calls for Integrating Global Response into Broader Health Agendas, as Panel Discusses Taking AIDS Out of Isolation

SG/SM/13632-GA/11095-AIDS/174Secretary-General Welcomes General Assembly’s Adoption of HIV/AIDS Declaration, Says ‘With Global Solidarity, We Can End This Epidemic Once and for All’

9 June, 2011
GA/11090Speakers Call for ‘Prevention Revolution’, Mainstreaming of Anti-AIDS Programmes into National Health Systems as General Assembly’s High-level Meeting Continues

GA/11091Innovative HIV/AIDS Drugs, Treatments Must Be Urgently Developed, Made Readily Available Worldwide to Those Who Need Them Most, Panel Told

GA/11092As Women, Girls Bear Disproportionate Burden of HIV/AIDS Epidemic, No Gains Will Be Made Without Gender Equality, Ending Violence against Women, Panel Told

8 June, 2011
GA/1108630 Years Ago AIDS Was Deadly, Spreading Fast; Today ‘We Have a Chance to End This Epidemic Once and For All,’ Says Secretary General, as High-level Meeting Opens

GA/11087Real Story of AIDS Is ‘On the Streets’, Where Shared Response Should Champion Robust National Health Systems, Broader Social Development, Panel Told

GA/11089Towards Zero New Infections Means Taking HIV/AIDS ‘Out of the Shadows’, Panel Hears as It Grapples with Ways to Defeat Epidemic Far Outpacing Preventive Measures

SG/SM/13626-GA/11088-AIDS/169Secretary-General, at General Assembly High-Level Meeting, Spells out Five Steps towards World Free of AIDS, While Urging Bold Action on ‘Sensitive Issues’

3 June, 2011
GA/COL/3222Caribbean Regional Seminar Wraps Up Meeting amid Renewed Vigour to Fulfil Aim of United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization

2 June, 2011
DSG/SM/556-GA/11085-ENV/DEV/221Gaps in Sustainable Development Gains Exacerbate Other Serious Challenges, Deputy Secretary-General Tells General Assembly Debate on ‘Green Economy’

GA/11084‘Greening’ World’s Economies Debated as Viable Pathway to Development Destination, as General Assembly Considers Shortcomings of Prevailing Growth Models

GA/COL/3221Discussion in Caribbean Regional Seminar on Decolonization Focuses on Goals, Accomplishments of Non-Self-Governing Territories, United Nations System

1 June, 2011
GA/11083-ENV/DEV/1219United Nations General Assembly to Debate Green Economy, Key Theme for Rio+20

GA/COL/3220Secretary-General, in Message to Caribbean Regional Seminar, Galvanizes Efforts for Successful Third International Decade to Eradicate Colonialism

31 May, 2011
SG/SM/13607-GA/COL/3219Secretary-General, in Message to Caribbean Regional Seminar on Decolonization, Urges ‘Action-oriented Dialogue at All Levels’

26 May, 2011
GA/AB/3993Fifth Committee Hears Introduction of Draft Resolution on Financing United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL)

GA/COL/3218Special Committee on Decolonization to Hold Regional Seminar on Eradication of Colonialism, in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 31 May - 2 June

23 May, 2011
GA/AB/3992Fifth Committee Considers Financing Needs of Special Political Missions, Revisions in Reimbursement for Troop-Contributing Countries

20 May, 2011
GA/11082In Single Secret Ballot, General Assembly Elects 15 Member States to Serve Three-year Terms on Human Rights Council

19 May, 2011
GA/11080Secretary-General Says Migrants ‘Best and Brightest’ in Some Countries, Issues Call in General Assembly to ‘Harness Their Unstoppable Force’

GA/AB/3991As Fifth Committee Takes up United Nations Financial Situation, Delegations Stress Importance of Meeting All Budget Obligations in Full, on Time

SG/SM/13581-GA/11081-DEV/2897With Intelligent Approach Focused on Positive, Unstoppable Force of Migration Can Be Harnessed for Greater Good, Secretary-General Tells Informal Thematic Debate

13 May, 2011
GA/AB/3990Fifth Committee Takes Up Financing for Peacekeeping Missions in Haiti, Sudan, Hybrid Operation in Darfur, Support for African Union Mission in Somalia

12 May, 2011
GA/AB/3989Under-Secretary-General for Management Briefs Budget Committee; Says Overall United Nations Financial Situation Improved

10 May, 2011
GA/AB/3988Budget Committee Takes Up Third Report on Restructuring of Peacekeeping Operations; Financing Proposals for Support Account for Peacekeeping, Brindisi Logistics Base

9 May, 2011
GA/PK/208Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations Condemns Killings of United Nations Peacekeepers, Approving Draft Report as 2011 Session Concludes

5 May, 2011
GA/AB/3987Fifth Committee Considers Financing for 13 Peacekeeping Missions, Hears Proposals for Disposition of Unspent Funds, Deficits from 23 Closed Operations

3 May, 2011
GA/11079/Rev. 1General Assembly, in Recorded Vote, Adopts Resolution Granting European Union Right of Reply, Ability to Present Oral Amendments

GA/AB/3986As United Nations Peacekeeping Portfolio Continues to Grow, Speakers in Fifth Committee Welcome Efforts to ‘Do More with Less’

2 May, 2011
GA/AB/3985In Resumed Session, Budget Committee Reviews Funding for Peacekeeping Operations, Underlining Need to Sustain Adequate, Efficient, Accountable Support

29 April, 2011
GA/PAL/1200Experts Consider Practical Aspects of Building Viable Palestinian State, Urge Sound Social, Economic Policies, as United Nations Meeting Continues

GA/PAL/1201Palestinian Rights Committee Chair Urges Quartet to ‘Help Sun Set on Occupation’, Finalize Permanent Status Parameters, So Peace Talks Can Proceed without Delay

28 April, 2011
GA/PAL/1197With Palestinian Authority’s Plan for Statehood Nearly Complete, Secretary-General Says ‘Time Is of the Essence’, Calls for Speedy Resumption of Peace Negotiations

GA/PAL/1198United Nations Seminar in Helsinki Weighs Achievements, Challenges of Palestinian State-building Programme

SG/SM/13531-GA/PAL/1199Secretary-General Calls on Israel to Match Palestinian State-building Gains by Rolling Back Occupation, Facilitating Economic, Institutional Progress

26 April, 2011
GA/11077As General Assembly Marks Chernobyl Disaster’s 25th Anniversary, Secretary-General Says ‘We Must Treat Nuclear Safety as Seriously as We Treat Nuclear Weapons’

SG/SM/13528-GA/11078Secretary-General Says Chernobyl Anniversary Time for Global Action to Ensure Nuclear Power Plants ‘Sources of Peaceful Energy — Not Potential Catastrophe’

25 April, 2011
GA/PAL/1196United Nations Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People Set for Helsinki, 28-29 April

20 April, 2011
DSG/SM/548-GA/11076-ENV/DEV/1204World Running Short of Time to Improve Relationship with Mother Earth, Deputy Secretary-General Cautions at Event on Harmony with Nature

GA/11075Not Too Late to Change Unsustainable Economic Growth Model, Improve Relationship with Mother Earth, but ‘Time Is Running Short,’ General Assembly Told

19 April, 2011
GA/PAL/1195Palestinians Ready, Would Prefer to Reach Peace Treaty with Israel by September, Paving Way for Independence, UN Membership, Palestinian Rights Committee Told

18 April, 2011
GA/11074General Assembly, Noting Grave Financial Situation of UN Palestine Relief Agency, Calls for Institutional Strengthening Through UN Regular Budget Financing

14 April, 2011
DSG/SM/547-GA/11073As UN Responds to Events Reflected in Daily Headlines, Expanded Concept of Security Needed for Wide Range of Threats, Says Deputy Secretary General to General Assembly

GA/11072In World of Unpredictable Threats, Expanded Concept of Security Needed to Encompass Broad Range of Conditions Endangering Survival, Dignity, General Assembly Told

12 April, 2011
DSG/SM/546-GA/11071-L/3173Rule of Law Critical in Preventing Conflict, Providing Platform for Sustainable Economic Development, Deputy Secretary-General Tells General Assembly

11 April, 2011
GA/11069Rule of Law Represents ‘Best Hope for Building Peaceful, Prosperous Societies’, Says Secretary-General as General Assembly Holds Thematic Debate

SG/SM/13505-GA/11070-L/3171Fundamental Principle of Rule of Law ‘Our Best Hope for Building Peaceful, Prosperous Societies’, Says Secretary-General, in General Assembly Debate

8 April, 2011
GA/11067Energy, Activism of Civil Society Crucial to Global Progress against HIV/AIDS, Speakers Say, as General Assembly Holds Hearings Ahead of High-Level Meeting

SG/SM/13502-GA/11068-AIDS/167Secretary-General Says 2011 ‘Moment of Truth’ in Global HIV/AIDS Response, Praises Energy, Activism of Civil Society in Effort, at General Assembly Hearing

7 April, 2011
GA/11066General Assembly Declares 12 April International Day of Human Space Flight; First Annual Celebration Marks Fiftieth Anniversary of Russian Space Shot

4 April, 2011
GA/11065General Assembly Endorses Recommendations from First Report of Ad Hoc Working Group on Regular Process for Reporting, Assessing State of Marine Environment

1 April, 2011
GA/11064Weeks Away from Development Conference in Istanbul, General Assembly Holds Hearing with Civil Society to Explore Ways to ‘Wipe Away Curse of Being Least Developed’

GA/PAL/1194United Nations Meeting of Civil Society in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Focuses on Latin America’s Role in Resolving Bilateral Conflict

31 March, 2011
GA/PAL/1193United Nations Latin American and Caribbean Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Concludes in Montevideo, Uruguay

30 March, 2011
GA/PAL/1192United Nations Latin American and Caribbean Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Continues in Montevideo, Uruguay

29 March, 2011
GA/PAL/1191United Nations Latin American and Caribbean Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Opens in Montevideo, Uruguay

SG/SM/13484-GA/PAL/1190Standoff in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Untenable, Especially When Many in Region Pursuing Freedom through Non-violence, Says Secretary-General in Message

28 March, 2011
GA/11061In General Assembly, Italy’s President Says Nobody Likes Instability at Doorstep, Urging Staunch European Support of Mediterranean Partners’ Quest for Renewal

GA/11063General Assembly Considers Evolving Partnership between United Nations, African Union under 10-Year Capacity-Building Programme

SG/SM/13480-GA/11062Introducing Italy’s President to General Assembly, Secretary-General Thanks Him for His Leadership, Encourages His Greater Engagement in International Arena

25 March, 2011
GA/11059By Honouring Victims of Slavery, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly, Some Measure of Dignity Restored to Those ‘Mercilessly Stripped of It’

GA/AB/3984Budget Committee Approves Texts on Financing for Burundi Political Office, Capital Master Plan, Joint Inspection Unit, Concludes First Part of Resumed Session

SG/SM/13477-GA/11060-OBV/975On International Day against Slavery, Secretary-General Remembers Human Beings at Their Best, Rising Up Despite Mortal Risk, Challenging Status Quo

24 March, 2011
GA/SPD/473Request for United Nations Regular Budget Support of Palestine Refugee Agency Receives Broad Backing, as Fourth Committee Text Heads to General Assembly

23 March, 2011
GA/PAL/1189Uruguayan Capital to Host United Nations Latin American and Caribbean Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace, 29-30 March

21 March, 2011
GA/11058General Assembly Reviews Performance of United Nations Peacebuilding Architecture, with National Ownership Emerging as Cornerstone of Effective Partnership

17 March, 2011
GA/PAL/1188Palestinian Rights Committee Reviews Political Developments, Including Intention of Palestinian Leader to Form Unity Government, Hold Elections Within Six Months

16 March, 2011
DSG/SM/543-GA/11057-ENV/DEV/1202Changing Direction Can Create New Risks, but Greatest Risk Is Leaving Challenges Unattended, Opportunities Unrealized, Says Deputy Secretary-General

GA/11056International Community Challenged to Construct Contemporary Model to Build Resilient Future, in Meeting with High-level Global Sustainability Panel

15 March, 2011
GA/11055General Assembly Decides to Convene High-Level Meeting on Youth 25-26 July, as Delegations Encourage Young People’s Transparent, Adequate Participation

14 March, 2011
GA/AB/3983Budget Committee Takes Up Proposed Financing for United Nations Burundi Office, Representative on International Advisory and Monitoring Board

11 March, 2011
GA/11053Secretary-General Calls for ‘Concrete Plan’ to Improve Plight of Most Vulnerable, as General Assembly Holds Debate on Least Developed Countries

SG/SM/13438-GA/11054-DEV/2862Secretary-General Stresses Importance of Diversification, Agriculture, Trade at General Assembly Debate on Investment in Least Developed Countries

8 March, 2011
GA/AB/3982Nearly Three Years since Groundbreaking, Plan to Renovate United Nations Headquarters on Track for Completion within Reach of Approved Budget, Fifth Committee Told

GA/PAL/1186Applicability of International Law to Palestinians in Occupied Territory Reaffirmed at International Meeting in Vienna

GA/PAL/1187United Nations International Meeting on Question of Palestine, in Outcome Text, Stresses Need to ‘Internationalize’ Issue of Palestinian Political Prisoners

7 March, 2011
GA/11052General Assembly, Adopting Resolution, Revises Election Scheme for World Food Programme Executive Board

GA/AB/3981Budget Committee Approves Work Plan for Three-Week Resumed Session; Capital Master Plan, Joint Inspection Unit Report among Issues

GA/PAL/1183As Bold Changes Sweep Middle East, Secretary-General Calls for Release of Palestinian Political Prisoners, as UN Meeting Opens in Vienna

GA/PAL/1185Israeli Security Pretext for Arbitrary Detentions of Palestinian Political Prisoners, United Nations Meeting on Question of Palestine Told

SG/SM/13430-GA/PAL/1184Secretary-General Reiterates Concern, Urges Release of Palestinian Prisoners Being Held In Israeli Detention Centres, in Message to Meeting on Question of Palestine

1 March, 2011
GA/11050General Assembly Suspends Libya from Human Rights Council

GA/PAL/1182United Nations International Meeting on Question of Palestine to Consider Urgency of Addressing Plight of Palestinian Political Prisoners, in Vienna, 7-8 March

SG/SM/13425-GA/11051-AFR/2130United Nations Response to Violence against Civilians in Libya Sends Strong Message There Is 'No Impunity’ for Crimes against Humanity, Secretary-General Says

24 February, 2011
GA/COL/3215Secretary-General Urges ‘Concrete Results’ in Quest for Self-Determination as Special Committee on Decolonization Opens 2011 Session

SG/SM/13412-GA/COL/3216Completing Decolonization Process Will Require Concerted Efforts of All Concerned, Secretary-General Tells Special Committee

23 February, 2011
GA/PK/207Delegates Stress Need to Correct Imbalance in ‘Division of Labour’ as Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations Concludes General Debate

22 February, 2011
GA/PK/206Under-Secretary-General Tells of Aim to Build on 2010 Efforts in Bolstering United Nations Peacekeeping Capabilities

9 February, 2011
GA/11048Top United Nations Officials Stress Need to Invest in Advance Planning, Sound Prevention as General Assembly Holds First Debate on Reducing Disaster Risk

SG/SM/13395-GA/11049Secretary-General Tells General Assembly Disaster Risk Reduction Event of 2011 Focus on Small Island States, Least Developed Countries

28 January, 2011
GA/11047General Assembly Seeks to Boost Global Cooperation, from Relief to Development, to Aid States, United Nations with Humanitarian Fallout from Natural Disasters

21 January, 2011
GA/PAL/1180Secretary-General, in Palestinian Rights Committee, Says Israeli Settlements Illegal, Hamper Efforts to Re-launch Negotiations, Prejudge Their Outcome

SG/SM/13359-GA/PAL/1181Secretary-General Tells Palestinian Committee There Is No Place for Irresponsible Rhetoric Questioning Israel’s Right to Security, Palestinians’ Right to Statehood

17 January, 2011
GA/PAL/1179Alarmed by Surging Construction Activity, Palestinian Rights Committee Supports Call for Israel to Choose between Peace, Settlements

14 January, 2011
GA/11046Meeting for the First Time This Year, General Assembly Takes Action on Cooperation with Francophonie Organization; Facilitating Work of Rwanda, Yugoslavia Tribunals

28 December, 2010
GA/11045General Assembly President Urges Member States to Chart Course That Will Enhance Role of United Nations in Global Governance

SG/SM/13331-AFR/2086-GA/11044Secretary-General Welcomes General Assembly’s Decision to Accept Credentials of Côte d’Ivoire Representatives

23 December, 2010
GA/11043As General Assembly Concludes Main Part of Sixty-Fifth Session, President Hails ‘Constructive and Cooperative Spirit’

GA/AB/3980Harmonizing Staff Working Conditions, Strengthening UN Information Technology among Issues, as Budget Committee Approves 18 Texts, Concludes Session

22 December, 2010
GA/11042General Assembly, Edging towards Year’s End, Acts on Outstanding Items, Filling Seats on Peacebuilding Commission, Mapping Population, Development Follow-Up

21 December, 2010
GA/11041General Assembly Adopts 52 Resolutions, 6 Decisions Recommended by Third Committee on Broad Range of Human Rights, Social, Cultural Issues

20 December, 2010
GA/11040General Assembly Adopts Landmark Texts on Protecting Coral Reefs, Mitigating Ill Effects of Chemical Munitions Dumped at Sea

17 December, 2010
GA/AB/3979Fifth Committee Takes Up Budget Implications of September 2011 High-Level General Assembly Meeting on Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases

16 December, 2010
GA/11039General Assembly Reaffirms Strong, Ongoing Support for Kimberley Process Targeting Global Trade in ‘Blood Diamonds’, by One of Four Resolutions

GA/AB/3978Budget Committee Approves Consensus Text on United Nations Pension Fund, Takes Up Revised Financing for Rwanda, Former Yugoslavia Tribunals

15 December, 2010
GA/11038Surge in Demand for Humanitarian Assistance in High-Risk Environments Informs General Assembly Debate on Strengthening UN Disaster Relief Assistance

GA/AB/3977Fifth Committee Takes Up $676 Million Proposal to Finance 29 Political Missions in 2011, as well as Budget Outline for 2012-2013 Biennium

14 December, 2010
GA/11037Decolonization ‘Remarkable but Incomplete’ Chapter in United Nations History, Says Secretary-General, Spurring Action at Commemoration of Decolonization Declaration

SG/SM/13317-GA/COL/3214Secretary General, at Meeting Marking Decolonization Declaration’s 50th Anniversary, Says ‘Decolonization Re-made the World – in Our Minds and on the Ground’

13 December, 2010
GA/11036General Assembly Adopts 10 Resolutions Aimed at Shoring up Shared Response of United Nations, Regional Organizations to Complex Global Challenges

GA/AB/3976Fifth Committee Takes Up First Performance Report for 2010-2011 Budget Cycle, Increased Regular Budget Funding for Sierra Leone Tribunal

10 December, 2010
GA/11035General Assembly Adopts 28 Fourth Committee Texts on Effects of Israeli Practices, Decolonization, Outer Space, Atomic Radiation, UN Public Outreach, Peacekeeping

9 December, 2010
GA/11034General Assembly Adopts Consensus Text on ‘Global Health and Foreign Policy’, Acknowledging Need to Make World Health-Care System More Coherent, Effective

GA/AB/3975Budget Committee Takes Up Request for Assessment, Temporary Increase in Civilian Staff for United Nations Mission in Democratic Republic of Congo

8 December, 2010
GA/11033General Assembly Notes New Strategic Relationship between Russian Federation, United States, Their Endeavour to Reduce Role, Importance Of Nuclear Weapons

7 December, 2010
GA/11031General Assembly Concludes Annual Debate on Law of the Sea Adopting Two Texts Bolstering United Nations Regime Governing Ocean Space, Its Resources, Uses

GA/11032-PAL/2138United Nations Relief Agency for Palestinian Refugees Holds Pledging Conference, with Speakers Warning Financial Situation Precarious, Structural

6 December, 2010
GA/11029Highlighting Urgency of Revitalization, Delegates Say General Assembly’s Status as Most Representative Policymaking Body Must Be Respected ‘in Letter, Spirit’

GA/11030General Assembly, on Recommendation of Legal Committee, Adopts Texts on Measures to Eliminate Global Terrorism, Programme of International Legal Assistance

GA/AB/3974Fifth Committee Takes Up Budget Proposal for New United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women (UN Women)

3 December, 2010
SG/SM/13294-GA/11028-IHA/1290Collective Efforts in Haiti Will Be Overwhelmed without Massive, Immediate Response, Secretary-General Warns in Remarks to General Assembly

2 December, 2010
GA/AB/3973Fifth Committee Begins Discussion of Proposed Budget for UN Mission in Haiti for Period 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011

1 December, 2010
GA/EF/3302Second Committee Approves Draft Resolution Stressing Need to Boost Food Production, Productivity, Sustainability as It Concludes Work

30 November, 2010
GA/11027General Assembly Concludes Two-Day Debate, Adopting Six Resolutions on Question of Palestine, Situation in Middle East

GA/EF/3301Second Committee Approves Text Recommending That General Assembly Stress Importance of Responsible Borrowing, Lending

29 November, 2010
GA/11026Israel Appears Unable, Unwilling to Shake Occupier Mentality, Palestinian Observer Tells General Assembly, Calling for Serious Commitment to Two-State Solution

GA/AB/3972Budget Committee Takes Up Progress Reports on Enterprise Resource Planning Project — ‘Umoja’; Information and Communications Technology Strategy

GA/PAL/1178Coming Year Should Finally See Peace in the Middle East, Despite Impasse, Says Secretary-General on International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People

26 November, 2010
GA/PAL/1177-OBV/942Observance of International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People, 29 November

24 November, 2010
GA/EF/3300Second Committee Approves Text Encouraging Member States to Strive for Balanced, Ambitious Outcome as Cancún Conference on Climate Change Approaches

23 November, 2010
GA/11025With Non-Communicable Diseases Rapidly Becoming Serious Public Health Threats General Assembly Delegates Urge More Attention to Socio-Economic Impacts

GA/PAL/1176Palestinian Rights Committee Elects New Chairman, Approves Work Programme for Upcoming United Nations International Meeting

GA/SHC/4001Third Committee Approves Eight More Draft Resolutions as Current Session Concludes; Durban Commemorative Meeting, Regulating Private Security Companies among Issues

22 November, 2010
GA/EF/3299Second Committee Approves Draft Resolution Stressing Need for New Impetus in Talks on Reforming International Financial System

GA/SHC/4000Third Committee Approves Text to Ensure Human Rights Protected in Anti-Terrorism Efforts, Another Stating ‘No Religion Should Be Equated with Terrorism’

19 November, 2010
GA/11024General Assembly Makes Appointments to Administrative, Budgetary Bodies

GA/AB/3971Budget Committee Takes Up Financing Request of $85.7 Million for UN Sudan Mission, to Fund Assistance Provided for January Referendums in Southern Sudan

GA/SHC/3999General Assembly Will Declare 30 August International Day for Victims of Enforced Disappearance, in Resolution Approved by Third Committee

18 November, 2010
GA/EF/3298Second Committee Approves Text Demanding Israel End Depletion, Endangerment of Natural Resources in Arab Lands Under Its Occupation

GA/SHC/3998Third Committee Approves Resolutions on Human Rights in Myanmar, Iran, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

16 November, 2010
GA/AB/3970Rocked by Turmoil in World Financial Markets, United Nations Staff Pension Fund Bounces Back to Post 30 Per Cent Jump in Assets, Budget Committee Told

GA/SHC/3997General Assembly Will Hold ‘World Conference on Indigenous Peoples’ in 2014, under Terms of Resolution Recommended by Third Committee

15 November, 2010
GA/SPD/472Fourth Committee, Concluding Main Part of Session, Extends Mandate of Palestinian Relief Agency until 30 June 2014, Forwards Total of 27 Texts to General Assembly

12 November, 2010
GA/11023Concluding Annual Debate on Security Council Reform, General Assembly Delegations Express Competing Views on Best Way Forward

GA/EF/3297Second Committee Approves Draft Resolution Calling for Promotion of Ecotourism as Tool in Helping to Realize Millennium Development Goals

11 November, 2010
GA/11022Solution to Reform of Security Council ‘Is in Your Hands’, General Assembly President Says as Member States Begin Annual Debate on Long-Standing Issue

GA/L/3406Legal Committee Delegates Strive to Reach Consensus on Terrorism Text; Doubts Expressed on ‘Oral Amendment’ Procedure

GA/SHC/3996General Assembly Will Call for All States to Establish a Moratorium on Executions with View to Abolishing Death Penalty, under Text Approved by Third Committee

GA/SPD/471Fourth Committee Hears Palestinian Relief Agency’s Funding Crisis on ‘Knife Edge’; Nearing Conclusion of Work, Approves Texts on Atomic Radiation, 2011 Work Plan

10 November, 2010
GA/AB/3969Budget Committee Approves Texts on Board of Auditors Reports, Pattern of Conferences, Begins Debate on New United Nations Administration of Justice System

GA/PAL/1175Palestinian Rights Committee Approves Four Draft Resolutions on Peaceful Settlement of Palestine Question, Related Matters

9 November, 2010
GA/11021Making Appointments to Committee on Conferences, Committee for Programme Coordination, General Assembly Fills Vacancies in Subsidiary Bodies

GA/SHC/3995Third Committee Approves Text Calling for Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Global Development Goal Efforts, High-Level Meeting to Assess Progress

8 November, 2010
GA/11020Taking up Report of International Atomic Energy Agency, General Assembly Adopts Resolution Reaffirming Its Strong Support for Agency’s Indispensable Role

GA/SPD/470Refugee Returns Possible ‘Doorway’ to Resolving Arab-Israeli Conflict, Say Fourth Committee Delegates, as Israel Touts ‘Cynicism’ of Israeli Practices Committee

5 November, 2010
GA/AB/3968Budget Committee Recommends Appointments to Subsidiary Bodies

GA/L/3405Legal Committee, Approving Drafts on International Trade Law Commission, Welcomes Technical Cooperation with Developing Countries

GA/SPD/469Israel’s Pursuit of Peace ‘Façade’, as Human Rights Violations, Untold Suffering, Blockade Persist Even in Life-and-Death Situations, Fourth Committee Hears

4 November, 2010
GA/11019Welcoming Afghanistan Government’s Renewed Commitment to Ensuring Stability, Peace, General Assembly Encourages All Partners to Back Afghan-Led Kabul Process

GA/AB/3967Budget Committee Considers Financing of United Nations Operations in Chad, Central African Republic as Mission Enters ‘Wind Down’ Period

GA/EF/3296Israeli Restrictions Deepen Palestinian Hardships, Second Committee Told as It Considers Arab Sovereignty over Natural Resources in Occupied Lands

GA/SHC/3994Third Committee Approves Three Texts on Women’s Issues — Welcoming ‘UN Women’, Condemning All Violence against Women, Establishing International Widow’s Day

3 November, 2010
GA/11018General Assembly Considers Annual Report of Human Rights Council

GA/EF/3295Cultural Context as Important as Poverty Levels in Assessing Importance of Equity for Economic Growth, Second Committee Told

GA/SHC/3993Eliminating Racial Discrimination; Ensuring Right to Self-Determination; Protecting Refugees Issues Addressed, as Third Committee Continues Human Rights Debate

2 November, 2010
GA/EF/3294Global Action Needed to Tackle Urban Squalor as Number of Slum-Dwellers Continues Rising Worldwide, Second Committee Told

GA/SHC/3992Voluntary Refugee Returns Worst in Two Decades; World Faces Quasi-Permanent Refugee Situations in Areas of Never-Ending Conflict, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/468Severe Financial Shortages, Persistent Blockade of Gaza Strip Hamper Ability of Palestinian Relief Agency to Assist World’s Oldest Refugee Population

1 November, 2010
GA/EF/3293Wealthy Nations Urged to Take Lead in Quest for Legally Binding Climate Accord as Second Committee Takes up Sustainable Development

GA/L/3404As Current Debate Ends, Legal Committee Members Discuss Guidelines for Ongoing Work on Topics Considered from International Law Commission Report

GA/SHC/3991Intergovernmental Working Group Established by Human Rights Council to Elaborate Convention on Regulating Private Security Companies, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/467Political Actors in Middle East Must Make Courageous Choices, Persevere in Pursuit of Peace, Head of Palestinian Refugee Relief Agency Tells Fourth Committee

29 October, 2010
GA/11017General Assembly Weighs in on United Nations Peacebuilding Architecture, Adopts Text Recognizing Central Importance of Peacebuilding Commission

GA/AB/3966Budget Committee Continues Debate on Human Resources Management Reform; Continuing Contracts, Geographic Representation of Staff among Issues

GA/DIS/3425Disarmament Committee Notes New Strategic Relationship between Russian Federation, United States, Their Endeavour to Reduce Role, Importance of Nuclear Weapons

GA/L/3403Assembly’s Legal Committee Is Told of Good Rate of Compliance with Judgments of International Court of Justice

28 October, 2010
GA/11016Presidents of International Criminal Court, International Court of Justice Present Annual Reports to General Assembly

GA/AB/3965United Nations ‘Greatest Resource Is Its Workforce’, Says Deputy Secretary-General as Budget Committee Takes Up Human Resources Management Reform Issues

GA/DIS/3424Conventional Arms Control, Symmetry as Lynchpin to Regional, Subregional Stability Subject of One of 16 Draft Resolutions, Decisions Approved by First Committee

GA/EF/3292Stagnant Food Production, Rising Malnourishment Threaten Africa’s Ability to Feed Itself, Delegate Says as Second Committee Considers Agriculture, Food Security

GA/L/3402Stepped-up Efforts on Mechanisms for Natural Disaster Relief Are Discussed as Legal Committee Continues Review of International Law Commission Report

GA/SHC/3990Third Committee Approves Draft Text Calling for General Assembly Plenary Meeting to Launch International Year of Cooperatives 2012

GA/SPD/466Amid ‘Renaissance of Nuclear Energy’, Users Eager to Evaluate Risk, Establish Safety, Protection Standards Over Radiation Levels, Fourth Committee Told

27 October, 2010
GA/DIS/3423Time Now Opportune for Nuclear-Armed States to Take Effective Disarmament Measures to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons, by 1 of 12 Drafts Approved in First Committee

GA/EF/3291Migration Could Greatly Benefit Both Origin, Destination Countries, Agency’s Permanent Observer Tells Second Committee

GA/L/3401Law Commission Official Responds to Legal Committee Comments on Issue of ‘Treaty Reservations’, Defending Time to Complete Draft Articles

GA/SHC/3989National Efforts to Protect Human Rights, Effectiveness of Human Rights Council and Special Procedures among Issues, as Third Committee Debate Continues

GA/SPD/465Overburdened, Underfunded, Overstretched Peacekeeping Operations Create ‘Yawning Gap’ between Expectations, Performance, Fourth Committee Told at Close of Debate

26 October, 2010
GA/11015As Speakers Denounce Use of ‘Cold-War Era Tools of Coercion’, General Assembly again Calls for End to United States Economic, Trade Embargo against Cuba

GA/AB/3964Budget Committee Takes Up Annual Report of International Civil Service Commission; Wide Range of Recommendations Aim at Unifying Conditions of Service for Staff

GA/DIS/3422General Assembly to Ask Nuclear Powers to Meet Obligations to Forswear Nuclear Weapons, Reduce Significance in Security Concepts, by First Committee Text

GA/EF/3290Speakers in Second Committee, Discussing Information and Communications Technology for Development, Stress Importance of Universal Access to Broadband Connectivity

GA/L/3400Problem of How Newly Emerging States Respond to Treaty Doubts Expressed by Predecessors Is Discussed in Assembly’s Legal Committee

GA/SHC/3988‘Cornerstone’ Security Council Resolutions on Counter-Terrorism Should Be Replaced by Single Text Not Adopted Under Charter’s Chapter VII, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/464‘Cyclic Targets’ for Peacekeeping Tantamount to Putting Price on Peace – Price Dearly Paid by Millions of Civilians in Conflict, Fourth Committee Hears

25 October, 2010
GA/11014General Assembly Elects 18 Members to Economic and Social Council

GA/DIS/3421Momentum Gathering for Weaponization of Outer Space, Risk of Outer Space Arms Race Rising, Warns China’s Delegation in First Committee, Urging Binding New Treaty

GA/L/3399Progress on Guidelines for ‘Reservations to Treaties’ Is Reported to Legal Committee; Final Version Ready for Adoption Next Year

GA/SHC/3987General Assembly, Human Rights Council Texts Declaring Water, Sanitation Human Right ‘Breakthrough’; Challenge Now to Turn Right ‘into a Reality’, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/463No Greater Sign of Country’s Commitment to Collective Security than Willingness to Send Its Nationals into Harm’s Way under UN Flag, Fourth Committee Hears

22 October, 2010
GA/DIS/3420First Committee Considers One of Greatest Contemporary Security Threats — Chemical, Biological Weapons, as Thematic Debates, Introduction of Drafts Continue

GA/EF/3289Job Creation ‘a Key Element’ for Effective, Comprehensive Poverty Reduction, Assistant Secretary-General Tells Second Committee Discussion

GA/L/3398Legal Committee Is Told ‘Rule of Law’ Assistance Programme, Facing Growing Global Demands, Seriously Short of Funds

GA/SHC/3986Past Trends towards Increasing ‘Criminalization’ of Irregular Migration Continue; Migrants Face Racism, Abuse, Appalling Housing Conditions, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/462United Nations Peacekeeping Essential, But Success Not Guaranteed Because Peacekeepers Work in Most Demanding Physical, Political Environments, Fourth Committee told

21 October, 2010
GA/AB/3963Budget Committee Takes Up Report on Improving United Nations Financial Situation

GA/DIS/3419Fortifying Regional Disarmament and Security, Countering Potential Cyberwarfare, Misuse of Dual-Purpose Technologies, Focus of Debate in First Committee

GA/EF/3288Speakers in Second Committee Underline Need for Urgent Steps to Reverse Deepening Poverty Worldwide as Millennium Goals Deadline Looms

GA/L/3397On Issue of Transboundary Damage from Hazardous Activities, Some Legal Committee Delegates Urge Study of State Practice

GA/SHC/3985Unprecedented Pressures on Farmland — with 30 million Hectares Lost Annually — Poses ‘Direct Threat to the Right to Food of Rural Populations’, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/461Public Information Department is Public Voice of United Nations, Fourth Committee Hears, Charting Path in Two Drafts for Organization’s Mission to Spread Message

20 October, 2010
GA/11013General Assembly Takes Up 2010 Report on the Work of Economic and Social Council

GA/AB/3962Budget Committee Approves Text Endorsing Recommendations of Committee on Programme and Coordination on Strategic Framework, Setting Priorities for 2012-2013

GA/DIS/3418Arms Supplies to Conflict-Ridden Regions with Unmanageable Conventional Weapons Imbalance Enhance Compulsion to Acquire Nuclear Weapons, First Committee Told

GA/EF/3287Globalization Tarnished by Failure to Consider ‘Disastrous’ Effects on Poor Countries, as Second Committee Hears Calls for Equity, Fairness

GA/L/3396Legal Committee Discusses Ways to Apply Law Commission Draft Articles on Diplomatic Protection; Further Work Needed Before Decision

GA/SHC/3984Sixty Years after Human Rights Declaration Adopted Challenge Remains Same — Bringing Vision Closer to Ground, so It Touches ‘Lives of Real People’, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/460Speakers in Fourth Committee Hail Efforts of Department of Public Information to Expand Audience, Effectively Spread Message on United Nations Priorities

19 October, 2010
GA/DIS/3417Patchwork of National, Regional Controls over Conventional Weapons Trade Lacks Global Support Needed to Reduce Arms in Circulation, First Committee Hears

GA/L/3395Legal Committee Delegates Differ on Applying Rules for State Responsibility: Convention Needed, or Customary Law Adequate?

GA/SHC/3983Twenty-Six Years after UN Treaty Aimed at Absolute Prohibition of Torture Adopted ‘We Have Not yet Achieved That Goal,’ Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/459Public Information Department Applies Strategic Approach, Operational Upgrades, New Technologies to Evolving Communications Environment, Fourth Committee Told

18 October, 2010
GA/11012Adopting Resolution on ‘Sport as Means to Promote Development’, General Assembly Recognizes Potential of Sport to Encourage Tolerance, Social Cohesion

GA/DIS/3416‘High Priests of Disarmament Content with Status Quo,’ First Committee Told, as Debate Intensifies Over Geneva-based Conference on Disarmament Gridlock

GA/EF/3286Delegates in Second Committee Stress Need to Adopt New, Targeted, Action-Oriented Successor Programme of Action for Least Developed Countries

GA/L/3394Responsibility of States to Ensure Protection of Diplomatic Personnel, Premises Is Reviewed by Assembly’s Legal Committee

GA/SHC/3982Implementation of Indigenous Rights Declaration Should Be Regarded as Political, Moral, Legal Imperative without Qualification, Third Committee Told

15 October, 2010
GA/AB/3961Budget Committee Approves Consensus Texts on Contributions Committee, Statistical Report on Financial Situation of United Nations Organizations

GA/DIS/3415Thematic Debate Continues in First Committee, as Speakers Seek to Recast Norm against Nuclear Weapons Possession, Codify Global Security Architecture

GA/EF/3285Global Policymakers Should Rethink Economic Classification of Countries to Reflect Their Actual Challenges, Keynote Speaker Tells Second Committee

GA/L/3393Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict Needs Greater Adherence to Geneva Convention Protocols, Assembly’s Legal Committee Is Told

GA/SHC/3981Third Committee Speakers Describe Wide Range of Ways — from Reintegration of Child Soldiers to Rural Schools-on-Wheels — Countries Promote Child Rights

14 October, 2010
GA/11011Assembly President Calls for ‘True Spirit of Partnership’ Among All Nations to Secure Peace, Stability, Sustainable Development in Africa

GA/DIS/3414Double Standards, Discriminatory Practices Must Be Traded for Trust to Overcome Obstacles to Nuclear-Weapon-Free World, First Committee Hears in Debate

GA/EF/3284Delegates in Second Committee Call for More Follow-up Action to Ensure Full Implementation of Monterrey Consensus, Doha Declaration

GA/SHC/3980Third Committee Approves Text on ‘Bangkok Rules’ for Treatment of Female Prisoners; One of Four Criminal Justice Resolutions Recommended to General Assembly

GA/SPD/458Strength of International Space Law to Prevent Militarization of Outer Space, Respond to Other Current Challenges Weighed in Fourth Committee

13 October, 2010
GA/11010General Assembly President Calls for More Inclusive Finance Measures, as World Body Weighs Progress, Hurdles in Promoting Microfinance as Path out of Poverty

GA/DIS/3413Conference on Disarmament Chief Asks Member States in First Committee: ‘Do You Want Disarmament or Do You Want Consensus?’, as Nuclear Weapons Debate Begins

GA/EF/3283Fearing Decline or Reversal in Development Financing, Second Committee Delegates Call for Steady, More Balanced Cash Flows to Fund UN Operational Activities

GA/L/3392Sixth Committee Delegates Discuss Ways to Further Review Complex, Controversial Issues of Applying Universal Legal Jurisdiction

GA/SHC/3979To ‘Truly Universalize’ Child Rights Global Community Must Reach Neediest Children in Critical Early Years with Nutrition, Protection, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/457Emergency Responses, National Advances Prove World’s Commitment to Developing Outer Space for Good of Humanity, Fourth Committee Told

12 October, 2010
DSG/SM/526-GA/L/3391Resources Allocated for Strengthening Rule of Law Have Fallen Short, Deputy Secretary-General Says in Remarks to Sixth Committee

GA/11009General Assembly Elects Colombia, Germany, India, Portugal, South Africa, to Serve Two-Year Terms on Security Council

GA/AB/3960Under-Secretary-General for Management Briefs Budget Committee, Describes ‘Mixed’ United Nations Financial Situation

GA/DIS/3412Treaty Banning Only Future Production of Fissile Material Will Freeze Asymmetries in Stockpiles, Be Injurious to Pakistan’s National Security, First Committee Told

GA/L/3390Legal Committee Is Told Adherence to ‘Rule of Law’ Critical to Goals of Peace Promotion, Poverty Reduction, Development, Anti-terrorism

GA/SHC/3978Third Committee Speakers Say 2010 ‘Groundbreaking Year’ for Women’s Empowerment, with Creation of UN Women, While Underlining Many Challenges Ahead

GA/SPD/456Crisis Management Landscape Evolving, Fourth Committee Hears as It Probes Diverse Benefits of Outer Space Research on Natural Disaster Mitigation, Development

11 October, 2010
GA/DIS/3411Controlling Fissile Material Holdings of Key Nuclear Weapons Possessors Would Go Far to Curb Proliferation, Prevent Nuclear Terrorism, First Committee Told

GA/EF/3282Call Sounded for Mechanism to Ensure Debt Sustainability, as Second Committee Begins Consideration of Macroeconomic Policy Questions

GA/L/3389Legal Committee Delegates Applaud Positive Outcome of Latest Session of United Nations Commission on International Trade Law

GA/SHC/3977Calls for Gender Equality, Women’s Empowerment ‘Must Be More Than a Mantra; It Must Become a Lived Reality’ for Women in All Countries, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/455Fourth Committee Sends 12 Draft Texts to General Assembly on Decolonization, Including Request for Third International Decade, Concludes Debate on Topic

8 October, 2010
GA/11008Top Officials from United Nations War Crimes Tribunals for Former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Appeal to Assembly for Resources, Help with Staffing Woes

GA/AB/3959Budget Committee Takes Up Annual Reports by Office of Internal Oversight Services, Independent Audit Advisory Committee

GA/DIS/3410Diplomatic Clash over Absence of Binding Promises Never to Use Nuclear Weapons against Non-Nuclear-Weapon States Resurfaces in First Committee during Debate

GA/EF/3281Second Committee Considers Limits on Speaking Time, Deadlines for Submitting Drafts, as Members Propose Ideas to Improve Working Methods

GA/L/3388Discussion Renewed on Efforts to Prosecute Criminal Misconduct by United Nations Officials, Experts While Serving on Mission

GA/SPD/454Self-determination Important, but for Some Vulnerable Communities, Status Quo Option Deserves Respect, Fourth Committee Hears in Decolonization Debate

7 October, 2010
GA/AB/3958Budget Committee Takes Up Agenda Items on Programme Planning, Pattern of Conferences, Including Proposed Strategic Framework for Biennium 2012-2013

GA/DIS/3409Alongside Focus on Nuclear Threat, Eyes Must Be Pinned on Devastating Small Arms Scourge — Fuelling Armed Violence, Black Market Trade, First Committee Told

GA/SHC/3976Transnational Organized Crime Extending Reach into New Areas — Cyber Crime, ‘High Seas Poaching’ — Which Needs Coordinated Response, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/453Ongoing Stalemate over Status of Western Sahara Creates Breeding Ground for Terrorist Activity, Human Rights Abuses, Fourth Committee Told

6 October, 2010
GA/AB/3957Budget Committee Approves Text Allowing Six Countries to Continue Voting During Current General Assembly Session, Despite Budget Arrears

GA/DIS/3408Rule of Law Not Rule of Power Needed to Tackle Disarmament Challenges, First Committee Told in Debate on Full Range of Security Threats

GA/EF/3280As Second Committee Concludes Its General Debate, Delegates Stress Need for New Systems to Relieve Debt, Prevent ‘Reckless’ Speculative Financial Practices

GA/L/3387Delegates Stress `Core Principles` of Judicial Procedure as Basis for New System of Justice at United Nations

GA/SHC/3975Struggle against Organized Crime, Corruption, Drug Trafficking Connected; Too Big for Countries to Confront on Their Own, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/452Western Sahara ‘Last Decolonization Process in Africa’, Fourth Committee Told, As Unresolved Territorial Disputes, Including Gibraltar, Dominate Agenda

5 October, 2010
GA/11007General Assembly Delegations Press United Nations to Harness Unrivalled Convening Power to Tackle Modern Threats, Launch Institutional Reforms

GA/DIS/3407World Faces Conundrum over Desire for Security through Outdated Machinery that Delivers Stalemates Instead of Progress, First Committee Hears

GA/EF/3279Rich Nations Pressed to Shoulder ‘Historic Responsibility’ of Helping Poor Countries Bridge Development Gaps, as Second Committee Continues Debate

GA/L/3386Legal Committee Is Told Overall Convention against Terrorism Must Meet International Law, Humanitarian Concerns

GA/SHC/3974Residual Effects of Global Crises – Financial, Food, Fuel – Impeding Progress towards Achieving Millennium Development Goals, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/451Stalled Progress over Non-Self-Governing Territories Sparks Frustration in Fourth Committee, as Petitioners Seek to Galvanize Support for Decolonization Effort

4 October, 2010
GA/AB/3956Budget Committee Takes Up Agenda Item on Scale of Assessments; Hears Introduction of Committee on Contributions Report

GA/DIS/3406‘May the Momentum Be with Us,’ Urges Disarmament Chief in First Committee, Warning against Indefinite Delays, Chronic Compliance Questions, Military Spending Trends

GA/EF/3278Needs of Most Vulnerable Must Be Central to Fiscal Polices, Stimulus Plans, Under-Secretary-General Says as Second Committee Begins General Debate

GA/L/3385Legal Committee, Adopting Work Programme, Sets Early Dates to Discuss Justice System at United Nations, Anti-Terrorism Measures

GA/SHC/3973To Achieve Development Goals ‘Inclusive Policies’ Needed to Reduce Unemployment, Fight Poverty, Lessen Social Injustice, Says Under-Secretary General

GA/SPD/450Despite Successes, Decolonization Process Plagued by Lack of Political Will, Creative Thinking, Fourth Committee Hears as It Opens Debate on Topic

1 October, 2010
GA/DIS/3405First Committee Completes Bureau, Prepares Ground for Upcoming General Debate on All Disarmament, International Security Items, in Organizational Meeting

GA/PAL/1174‘Choice between Settlements or Peace in Israel’s Hands,’ Palestinian Rights Committee Hears, as It Adopts Draft Annual Report

30 September, 2010
GA/AB/3955Budget Committee Holds Organizational Meeting

GA/SPD/449Decolonization, Outer Space, Peacekeeping, Palestine Refugees, Information Top Agenda of Fourth Committee, Which Completes Bureau in Organizational Meeting

29 September, 2010
GA/11006‘We Must Move Forward!’ Assembly President Says, Challenging Member States to Be Brave Enough to Reject Static Positions, Make United Nations Better

28 September, 2010
GA/11005Ministers Urge Serious Steps to End Long-Standing Conflicts, Support for Peace Processes, as General Assembly’s Annual Debate Continues

27 September, 2010
GA/11004Senior Government Officials from Nations on the Front Lines of Climate Change Urge Comprehensive Action to Help with Mitigation, Adaptation Measures

25 September, 2010
DSG/SM/525-GA/11003-ENV/DEV/1164Deputy Secretary-General, at Closing of Review Meeting, Calls Challenges Facing Small Island Developing States ‘Global Issues that Affect Us All’

GA/11001World Leaders Appeal for International Solidarity, Applied through Legitimacy of United Nations, as General Assembly Continues Annual High-Level Debate

GA/11002-ENV/DEV/1163General Assembly Urges Concessionary Development Financing for Small Island Developing States, Greater Attention to Vulnerabilities

24 September, 2010
GA/10998-ENV/DEV/1161Secretary-General Pledges Continuing United Nations Commitment to Support Small Island Developing States

GA/10999With United Nations Credibility, Leadership Role in Jeopardy, World Leaders Warn Only ‘Radical Overhaul’ Can Bring Organization Fully into Twenty-First Century

SG/SM/13139-GA/11000-ENV/DEV/1162Small Island States Need Increased Financing for ‘Dramatic Changes’ Needed to Cope with Climate Change, Reach Development Goals, Says Secretary-General

23 September, 2010
GA/10996Opening General Debate, Secretary-General Says ‘Great Goals Are Within Reach’, Urges Members States to Stand United ‘Against Forces that Would Divide Us’

SG/SM/13134-GA/10997Secretary-General Says ‘Great Goals within Reach’ — Fighting Poverty, Preserving Climate, Eliminating Nuclear Weapons — if World Pulls Together through UN

22 September, 2010
GA/10992-ENV/DEV/1158Secretary-General, at High-Level Meeting, Stresses Urgent Need to Reverse Alarming Rate of Biodiversity Loss, Rescue ‘Natural Economy’

GA/10993-DEV/2825Confident that Despite Uneven Progress, Setbacks, Millennium Development Goals Can Still Be Achieved by 2015, Leaders Adopt ‘Action Agenda’ on Way Forward

SG/SM/13127-GA/10994-ENV/DEV/1160Ecosystem Services Our Natural Capital; Allowing Their Decline Is ‘Like Throwing Money Out the Window’, Secretary-General Tells High-level Biodiversity Event

SG/SM/13133-GA/10995-DEV/2833When Spotlights Are Switched Off, Says Secretary-General as Millennium Development Goals Summit Closes, World Attention Quickly Moves on; ‘We Cannot Let that Happen’

21 September, 2010
GA/10989-DEV/2818Stronger Development Partnership, Better Market Access, Improved Governance Seen as Vital for Developing Countries to Achieve Millennium Development Goals

GA/10990-ENV/DEV/1156High-level General Assembly Meeting, 22 September, to Spur Action Aimed at Stemming Further Loss of Biological Diversity

GA/10991-ENV/DEV/1157Small Island States Will Seek Fair Global Policies to Promote Growth, Resilience at General Assembly High-level Meeting, 24-25 September

20 September, 2010
GA/10987-DEV/2813‘The Clock is Ticking,’ Secretary-General Says, Urging World Leaders to Generate Resources, Political will to Achieve Millennium Development Goals by 2015

SG/SM/13114-GA/10988-DEV/2815Secretary-General, at General Assembly High-level Plenary, Underscores Need For Political Leadership in Meeting Millennium Development Goals

17 September, 2010
GA/10986General Assembly Adopts Programme of Work for Sixty-Fifth Session

GA/EF/3277Second Committee Adopts Work Programme Covering Poverty Eradication, Development, Climate Change, among Other Key Issues to Be Considered During New Session

14 September, 2010
BIO/4238-GA/10984Joseph Deiss of Switzerland President of Sixty-Fifth General Assembly

BIO/4239-GA/DIS/3404Miloš Koterec of Slovakia Chair of First Committee

BIO/4240-GA/EF/3276Ochir Enkhtsetseg of Mongolia Chair of Second Committee

BIO/4241-GA/SHC/3972Michel Tommo Monthe of Cameroon Chair of Third Committee

BIO/4242-GA/SPD/448Chitsaka Chipaziwa of Zimbabwe Chair of Fourth Committee

BIO/4243-GA/AB/3954Gert Rosenthal of Guatemala Chair of Fifth Committee

BIO/4244-GA/L/3384Isabelle Picco of Monaco Chair of Sixth Committee

GA/10983Closing Sixty-Fourth Session, General Assembly President Urges Concrete Actions to Ensure Body’s Objectives Are Met, Decisions Respected, Authority Reinforced

GA/10985Reaffirming General Assembly as Pre-eminent Forum for Global Debate, Incoming President Previews ‘Heavy Agenda’ for Sixty-Fifth Session

13 September, 2010
GA/10982General Assembly, in Consensus Actions, Adopts 3 Resolutions, 2 Decisions on Millennium Goals, Small Island States, Year of Biodiversity

SG/SM/13093-GA/10981Secretary-General Welcomes General Assembly Resolution on Kosovo Independence

9 September, 2010
GA/10978General Assembly Elects Joan E. Donoghue of United States to International Court of Justice, in Tandem with Security Council, to Serve until 5 February 2015

GA/10979General Assembly Defers Consideration of Draft Resolution Concerning Observance of International Human Rights Law in ‘Occupied Territories of Azerbaijan’

GA/10980Adopting Consensus Resolution, General Assembly Acknowledges World Court Opinion on Kosovo, Welcomes European Union Readiness to Facilitate Process of Dialogue

8 September, 2010
GA/10977With Consensus Resolution, General Assembly Reiterates Unequivocal Condemnation of Terrorism, Reaffirms Support for 2006 UN Global Counterterrorism Strategy

7 September, 2010
GA/10976General Assembly Adopts Text Recognizing Right of Return of Internally Displaced Persons throughout Georgia, Including Abkhazia and South Ossetia

31 August, 2010
GA/10974General Assembly Launches Global Plan of Action against Trafficking in Persons; Secretary-General Says Partnership Only Way to End ‘Slavery in the Modern Age’

GA/PAL/1173Bureau of Palestinian Rights Committee Welcomes Decision by Israelis, Palestinians to Resume Direct Negotiations Towards Resolving All Permanent Status Issues

SG/SM/13079-GA/10975Secretary-General Tells General Assembly Human Trafficking ‘Slavery in the Modern Age’; Can Only Be Ended by Working in Partnership through Global Plan of Action

27 August, 2010
GA/SHC/3971Michel Tommo Monthe of Cameroon Elected Chair of Third Committee for Sixty-Fifth Session of General Assembly

GA/SPD/447Fourth Committee Elects Chitsaka Chipaziwa of Zimbabwe Chair for Sixty-Fifth General Assembly Session

25 August, 2010
GA/10972General Assembly Elects Joan Clos of Spain New Executive Director of United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

SG/SM/13071-GA/10973Secretary-General Mourns Deaths of Former General Assembly Presidents Guido de Marco, Samir Shihabi; Says World Remembers ‘Tremendous Good They Did for and Among Us’

20 August, 2010
GA/10971On Debate’s Second Day, General Assembly Speakers Express Solidarity with Pakistan after Unprecedented, Devastating Floods, Urge Rapid, Generous Assistance

GA/PAL/1172Palestine’s Permanent Observer Informs Palestinian Rights Committee Quartet Has Invited Israel, Palestinians to Begin Direct Negotiations 2 September

19 August, 2010
GA/10969General Assembly Calls for Strengthened Emergency Relief to Meet Pakistan’s Urgent Needs after Massive Destruction Caused by Unprecedented, Devastating Floods

SG/SM/13065-GA/10970-IHA/1283Secretary-General tells General Assembly Pakistan’s Disaster from Devastating Floods ‘One of the Greatest Tests of Global Solidarity in Our Times’

30 July, 2010
GA/10968General Assembly Adopts Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons, Reaffirming Commitment on Protecting Victims, Prosecuting Perpetrators

28 July, 2010
GA/10967General Assembly Adopts Resolution Recognizing Access to Clean Water, Sanitation as Human Right, by Recorded Vote of 122 in Favour, None against, 41 Abstentions

16 July, 2010
GA/10965-OBV/896As General Assembly Gathers to Honour Mandela’s Life and Legacy, South African Minister Says Every Day Should Be ‘Nelson Mandela Day’

GA/10966In Three Actions, General Assembly Beefs Up Judicial Staff of Rwanda, Yugoslavia Tribunals, Seeks to Promote Understanding of ‘Human Security’ Concept

9 July, 2010
GA/10964General Assembly Adopts Landmark Resolution Calling on States to Ensure Right to Education for Affected Populations in All Phases of Emergency Situations

6 July, 2010
GA/10962Queen Elizabeth II, Addressing United Nations for First Time in 53 Years, Calls on Organization to Tackle New, Emerging Challenges

SG/SM/13000-GA/10963Deeming Queen Elizabeth II ‘Anchor for Our Age’, Secretary-General Pledges to Heed Her Call to Devote Full Strength to Charter Ideals, Realize Better World for All

2 July, 2010
DSG/SM/515-GA/10958-WOM/1804Deputy Secretary-General, at Press Conference, Welcomes Historic Move to Create ‘UN Women’, to Give Girls, Women Strong Voice on World Stage

GA/10959General Assembly Adopts Consensus Text on System-Wide Coherence, Establishing Composite Entity — UN Women — to Accelerate Gender Equality, Empowerment

GA/PAL/1171United Nations African Meeting on Question of Palestine Closes in Rabat, Morocco, Issues Call to Security Council to Act on Jerusalem

SG/SM/12990-GA/10960-WOM/1805‘The Newest Member of the UN Family Has Been Born Today,’ Secretary-General Tells General Assembly upon Decision to Set Up Composite Body, ‘UN Women’

SG/SM/12991-GA/10961-WOM/1807More than Basic Human Right, Equality is Social, Economic Imperative, Secretary-General Says in Statement on Creation of ‘UN Women’

1 July, 2010
GA/PAL/1169United Nations African Meeting on Question of Palestine Opens in Rabat, Morocco, Highlights Resolution of Status of Jerusalem as Core, Priority Issue

SG/SM/12986-GA/PAL/1170Secretary-General, In Message, Urges Parties to Seize Opportunity Presented by Israeli-Palestinian Proximity Talks, Refrain from Provocations

29 June, 2010
GA/10956General Assembly Elects China’s Xue Hanqin to Serve as Judge on International Court of Justice until February 2012

GA/10957General Assembly Adopts Decision Setting 14 December as Date for Commemoration of Decolonization Declaration’s Fiftieth Anniversary

28 June, 2010
GA/PAL/1168United Nations African Meeting on Question of Palestine to Consider Boosting African Support for Just, Lasting Solution, in Rabat, Morocco, 1–2 July

25 June, 2010
GA/COL/3213Concluding Session, Special Committee on Decolonization Approves Text Proposing Third International Decade for Eradication of Colonialism

24 June, 2010
GA/10955General Assembly Adopts Peacekeeping Budget of $7.2 Billion for Financial Year 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011

GA/COL/3212Special Committee on Decolonization Recommends General Assembly Reiterate Call for Resumption of Negotiations over Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

23 June, 2010
GA/COL/3211Special Committee on Decolonization Approves Text Reaffirming Obligations of Administering Powers to Facilitate Genuine Self-Determination

22 June, 2010
GA/10953Secretary-General Says ‘Successful Peacekeeping Is a Shared Responsibility’ as General Assembly Marks Tenth Anniversary of Brahimi Reform Report

GA/COL/3210Special Committee on Decolonization Urged to Visit Guam as Petitioners Deplore Militarization of Non-Self-Governing Territory

SG/SM/12966-GA/10954-PKO/250Thanks to Brahimi Report Reforms, UN Peacekeeping Today Continues to Serve as ‘Mission of Hope’ for People Caught in Conflict, Says Secretary-General

21 June, 2010
GA/10952Speakers Say Best Way to Mark Tenth Anniversary of Anti-Crime Convention Stronger Global Follow-Up, as Assembly Concludes High-Level Meeting

GA/COL/3209Special Committee on Decolonization Passes Text Urging General Assembly to Consider Formally Situation Concerning Puerto Rico

18 June, 2010
GA/10951General Assembly Fills Vacancies on Joint Inspection Unit, Elects Judge to In-House Dispute Tribunal

GA/AB/3953Fifth Committee Recommends Peacekeeping Budget of $7.2 Billion for Financial Year Running from July 2010 to June 2011

17 June, 2010
GA/10949Citing Explosion of Transnational Organized Crime, Secretary-General Hails United Nations Anti-Crime Convention as Blueprint to Counteract Threat

SG/SM/12963-GA/10950-SOC/CP/356Secretary-General, Addressing General Assembly Meeting on Transnational Organized Crime, Calls for Sharpening of Landmark Palermo Convention

15 June, 2010
GA/COL/3208Resuming 2010 Session, Special Committee on Decolonization Approves Requests for Hearings by Non-Self-Governing Territories, Takes Up Question of Gibraltar

11 June, 2010
DSG/SM/509-GA/10948‘Skill and Wisdom’ of New General Assembly President - Gained as Scholar, Minister Parliamentarian - Needed Across Broad UN Agenda, Says Deputy Secretary-General

GA/10947By Acclamation, General Assembly Elects Joseph Deiss of Switzerland as President of Sixty-Fifth Session

9 June, 2010
GA/10946General Assembly Holds Review of International Efforts against HIV/AIDS; Told Progress Made, but Epidemic Continues to Outpace Global Response

GA/PAL/1167Israel Faces Future ‘Catastrophic Outcome’ unless It Changes Aggressive Stance, Former Envoy Tells Palestinian Rights Committee after High Seas Raid

3 June, 2010
GA/10945General Assembly Designates 20 October as World Statistics Day, Makes Appointment to Fill Vacancy on Contributions Committee

27 May, 2010
GA/AB/3952Fifth Committee Takes Up Proposed $10.6 Million Budget for United Nations Office to African Union

GA/PAL/1166United Nations Public Forum in Support of the Palestinian People Focuses on Jerusalem as Key to Peace with Israel

26 May, 2010
GA/AB/3951Budget Committee Takes Up Commitment Authority Proposals for Next Six Months for Missions in Haiti; Central African Republic and Chad

GA/PAL/1165International Meeting on Israeli-Palestinian Peace Stresses Need to Build Consensus for Establishing Palestinian State

25 May, 2010
GA/PAL/1163International Meeting on Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process Opens in Istanbul Spotlights Path to Ending Occupation, Building Viable Palestinian State

SG/SM/12913-GA/PAL/1164Secretary-General Advises Parties against Provocations, as UN International Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process Opens

21 May, 2010
GA/10944General Assembly Concludes Human Security Debate, with Some Speakers Saying Idea Too Imprecise, while Others Describe It as Forward-Thinking, Adaptable to UN

GA/COL/3207Pacific Regional Seminar Concludes in New Caledonia with Discussion on Charting Way Forward

GA/PAL/1162United Nations International Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process to Be Held in Istanbul, Turkey, 25–26 May

20 May, 2010
GA/10942‘Our Challenges Are Shared; So, Too, Is Our Commitment to Enhance Freedom from Fear, Freedom from Want, Freedom to Live in Dignity’, Says Secretary-General

GA/COL/3206Participants in Pacific Regional Seminar Discuss Challenges, Role of United Nations in Decolonization Process

SG/SM/12901-GA/10943To Ensure Today’s Gains Are Not Lost to Tomorrow’s Crises, Actions Must Be People-Centred, Says Secretary-General, in Human Security Debate

18 May, 2010
GA/COL/3205Secretary-General, in Message to Open Pacific Regional Seminar, Calls for Creative Efforts to Complete Decolonization Process

SG/SM/12896-GA/COL/3204Secretary-General Urges ‘Fresh and Creative Efforts’ to Fully Implement Decolonization Declaration, in Message to Pacific Regional Seminar

14 May, 2010
GA/10940Secretary-General Calls for Broader Cooperation, New Push for Stability in Somalia, to Combat Resurgence of Piracy as General Assembly Meets to Examine Global Scourge

GA/COL/3203Special Committee on Decolonization Will Hold Pacific Regional Seminar 18-20 May in Noumea, New Caledonia

SG/SM/12891-GA/10941Piracy Cannot Be Solved Only at Sea or in Isolation, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly Meeting, Underlining Need to Change Strategy

13 May, 2010
GA/10939General Assembly Fills 14 Seats on Human Rights Council; Approves Funds for Higher UN Troop, Police Levels in Haiti; Sets Date for Communicable Diseases Meeting

GA/AB/3950Budget Committee Discusses UN Financial Situation; Speakers Highlight Level of Unpaid Assessments, Amount Owed to Countries Contributing Troops, Police

12 May, 2010
GA/AB/3949Fifth Committee Takes Up 2010/11 Budget Requests for Peacekeeping Support Account, Interim Force in Lebanon, African Union-United Nations Hybrid Mission in Darfur

GA/SPD/446Fourth Committee Approves Report of Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations

10 May, 2010
GA/AB/3948With Peacekeeping Budget at Some $8 Billion, Fifth Committee Speakers Call for ‘Efficient, Effective and Accountable’ Management of Operations

7 May, 2010
GA/AB/3947Budget Committee Recommends Additional $120.64 Million for UN Haiti Mission to Finance Increase in Troop, Police Levels Aimed to Support Recovery

6 May, 2010
GA/10938Second World War One of History’s ‘Most Epic Struggles for Freedom and Liberation’, Says Secretary-General, as General Assembly Marks Anniversary of Conflict’s End

4 May, 2010
GA/AB/3946Fifth Committee Takes Up Proposed Financing for Nine Peacekeeping Missions, Support for African Union in Somalia for Financial Year 2010/11

3 May, 2010
GA/AB/3945Budget Committee Opens Four-Week Resumed Session to Consider Peacekeeping Financing for 16 Missions, Proposal for Global Field Support Strategy

23 April, 2010
GA/10937World Witnessing ‘Trade of Degrees for Dollars’, Where Rich Emitters Pledge Money Instead of Change, General Assembly Hears at Close of Mother Earth Day Observance

22 April, 2010
GA/10936On International Mother Earth Day, Assembly Urges Solutions to Contemporary Environmental Challenges, Conditions for Enduring Peace, Development

21 April, 2010
GA/PAL/1161Frustration Expressed in Palestinian Rights Committee over Obstructed Diplomatic Efforts; UN Secretariat’s Launch of Facebook Page for Outreach Highlighted

19 April, 2010
GA/10934Urging Sustained Momentum in Long-Stalled Effort to Achieve Disarmament, Security, Secretary-General, in Assembly Debate, Calls for Explosive Fissile Material Ban

SG/SM/12847-GA/10935-DC/3221Secretary-General Tells General Assembly Accelerating Disarmament Liberates Funds to Combat Climate Change, Food Insecurity, Attain Development Goals

15 April, 2010
GA/10933General Assembly Pays Solemn Tribute to Polish President Killed in Plane Crash; Also Acts on Several Texts, Fills Vacancies on Two Subsidiary Bodies

31 March, 2010
GA/10932International Conference Raises Almost $10 Billion as More Than 130 Donors Contribute ‘Towards a New Future for Haiti’

30 March, 2010
GA/COL/3202Special Committee on Decolonization Approves Part of Official Delegation to Attend Pacific Regional Seminar in Nouméa, New Caledonia, 18-20 May

29 March, 2010
GA/10931General Assembly Stresses Importance of Results-Based Management, Internal Controls, as It Adopts Resolution on Accountability

26 March, 2010
GA/PAL/1160Activists Opposed to Separation Wall Speak Up During United Nations Civil Society Meeting in Support of the Palestinian People

25 March, 2010
GA/10930Modern Forms of Slavery Must End to Eliminate Legacy of Bigotry, Delegates Say, as General Assembly Commemorates Transatlantic Slave Trade Victims

GA/PAL/1158United Nations Seminar on Assistance to the Palestinian People Assesses Programme for Ending Occupation, Establishing State

GA/PAL/1159Call for Recognition of Palestine Sounded as United Nations Seminar on Assistance to the Palestinian People Concludes

24 March, 2010
GA/10929As Two-Day Dialogue Concludes, General Assembly President Says ‘Wealth of Ideas’ Put Forward Will Be Important Input for September Summit on Anti-Poverty Goals

GA/PAL/1155United Nations Seminar on Assistance to the Palestinian People Opens in Vienna with Expressions of Concern

GA/PAL/1157United Nations Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People Analyses Current State, Future of Economy

SG/SM/12805-GA/PAL/1156Gaza Closure Unacceptable, Unsustainable, Counterproductive, Secretary-General Tells United Nations Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People

23 March, 2010
GA/10927High-Level Dialogue Hears Call for Reinvigorated Development Partnerships to Reverse Impact of Global Economic Crisis

SG/SM/12803-GA/10928-DEV/2793Spare Vulnerable Countries Onerous Aid Conditions, ‘Burdensome’ External Debt, Secretary-General Urges in Remarks to Dialogue on Financing for Development

22 March, 2010
DSG/SM/496-GA/10926Deputy Secretary-General Spells out Widening Range of Risks to Global Water Resources, in Remarks to General Assembly High-Level Dialogue

GA/10925Sustainable Management of Water Resources Vital to Achieving Anti-Poverty Goals Delegates Told, As General Assembly High-Level Dialogue Marks World Water Day

GA/PAL/1154United Nations Seminar on Assistance to the Palestinian People to Be Held in Vienna 24-25 March

19 March, 2010
GA/AB/3944Secretariat Accountability, Emergency Support Team, Joint Inspection Unit, Special Political Missions among Issues Addressed, as Budget Committee Approves 6 Texts

GA/PAL/1153Bureau of Palestinian Rights Committee Gravely Concerned by Israel’s Ongoing Policy of Occupation, Settlement Expansion in East Jerusalem

GA/PK/205Special Committee on Peacekeeping Encourages Continuation, Finalization of Peacekeeping Restructuring, as It Concludes Three-Week Session

18 March, 2010
GA/COL/3201Pacific Regional Seminar to Be Held in Noumea, New Caledonia, 18-20 May, Special Committee on Decolonization Decides

16 March, 2010
GA/10922-DEV/2790‘We Must Not Fail the Billions Who Look to the International Community to Fulfil Promise of Millennium Declaration,’ Says Secretary-General in New Report

GA/10924General Assembly Urges Backing for Steps to Address Poverty Eradication in Africa, Private Sector Support, Market Access, Debt Relief, in Consensus Resolution

GA/PAL/1152Palestinian Rights Committee Considers Status of Effort to Launch Proximity Talks, Reviews Committee’s Activities, Looks Ahead to Next Week’s Seminar in Vienna

SG/SM/12789-GA/10923-DEV/2791Unmet Commitments, Inadequate Resources, Lack of Accountability Hampering Achievement of Millennium Development Goals, Says Secretary-General

10 March, 2010
GA/AB/3943Budget Committee Takes Up Proposal for Emergency Preparedness and Support Unit, Hears Update from Controller on Addressing High-Priority Security Threats

5 March, 2010
GA/AB/3942Budget Committee Takes Up Secretary-General’s Report on Proposed Accountability System for United Nations Secretariat

4 March, 2010
DSG/SM/492-GA/10921-DEV/2788Millenium Declaration Inspired Great Hope, but Progress on Anti-Poverty Goals Must Accelerate to Make Good on Original Promise, Says Deputy Secretary-General

2 March, 2010
DSG/SM/491-GA/10919-WOM/1779Empowerment of Women Not Just Goal in Itself, but Key to All Global Development Goals, says Deputy Secretary-General at General Assembly Commemoration

GA/10918Women’s Empowerment Key to Long-Term Development, Social Advancement for All, General Assembly Told, as It Marks Beijing Declaration’s 15th Anniversary

GA/10920General Assembly Adopts Text Proclaiming Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011-2020), Aimed at Reducing Traffic-Related Deaths, Injuries

GA/AB/3941Budget Committee Takes Up Additional Financing for Three Political Missions

1 March, 2010
GA/AB/3940Budget Committee Takes Up Report of Joint Inspection Unit, as It Begins Three-Week Resumed Session

26 February, 2010
GA/10917General Assembly Requests Secretary-General to Submit Further Report on Investigations into Violations During Gaza Conflict

25 February, 2010
GA/COL/3199Secretary-General Hails 2010 as Landmark Year for Special Committee on Decolonization in Message to Organizational Meeting

GA/PAL/1151Bureau of Palestinian Rights Committee ‘Deeply Troubled’ by Israel’s Announcement Concerning Religious Sites in Occupied Palestinian Territory

SG/SM/12675-GA/COL/3200Secretary-General, in Message, Commends Decolonization Committee for Achievements, Says ‘Creative Solutions’ Needed for Remaining 16 Non-Self-Governing Territories

23 February, 2010
GA/10916General Assembly Recognizes 21 March as International Day of Nowruz, Also Changes to 23-24 March Dialogue on Financing for Development

GA/PK/204Special Committee Members Commend Performance of United Nations Peacekeepers Faced with Complex Mandates, Lacking Key Capabilities

22 February, 2010
GA/PK/203Peacekeeping Chief Tells of Secretary-General’s ‘Ambitious Agenda’ for Post-Conflict Rebuilding, as Special Committee Opens Session

16 February, 2010
GA/PAL/1149United States, Russian Federation Delegates Urge Resumption of Talks, at International Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace

GA/PAL/1150Serious Concern Voiced at Prolonged Paralysis of Peace Process, as International Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Concludes in Malta

12 February, 2010
GA/PAL/1146Urgency of Addressing Permanent Status Issues Central to International Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace, Under Way in Malta

GA/PAL/1148Pivotal Role of Each Permanent Status Issue Assessed as Starting Point for Talks, at Malta Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace

SG/SM/12742-GA/PAL/1147Secretary-General Says ‘Daunting Challenges’ Remain in Shared Quest for Middle East Peace, in Message to Malta Meeting

8 February, 2010
GA/10915General Assembly Notes its President’s Appeal for Members States to Observe Olympic Truce, Strengthen Culture of Peace

GA/PAL/1145Urgency of Addressing Permanent Status Issues to Form Theme for International Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace, in Malta, 12-13 February

22 January, 2010
GA/10913General Assembly Expresses Solidarity, Support for Haiti after Massive Earthquake; Appeals for Speedy, Sustainable Aid for Relief, Early Recovery, Reconstruction

SG/SM/12713-GA/10914Addressing General Assembly Meeting on Haiti, Secretary-General Spells Out Priorities in Responding to Disaster as Its Scale Becomes Clear

21 January, 2010
GA/PAL/1143Secretary-General, Addressing Palestinian Rights Committee, Calls for Greater Engagement by Quartet Mediators in Continuing Quest for Two-State Solution

SG/SM/12712-GA/PAL/1144In Remarks to Palestinian Rights Committee, Secretary-General Warns Forward Movement Needed Soon on Middle East Peace Process, or ‘We Risk Sliding Backwards’

13 January, 2010
SG/SM/12701-GA/10912Secretary-General, Briefing General Assembly on Haiti Disaster, Announces Release of $10 Million in Emergency Funds to Kick-Start Response

28 December, 2009
GA/10911During Global Financial Turmoil, General Assembly Worked to Bolster Equity in Decision-Making for All Nations, Restore Faith in Multilateral System

24 December, 2009
SG/SM/12687/Rev.1-GA/10910/Rev.1Secretary-General Expresses Appreciation for Approval of 2010-2011 Budget

23 December, 2009
GA/10909General Assembly Adopts $5.16 Billion Budget for 2010-2011, Maintains Current Scale of Assessments for Regular Budget, Peacekeeping, Concluding Main Part of Session

GA/AB/3939Fifth Committee, Concluding Session, Recommends 2010-2011 Budget of $5.16 Billion, Current Assessment Scales for Regular Budget, Peacekeeping Contributions

22 December, 2009
GA/10908General Assembly Calls for Urgent Implementation of Proposals to Assist Survivors of 1994 Rwandan Genocide, including Medical Care, Skills Training, Victim Support

21 December, 2009
GA/10907General Assembly Adopts Landmark Resolutions in Bid to Promote Recovery from Global Economic Crisis, Tackle Challenges to Long-Term Growth

18 December, 2009
GA/10905General Assembly Adopts 56 Resolutions, 9 Decisions Recommended by Third Committee on Broad Range of Human Rights, Social, Cultural Issues

GA/10906General Assembly Proclaims 2010 International Year of Youth, to Encourage Dialogue, Understanding across Generations

GA/AB/3938Budget Committee Approves Texts Addressing Administration of Justice, Pattern of Conferences, United Nations Common System

17 December, 2009
GA/AB/3937Budget Committee Takes Up Proposed $600 Million in Financing for 27 Special Political Missions in 2010

16 December, 2009
GA/10904Criminal Accountability of UN Officials, Terrorism Convention, UN Internal Justice Among Issues, as General Assembly Adopts 17 Texts Recommended by Legal Committee

15 December, 2009
GA/PAL/1142Israel’s Violations Risk Undermining International Legal System, Warns Statement Adopted by Bureau of Palestinian Rights Committee

14 December, 2009
GA/L/3383Legal Committee Approves Draft Resolution Recommending Observer Status for Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean

11 December, 2009
GA/10903General Assembly Reaffirms Strong Support for Kimberley Process Certification Scheme Aimed at Ensuring Diamonds ‘Conflict Free’

GA/EF/3275Second Committee Approves Text Expressing Deep Concern over Impact of Global Economic Crisis on International Trade

10 December, 2009
GA/10901General Assembly President Says Human Rights Fundamental ‘Pillar’ of United Nations, at Meeting to Mark End of International Year of Human Rights Learning

GA/10902General Assembly Adopts 28 Draft Texts on Fourth Committee’s Recommendation

GA/AB/3936Budget Committee Takes Up Proposed 2010-2011 Financing for International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda, Former Yugoslavia

9 December, 2009
GA/EF/3274Second Committee Approves Text Urging Elimination of Unilateral Economic, Political Coercion against Developing Countries

GA/L/3382Legal Committee Debates Texts on Observer Status for Council of Presidents of the General Assembly, Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean

7 December, 2009
GA/10900General Assembly, Stressing Seriousness of Climate Change, Urges Member States to Approach Copenhagen Conference with ‘Ambition, Optimism and Determination’

GA/AB/3934Budget Committee Takes up Construction Projects at Economic Commission for Africa, United Nations Office in Nairobi

SG/SM/12658-GA/AB/3935Secretary-General Spells Out Priorities for 2010-2011 Biennium in Remarks to Administrative and Budgetary Committee

4 December, 2009
GA/10899General Assembly Adopts Two Wide-Ranging Resolutions Aimed at Strengthening World’s Legal Regime for Oceans; Protecting Fisheries, Marine Ecosystems

GA/EF/3273Second Committee Forwards 11 Drafts to General Assembly, on New Global Economic Order, Agricultural Technology for Development, Climate Change, among Others

3 December, 2009
GA/AB/3933Budget Committee Decision Recommends New Staff Rules Remain Provisional, Pending Further Consideration at Next Session

2 December, 2009
GA/10896Following Two-Day Debate, General Assembly Adopts Six Draft Resolutions on Question of Palestine, Middle East

GA/10897-PAL/2127United Nations Relief Agency for Palestine Refugees Holds Pledging Conference Amid Serious Concerns over Funding Shortfalls Threatening to Cripple Field Operations

GA/10898On Recommendation of First Committee, General Assembly Adopts 54 Texts, Sets Aside Four Weeks in 2012 to Hammer Out Legally Binding Arms Trade Treaty

1 December, 2009
GA/10895General Assembly Concludes Debates on Question of Palestine, Situation in Middle East, Deferring Action on Resolutions until Wednesday

GA/EF/3272General Assembly Will Accept Turkey’s Offer to Host Fourth United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries in 2011, by Second Committee Text

30 November, 2009
GA/10894Nearly Year after Israel’s Gaza Military Offensive, Sustained Focus Needed to Revive Stagnant Peace Talks, Create Conditions for Broader Peace, General Assembly Told

GA/PAL/1140Secretary-General, on Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People, Expresses Deep Concern in Committee at Year-Long Suspension of Talks on Two-State Solution

SG/SM/12636-GA/PAL/1141-OBV/837Those Who Undermine Peace by Violence or Changing Facts on Ground Must Not Set Agenda, Secretary-General Tells Palestinian Meeting

25 November, 2009
GA/EF/3271Second Committee Approves Texts on Sustainable Mountain Development, Landlocked Developing Countries, Cyber Security

24 November, 2009
GA/AB/3932Fifth Committee Approves Liquidation Budget for Terminated Georgia Mission, Takes Up Financing for Proposed Enterprise Resource Planning System

GA/PAL/1139-OBV/834Committee to Hold Special Meeting on 30 November to Observe International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People

GA/SHC/3970Girl Child, Eliminating Racism, Protecting Human Rights while Countering Terrorism among Issues, as Third Committee Approves Five More Texts, Concludes Session

23 November, 2009
GA/SHC/3969Third Committee Decision Welcomes Outcome of Durban Review Conference, One of Six Texts Recommended to General Assembly for Adoption

20 November, 2009
GA/10893Applauding Peacebuilding Commission’s Early Successes, Speakers in Assembly Stress Fine-Tuning Still Needed to Enhance Results on Ground in Post-Conflict Countries

GA/SHC/3968Acting on 20th Anniversary of Child Rights Convention, Third Committee Approves Annual Resolution on Rights of the Child by Consensus

SG/SM/12617-GA/10892-ENV/DEV/1092More Ambitious Agreement in Copenhagen Can More Quickly Be Codified in Treaty, Says Secretary-General to General Assembly Informal Meeting

19 November, 2009
GA/10889Member States Consider Ways to Energize, Fully Engage Powers of General Assembly, Pledge to Restore Institutional Balance with Other United Nations Bodies

GA/10890Dismissing Reports That Copenhagen Climate Talks Will Come up Short, Secretary-General Says Stage Will Be Set for Binding Treaty ‘As Soon as Possible in 2010’

GA/EF/3270Second Committee, in Consensus Actions, Approves Texts on South-South Cooperation, Postponement of High-level Financing for Development Dialogue

GA/SHC/3967General Assembly Will Adopt Declaration, Strategy to Counter World Drug Problem under Terms of Draft Resolution Approved by Third Committee

GA/SPD/445Concluding Its Work for Session, Fourth Committee Approves 11 More Drafts, Bringing to 28 Total Number of Texts Forwarded to General Assembly

SG/SM/12616-GA/10891-ENV/DEV/1091In Copenhagen, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly Meeting, Solid Foundation Will Be Laid for Progress, Binding Treaty Reached in 2010

17 November, 2009
GA/AB/3931Budget Committee Takes Up Reports on Staff Rules for New Contractual Arrangements, Secretariat Make-up, Ethics Office, Disciplinary Matters, Continuing Contracts

GA/EF/3269Second Committee Approves Text Reiterating General Assembly’s Deep Concern at Oil Slick Arising from Israel’s Destruction of Lebanese Storage Tanks

16 November, 2009
GA/10888General Assembly Considers Draft Text on Return, Restitution of Cultural Property

13 November, 2009
GA/10887Convinced That Expanding Size of Security Council is an Absolute Necessity Member States Discuss Ways to Carry Out ‘Delicate Engineering Project’

12 November, 2009
GA/10886As General Assembly Opens Annual Debate on Security Council Reform, Delegations Pledge to Keep Pushing for Equitable Solution to End Years-Long Deadlock

GA/EF/3268Second Committee Approves Text Demanding That Israel Stop Exploiting, Depleting, Endangering Natural Resources in Occupied Arab Lands

GA/L/3381Legal Committee, Ending Work for Session, Seeks Continued Efforts by United States to Safeguard Interests of Diplomatic Personnel

GA/SHC/3966Third Committee Approves Resolution Aimed at ‘Combating Defamation of Religions’, One of 16 Draft Texts Recommended to General Assembly

10 November, 2009
GA/10885General Assembly Declares 18 July ‘Nelson Mandela International Day’

GA/AB/3930Budget Committee Is Told of Progress in Construction Phase of Capital Master Plan for Renovation of United Nations Headquarters Complex

GA/EF/3267Ten Draft Resolutions on Sustainable Development among 14 Submitted for Consideration, Action by Second Committee

GA/PAL/1138Palestinian Rights Committee Approves Four Draft Resolutions on Question of Palestine for Adoption by General Assembly

GA/SHC/3965Saying Torture Can ‘Never Be Justified,’ Third Committee Approves Text Condemning Any Attempt to Legalize, Authorize, Including on National Security Grounds

GA/SPD/444International Community Not Lacking Standards in Middle East, but Effort to Implement Them, Fourth Committee Told in Debate on Israeli Practices

9 November, 2009
GA/10884In Consensus Resolution, General Assembly Welcomes August Elections in Afghanistan as First Poll Run Entirely Under Auspices of Afghan Authorities

GA/SPD/443‘Not For a Single Moment’ Has Israel Ceased Illegal Settlement Activities, Fourth Committee Told, Opening Discussion of Israeli Practices in Occupied Territories

6 November, 2009
GA/AB/3929Budget Committee Recommends Appointments to Subsidiary Bodies

GA/EF/3266Conflicts over Water Have Potential to Be Catalyst for Peace, Cooperation, Specialist Tells Second Committee Panel Discussion

5 November, 2009
GA/10883By Recorded Vote, General Assembly Urges Israel, Palestinians to Conduct Credible, Independent Investigations into Alleged War Crimes in Gaza

GA/AB/3928Committee for Programme and Coordination Reaffirmed as Main Subsidiary Organ for Planning, Coordination in Text Approved by Budget Committee

GA/EF/3265Participation by All Stakeholders Crucial to Meeting Millennium Goals, Second Committee Told during Discussion on Global Partnerships

4 November, 2009
GA/10882‘Leave All Politics and Selectivity at the Door and Take up the Cause of Justice,’ Urges General Assembly President, as Body Takes Up Report on Gaza Conflict

GA/EF/3264Second Committee Told That 35 Million New Homes Must Be Built Annually over Next Quarter Century To Accommodate Soaring Urban Populations

GA/L/3380Legal Committee Is Told Law of Sea Tribunal, with Likely Greater Need for Maritime Adjudications, Raising Visibility

3 November, 2009
GA/10881General Assembly Fills Vacancies on Subsidiary Bodies

GA/EF/3263Some 400 Million People Could Join Ranks of Slum Dwellers by 2020 Unless Urgent Action Is Taken to Reverse Trend, UN–Habitat Tells Second Committee

GA/L/3379Legal Committee Is Told ‘Extradite or Prosecute’ Obligation Is Key Issue in Campaign against Impunity for Crimes

GA/SHC/3964Five ‘Mega-Trends” -- including Population Growth, Urbanization, Climate Change -- Make Contemporary Displacement Increasingly Complex, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/442Success of UN Relief Agency for Palestine Refugees Also Sign of Collective Failure to Resolve Political Question That Led to Refugee Crisis, Fourth Committee Hears

2 November, 2009
GA/10880‘We Must Let Diplomacy and Thorough Verification Take Their Course’, No Matter How Lengthy, Tiresome Process Might Be, International Atomic Energy Chief Says

GA/DIS/3403Reframing Disarmament Debate in First Committee, Strengthening Multilateralism Advanced Momentum, Led to Approval of 54 Drafts, Chair Says as Session Closes

GA/EF/3262Acceptance of Lesser Climate Deal Will Threaten Existence of Small Islands, Second Committee Told, As It Begins Sustainable Development Debate

GA/L/3378Legal Committee Begins Work on Issues of Extradition, Durability of Treaties, ‘Most Favoured-Nation’ Trading Policies

GA/SHC/3963Third Committee Speakers Say Durban Review Conference Start of New Era in Fight against Racial Discrimination

GA/SPD/441Funding Shortfall for United Nations Palestine Refugee Agency Risks Suspension of Essential Services before End of Year, Agency Head Tells Fourth Committee

30 October, 2009
GA/10879General Assembly Considers Annual Report of Human Rights Council

GA/AB/3927Fifth Committee Speakers Say ‘Catchword’ of Zero Growth for UN Budget Having Negative Impact on Programmes, Mandates, as Two-Day Discussion Concludes

GA/DIS/3402Sending Six Drafts to General Assembly, First Committee Calls for International Day for World Free of Nuclear Weapons, Conference on Arms Trade Treaty in 2012

GA/EF/3260New Governance Regime under Way, Experts Say as Second Committee Holds Panel Discussion on Revitalizing Global Financial System

GA/EF/3261Working Out Differences at Doha Talks Would Be in Best Interest of All Countries, Pakistan Says, as Second Committee Concludes Debate on Trade, Development

GA/L/3377Legal Committee Is Told Judges from Different Fields Reach Common Understanding on Increasingly Complex Global Issues

GA/SPD/440Fourth Committee Sends Draft on Assistance in Mine Action to General Assembly, Aimed at Reducing Risks Posed by Landmines, Explosive Remnants of War

29 October, 2009
GA/10878Presidents of International Criminal Court, International Court of Justice, Present Annual Reports to General Assembly

GA/AB/3925Secretary-General Introduces $4.89 Billion 2010-2011 Budget to Fifth Committee, Says Will Work with Member States ‘in Full Partnership’ on Final Document

GA/DIS/3401First Committee Advances Bold, Sweeping Plans to Reduce Nuclear Weapons Arsenals, Build Confidence, Boost Transparency, Submitting Nine Texts to General Assembly

GA/EF/3259International Community Must Fight Protectionism to Ease Effects of Global Financial Crisis, General Assembly’s Economic Committee Is Told

GA/SHC/3962Third Committee Approves Resolution Calling for ‘Intensified Efforts’ by All UN Bodies to Eliminate Violence against Women

GA/SPD/439Efforts Bearing Fruit to End Landmine Scourge, as 41 Million in Stockpiles Destroyed Since 2008, Assistant Secretary-General Tells Fourth Committee

SG/SM/12576-GA/AB/3926Secretary-General Presents United Nations 2010-2011 Budget to Fifth Committee

28 October, 2009
GA/10877General Assembly, for Eighteenth Consecutive Year, Overwhelmingly Calls for End to United States Economic, Trade Embargo against Cuba

GA/AB/3924Budget Committee Takes Up United Nations Procurement, with Top Official Describing Spike in Volume during Surge in Peacekeeping

GA/DIS/3400Disarmament Committee Sends 25 Texts to General Assembly, Seeking to Avert Outer Space Arms Race, Unilateral Actions, Unverified Non-Compliance Accusations

GA/EF/3258Information, Communications Technologies Have Tremendous Potential to Promote Development, Bring Countries out of Poverty, Economic Committee Told

GA/L/3376Legal Committee Reviews Right of Parties to Express Reservations on Treaty Provisions, or Make ‘Interpretative Declarations’

GA/SHC/3961Speakers in Third Committee Draw Links between Fight to Secure Human Rights, Fight against Poverty, as Three-Day Discussion Concludes

GA/SPD/438Choice Is Clear: Stall Urgent Peacekeeping Reforms or ‘Bite the Bullet’ for Sake of Peacekeepers Who Sacrifice under United Nations Flag, Fourth Committee Told

27 October, 2009
GA/10876Amid Major Global Financial Contraction, Economic and Social Council Opening ‘New Vistas’ to Strengthen United Nations Coordinated Response to Crises

GA/DIS/3399Gravely Concerned at Danger of Possible Nuclear Weapons Use, First Committee Draft Resolution Calls on States to Prevent Proliferation, Promote Nuclear Disarmament

GA/EF/3256Economic Committee Holds Dialogue with Senior Officials from United Nations Regional Commissions on ‘Economic Impacts of Climate Change’

GA/EF/3257Assembly’s Economic Committee Is Told of Harsh Conditions Persisting in Occupied Territories because of Israeli Actions

GA/L/3375International Law Commission Is Asked to Continue Review of Working Methods, Seek Topics Closer to Present-Day Concerns

GA/SHC/3960UN Expert Tells Third Committee No State Free from Human Rights Violations, Accountability System Must Be Effective in as Many States as Possible

GA/SPD/437As United Nations Strives to Keep Pace with Peacekeeping Demands, Fourth Committee Speakers Say Blue Helmets Need Clear Guidance for Protection of Civilians Mandates

26 October, 2009
GA/10875General Assembly Elects 18 Members to Economic and Social Council

GA/EF/3255With Copenhagen Conference Pending, Assembly’s Economic Committee Is Told ‘No Conflict’ Between Prosperity and Ambitious Climate Policies

GA/L/3374Responsibility of International Organizations Is Focus of Legal Committee at Start of Annual Review of Law Commission Activities

GA/SHC/3959Political Affairs Head Says UN Efforts to Assist Elections in ‘High Demand’ as Third Committee’s Debate on Promotion of Human Rights Continues

GA/SPD/436Logistical Support, Force Protection, ‘Clear, Structured and Sustainable Mandates’ Backed by Whole Security Council Required for Peacekeeping, Fourth Committee Told

23 October, 2009
GA/AB/3923Budget Committee Approves Text on Board of Auditor’s Report concerning Refugee Office, Continues Debate on United Nations Financial Situation

GA/DIS/3398Barriers Blocking Disarmament Negotiations Beginning to Yield, First Committee Told, Examining Strength of Disarmament Machinery Following Years of Paralysis

GA/EF/3254Economic Committee Is Told Strategy Urgently Needed to Meet Worsening Global Food Crisis; Aid, Trade Adjustments Among Proposals Offered

GA/L/3373Legal Committee Recommends Three Groups for Assembly Observer Status Some Delegates Suggest Procedure for Such Action May Need Adjustment

GA/SHC/3958Third Committee Hears Presentations from Six UN Human Rights Experts, As Debate on Promotion, Protection of Human Rights Continues

GA/SPD/435It May Not Generate Headlines, but United Nations Peacekeeping Succeeds Quietly, Every Day Mitigating Harm to Thousands of Civilians, Fourth Committee Told

22 October, 2009
GA/DIS/3397Robust Regional Action, Combined with Strict Compliance with Arms Control Accords, Contains Arms Races, First Committee Told during Debate on Regional Disarmament

GA/EF/3253Despite Observance of Anti-Poverty Day, Huge Populations Still Afflicted by Hunger and Extreme Deprivation, Economic Committee Is Reminded

GA/SHC/3957Third Committee Approves Texts on Crime Congress, Cooperatives, Year of Family, Women’s Anti-Discrimination Convention, African Crime Institute, Ageing

GA/SPD/434Space Technologies of Infinite Value, but Carry Double-Edged Potential for Good or Evil, Fourth Committee Hears, Warned of Possible Militarization of Space

21 October, 2009
GA/10874Speakers Call for Scaled-Up Resources to Help Meet 2010 Goal on Malaria Control, as General Assembly Concludes Debate on Africa’s Development Needs

GA/DIS/3396Time for General Discussion on Arms Trade Treaty Is Over, First Committee Hears, Seeking in One of Five Drafts to Prevent Diversion of Weapons to Illicit Market

GA/EF/3252Economic Committee Is Told ‘Illicit Financial Flows’ Major Obstacle to Development, Reportedly Far Exceeding Official Assistance

GA/L/3372Legal Committee Is Told ‘Principle of Universal Jurisdiction’ Needs to Be Defined, to Avoid Possible Abuses, Politicization

GA/SHC/3956Ordinary People Throughout World Want Human Rights of Universal Declaration ‘Translated into Reality’, UN High Commissioner Tells Third Committee

GA/SPD/433Debating Outer Space Cooperation, Fourth Committee Hears Growing Number of Actors in Outer Space Could Risk Security of Space Assets, Limit Scope of Peaceful Uses

20 October, 2009
GA/10873Assembly President Calls for Creating Environment Conducive for Africa’s Long-term Socio-economic Development, ‘With a Sense of Urgency Backed by Concrete Actions’

GA/AB/3922Budget Committee Takes Up Report of International Civil Service Commission; End-of-Service Severance, Changes to Retirement Age among Issues

GA/DIS/3395Divergent Paths Emerge as First Committee Debates Issues of Cluster Munitions, Transparency of Weapons Sales, Viability of International Arms Trade Treaty

GA/EF/3251Economic Committee Is Told Industrial Countries Must Step Up Aid to World’s Poorest, Suffering Most from Global Financial Crisis

GA/L/3371Legal Committee Delegates See Principle of Universal Law as Safeguard against Impunity for Major Crimes; Some Caution on Risk of Abuse

GA/SHC/3955Convention against Torture ‘Next Generation Treaty’ That Places Value on Prevention over Cure, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/432Fourth Committee, Taking Up Outer Space Item, Hears Space Technology Could Combat, Even Forecast, Spread of Disease, Ensuring Health of Current, Future Generations

19 October, 2009
GA/10872General Assembly Calls upon All Member States to Uphold Olympic Truce during Vancouver Winter Games, Cooperate in Efforts to Use Sport as Tool for Peace

GA/DIS/3394First Committee Wraps Up Debate on Disarmament Aspects of Outer Space, Opens Discussion on Conventional Weapons, Hearing Introduction of Six Draft Texts

GA/EF/3250With ‘Tough Decisions Ahead’ on Tackling Impacts of Climate Change, United Nations Official Urges Political Leadership, Investment in Disaster Risk Reduction

GA/L/3370Legal Committee Hears Concerns over Unintended Results of Security Council Sanctions; Need to Protect Civilians, ‘Third Countries’ Stressed

GA/SHC/3954Implementing Declaration on Indigenous Rights Will Bring ‘Historical Justice’, Develop Stronger, Democratic, Multicultural Societies, Third Committee Told

16 October, 2009
GA/AB/3921Under-Secretary-General for Management Presents ‘Mixed Picture’ of United Nations Financial Situation, in Briefing to Budget Committee

GA/DIS/3393Chemical Weapons Ban Took a Century to Enact, But ‘Living Example’ of Success in Field, First Committee Told, Taking Up Weapons of Mass Destruction Debate

GA/EF/3249Economic Committee Is Told of Despair in Some Developing Countries as Poor People Grapple with Debt Problems, Legal Complications

GA/SHC/3953Credibility of States ‘Rested in Their Work for Future Generations’; Children Must Be Protected, Nurtured, Encouraged to Participate, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/431Fourth Committee Delegates Urge More Funding for Scientific Committee to Enable It to Assess Emerging Risks of Atomic Radiation on Human Health, Environment

15 October, 2009
GA/10871General Assembly Elects Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Gabon, Lebanon, Nigeria to Two-Year Terms on Security Council

GA/DIS/3392First Committee Hears Introduction of Five Drafts, Detailed Accounts by Russian Federation, United States of Reductions in Nuclear Warheads, Ballistic Missiles

GA/EF/3248Developing Countries, Hardest Hit by Global Financial Crisis, Urgently Need Pledged Assistance, Assembly’s Economic Committee Is Told

GA/L/3369Legal Committee, by Decision without Vote, Recommends International Olympic Committee for General Assembly Observer Status

GA/SHC/3952Third Committee Approves Texts on Commemoration of 15th Anniversary of Beijing Declaration, Technical Assistance for Implementing Terrorism Conventions

GA/SPD/430Fourth Committee, Reaffirming United Nations as Indispensable Foundation of Peaceful, Just World, Says Voice Must Be Heard Clearly, Effectively

14 October, 2009
DSG/SM/475-GA/L/3368Deputy Secretary-General, in Remarks to Assembly’s Legal Committee, Reviews Ongoing United Nations Activity in Field of ‘Rule of Law’

GA/DIS/3391Proposal for International Day to Rid World of Nuclear Weapons Submitted in First Committee, with Traditional Text on Nuclear-Weapon-Free Southern Hemisphere

GA/EF/3247Speakers Say Funding for UN Development Activities Inadequate, Too Unpredictable, as Economic Committee Takes up Operational Activities for Development

GA/L/3367Progress in Adherence to ‘Rule of Law’ Standards Reported to Assembly’s Legal Committee, but Inadequacies Are Noted in Some Areas

GA/SHC/3951Urgent Action Needed by World Community to Stamp Out Violence against Children, Newly Appointed Special Representative Tells Third Committee

GA/SPD/429UN Information Centres Central to Quest to Familiarize World with United Nations, Fourth Committee Hears, Also Approving Two Final Texts on Decolonization

13 October, 2009
GA/10870Speakers in Assembly Urge Support for Maternal Health, Reproductive Services, Backing Goals of 1994 International Conference on Population and Development

GA/AB/3920Budget Committee Takes up Reports concerning Office for Partnerships, Committee for Programme and Coordination

GA/DIS/3390Efforts to Stem Spread of Violence, Armed Conflict Finds Diverse Allies, Boosting Chances of Achieving Disarmament Goals, Disarmament Chief Tells First Committee

GA/EF/3245Countries Must Step Up Efforts to Address Essential, but Unresolved Issues in Advance of Climate Change Conference, Experts Tell Second Committee

GA/EF/3246Economic Committee Is Told Special Needs of African Countries in Ongoing Global Financial Crisis Call for Range of Remedies

GA/L/3366Need for Accountability Stressed as Legal Committee Considers Issue of Criminal Conduct by UN Personnel on Mission

GA/SHC/3950Efforts to Empower Women, Initiatives to Promote Sustainable Economic Growth Mutually Reinforcing, Say Third Committee Speakers

GA/SPD/428United Nations Future Depends on Joint Vision, Shared Responsibilities; Public Information Department Stands Ready to Contribute, Says Communications Chief

12 October, 2009
GA/10869Secretary-General Urges Renewed Commitment to Gender Equality, Reproductive Health Rights, Marking 15th Anniversary of Cairo Population and Development Conference

GA/DIS/3389New Brand of Nuclear Arms Race, Ballooning Defence Budgets, Still-Full Nuclear Arsenals Challenge Renewal of Non-Proliferation Regime, First Committee Hears

GA/EF/3243World Must Act Now to Achieve Anti-Poverty Goals by Honouring Fiscal Commitments, Standing by Pledges to Fund Implementation of Targets, Second Committee Told

GA/EF/3244Measures to Ease Plight of Developing Countries in Ongoing Global Financial Crisis Discussed in Assembly’s Economic Committee

GA/L/3365Agreement on Cross-Border Insolvency Issue Applauded in Legal Committee as Key Achievement of United Nations Commission on International Trade Law

GA/SHC/3949Third Committee Delegates Encourage Speedy Implementation of Proposal for New, Composite United Nations Body to Oversee Gender Equality, Women’s Empowerment

GA/SPD/427Fourth Committee, Recommending 10 Texts to General Assembly, Calls on Governments to End Enterprises in Non-Self-Governing Territories Detrimental to Inhabitants

9 October, 2009
GA/DIS/3388New Winds Blowing through the Halls of Disarmament, but Real Menace -– Small Arms, Light Weapons -- Destabilizing Societies Everywhere, First Committee Told

GA/EF/3242Food Production Must Double by 2050 to Meet Demand from World’s Growing Population, Innovative Strategies Needed to Combat Hunger, Experts Tell Second Committee

GA/L/3364Ending Debate on Measures against Terrorism, Legal Committee is Told Aim Should Be to Combat Global Scourge, ‘Not to Attack a People’

GA/SPD/426Decolonization Was United Nations ‘Success Story,’ but Renewed Momentum Was Needed on Behalf of 16 Remaining Non-Self-Governing Territories, Fourth Committee Told

8 October, 2009
GA/10868Presidents of Tribunals for Rwanda, Former Yugoslavia, Nearing Completion Dates, Appeal for Cooperation on Arrest of Fugitives, Compensation for Dedicated Staff

GA/DIS/3387Exploiting Renewed Focus on Nuclear Disarmament Requires Political Will, Reversal of Past Policies, Understanding New Dynamics Among Nations, First Committee Told

GA/SHC/3948Successful Fight against Drug Trafficking, Transnational Organized Crime Requires Interlocking National, Regional, International Strategies, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/425Fourth Committee Hears Over 30 Petitioners on Question of Western Sahara

7 October, 2009
GA/AB/3919Budget Committee Takes Up Reports of Three Oversight Bodies – Board of Auditors, Office of Internal Oversight, Independent Audit Advisory Committee

GA/DIS/3386For First Time in Years, Notion of Nuclear-Weapon-Free World Supported by Leaders of All Major Industrialized Countries, Disarmament Committee Hears in Debate

GA/EF/3241Member States Urged to Step Up Efforts to Stop Global Warming, Seal Comprehensive Deal on Mitigation, Adaptation, as Second Committee Concludes General Debate

GA/L/3363General Assembly’s Legal Committee Hears More Calls for Strong Responses to Terrorism, While Taking Account of Sources of Grievance

GA/SHC/3947‘Sinister Nexus’ of Drugs, Crime, Terrorism Must Be Countered by Promoting Health, Justice, Security, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/424Hearing Petitioners on Questions of Gibraltar, Guam, Western Sahara, Fourth Committee Continues Decolonization Debate

6 October, 2009
GA/10867Taking Up Secretary-General’s Report on Work of Organization, Member States Back Call for Renewed Multilateralism, Say Tackling Crises Requires ‘Unity of Purpose’

GA/AB/3918Fifth Committee Takes up Scale of Assessments for Determining Member State Contributions to 2010-2012 Peacekeeping Budget

GA/DIS/3385One Nuclear Weapon Exploded in One Major City Could Kill Hundreds of Thousands; No Single Nation Could Halt Spread Alone, United States Tells First Committee

GA/EF/3240Global Food Crisis ‘A Wake-Up Call’ For Revitalization Of Agricultural Production, Second Committee Told As It Continues General Debate

GA/L/3362General Assembly Legal Committee Hears Calls for Renewed Efforts to Complete Comprehensive Convention against Terrorism

GA/SHC/3946Strengthening Well-Being of Youth Not Just a Question of Rights; Should Be Key Strategy in Bolstering Vitality of Global Village, Third Committee Told

GA/SPD/423Fourth Committee Hears from Petitioners on Questions of New Caledonia, United States Virgin Islands, Western Sahara, as Decolonization Debate Continues

5 October, 2009
DSG/SM/473-GA/EF/3239Deputy Secretary-General, in Remarks to Second Committee, Outlines United Nations Coordinated Responses to Address Climate Change, Food Insecurity, Other Crises

GA/AB/3917Budget Committee Takes Up Scale for Assessing Member States Dues for 2010-2013, with Speakers Stressing Importance of ‘Capacity to Pay’ Principle

GA/DIS/3384Disarmament Remains ‘Burning Problem of Our Time’, But Today’s World Capable of Solving Problem, Disarmament Chief Tells First Committee as Debate Opens

GA/EF/3238Deputy Secretary-General Spells Out Organization’s Joint Initiatives in Response to Multiple Crises, as Second Committee Begins Sixty-fourth Session

GA/L/3361General Assembly’s Legal Committee Reviews New, Comprehensive System for Administration of Justice at United Nations

GA/PAL/1136Palestinian Rights Committee Adopts Annual Report, Noting Concern at Israeli Settlement Activity, Other Issues

GA/PAL/1137Bureau of Palestinian Rights Committee Says Situation in Occupied East Jerusalem ‘Deeply Disturbing’

GA/SHC/3945World Economic Crisis Could Have ‘Unparalleled Negative Consequences’ on Human Development, Third Committee Told, as Debate Begins for Current Session

GA/SPD/422Remaining 16 Non-Self-Governing Territories on United Nations List Are ‘16 Too Many’, Fourth Committee Told, As It Takes Up Cluster of Decolonization Issues

1 October, 2009
GA/AB/3916Budget Committee Holds Organizational Session

GA/DIS/3383Disarmament Committee Prepares for Start of General Debate on Monday, 5 October, with Adoption of Agenda, Work Programme, in Brief Organizational Meeting

GA/SPD/421Approving Work Programme, Fourth Committee Agrees to Consider Decolonization, University of Peace, Outer Space, Atomic Radiation Items

29 September, 2009
GA/10866Decrying Economic System, Which Promotes ‘Hoarding of Wealth by the Few,’ Speakers from Developing Countries Demand More Input into Global Decision-Making

28 September, 2009
GA/10865Demanding Reforms, Speakers Say Outdated United Nations Structure Leaves Organization Ill-Equipped to Address Twenty-first Century Realities

26 September, 2009
GA/10864Small Island States Warn Ecosystems Already Threatened by Climate Change Effects, Urge Drastic Reduction in Greenhouse Gases, as Assembly Continues Debate

25 September, 2009
GA/10863Leaders from Developing World Vow to Win Struggle to Ensure Democracy, Peace, Development with Help of United Nations, as Assembly Debate Continues

24 September, 2009
GA/10862Inclusive Multilateralism, Fully Democratic United Nations Needed to Combat Poverty, Terrorism, Other Threats, Speakers Tell Assembly General Debate

23 September, 2009
GA/10860With Crises in Food, Energy, Recession Hitting All at Once, ‘the World Looks to Us for Answers’, Secretary-General Says, Opening General Debate

SG/SM/12475-GA/10861Secretary-General Cites Climate Change, Disarmament, World Poverty among Top Priorities for Action as He Presents Report to General Assembly

18 September, 2009
GA/10859General Assembly Adopts Work Programme for Sixty-Fourth Session

17 September, 2009
GA/EF/3237Poverty Eradication, Climate Change, International Financial System among Key Agenda Items as Second Committee Approves Organization of Work

GA/PAL/1135Palestinian Rights Committee Discusses Developments in Occupied Territory, Political Process, Report of United Nations Fact Finding Mission on Gaza

15 September, 2009
BIO/4124-GA/10858Ali Abdussalam Treki of Libya President of Sixty-Fourth General Assembly

BIO/4125-GA/DIS/3382José Luis Cancela of Uruguay Chair of First Committee

BIO/4126-GA/EF/3236Park In-kook of Republic of Korea Elected Chair of Second Committee

BIO/4127-GA/SHC/3944Normans Penke of Lativia Chair of Third Committee

BIO/4128-GA/SPD/420Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser of Qatar Chair of Fourth Committee

BIO/4129-GA/AB/3915Peter Maurer of Switzerland Chair of Fifth Committee

BIO/4130-GA/L/3360Mourad Benmehidi of Algeria Chair of Sixth Committee

GA/10857General Assembly President Says Dialogue through United Nations, Revitalized Assembly, ‘Is the Way to a Better Future’, as Sixty-Fourth Session Opens

SG/SM/12454-GA/10856Secretary-General Welcomes General Assembly Resolution on System-Wide Coherence, Particularly Proposal for Stronger ‘Composite Entity’ to Promote Women’s Rights

14 September, 2009
GA/10854General Assembly President Says United Nations Must Be Urgently ‘Reinvented', As Time for Reform Has Passed, in Closing Statement to 63rd Session

SG/SM/12452-GA/10855Secretary-General Welcomes Adoption of Text on Responsibility to Protect

9 September, 2009
GA/10853General Assembly Adopts Text Recognizing Right of Return of Internally Displaced Persons throughout Georgia, Including Abkhazia and South Ossetia

11 August, 2009
GA/10852General Assembly Reschedules 60th Anniversary Commemoration of Palestine Refugee Agency, Adds to Agenda Requests from Tribunals for Former Yugoslavia, Rwanda

31 July, 2009
GA/10851General Assembly to Establish Working Group to Follow Up Matters Discussed During Conference on Impact of World Financial and Economic Crisis

28 July, 2009
GA/10850Delegates Weigh Legal Merits of Responsibility to Protect Concept as General Assembly Concludes Debate

24 July, 2009
GA/10849More Than 40 Delegates Express Strong Scepticism, Full Support as General Assembly Continues Debate on Responsibility to Protect

23 July, 2009
GA/10847Delegates Seek to End Global Paralysis in Face of Atrocities as General Assembly Holds Interactive Dialogue on Responsibility to Protect

GA/10848General Assembly Adopts Resolution Stressing Critical Need for Regional Approach to Conflict Prevention in Africa

22 July, 2009
SG/SM/12378-GA/PAL/1134Secretary-General, in Message to International Meeting on Palestine Question, Tells of Efforts to Create Conditions for Early Conclusion of Negotiations

21 July, 2009
GA/10845Never Forget Victims of Atrocities, Urges Secretary-General as He Opens Special General Assembly Session on Implementing Responsibility to Protect

SG/SM/12374-GA/10846Upcoming Debate on Responsibility to Protect Not About History, but Character of United Nations, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly

15 July, 2009
GA/PAL/1133United Nations International Meeting on the Question of Palestine to Consider Responsibility to Uphold International Humanitarian Law, in Geneva 22-23 July

14 July, 2009
GA/DIS/3381First Committee Completes Bureau for Sixty-Fourth General Assembly Session

9 July, 2009
GA/10844General Assembly Endorses World Financial Crisis Summit Outcome, Setting in Motion Sustained Follow-Up; Will Assess Millennium Summit’s Progress at 2010 Meeting

6 July, 2009
GA/10843General Assembly Unanimously Confirms Supachai Panitchpakdi for Second Term as Secretary-General of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

30 June, 2009
GA/10841General Assembly Adopts Peacekeeping Budget of Nearly $7.8 Billion for Period 1 July 2009 to 20 June 2010

GA/10842General Assembly, Acting Unanimously, Condemns Coup d’État in Honduras, Demands Immediate, Unconditional Restoration of President

29 June, 2009
GA/10840General Assembly President Expresses Outrage at Coup d’État in Honduras, Says Crucial for World Community to ‘Stand as One’ in Condemnation

25 June, 2009
GA/AB/3914Fifth Committee Approves $7.8 Billion Peacekeeping Budget for Period 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2010

23 June, 2009
GA/COL/3198Special Committee on Decolonization Approves Draft Resolution on Tokelau as It Concludes 2009 Resumed Session

19 June, 2009
GA/COL/3197Special Committee on Decolonization Approves Text Reaffirming Principle of Self-Determination as Fundamental Human Right

18 June, 2009
GA/10838World Poised at Crossroads on Energy, with Directions Leading to Sustainable Future or Abyss, Says Secretary-General, as General Assembly Holds Thematic Dialogue

GA/COL/3196Special Committee on Decolonization Unanimously Approves Text Calling for Direct Negotiations over Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

SG/SM/12324-EN/245-GA/10839World at Crossroads between Abyss, More Sustainable, Prosperous Stability, Secretary-General Tells General Assembly Thematic Dialogue on Energy

17 June, 2009
GA/10836Halting Spread of HIV/AIDS Will Require Far Greater Access to Prevention Services, Treatment, Care, Support, Say Speakers as General Assembly Concludes Review

GA/10837Council of General Assembly Presidents Meets in Seoul, Republic of Korea, Discusses Climate Change, Millennium Goals, Global Financial Crisis

GA/COL/3195Special Committee Approves Texts on Implementation of Decolonization Declaration, Economic Activities Affecting Non-Self-Governing Peoples

16 June, 2009
GA/10833Secretary-General Describes Promise in Fight against HIV/AIDS, Tells Member States ‘Now Is Not the Time to Falter’, as General Assembly Meets to Assess Progress

GA/COL/3194Special Committee on Decolonization Approves Text Welcoming Developments in New Caledonia since 1998 Signing of Noumea Accord

SG/SM/12320-AFR/1862-GA/10834Omar Bongo Ondimba Was Force for Development, Stability in Central Africa, Says Secretary-General at General Assembly Tribute to Late President of Gabon

SG/SM/12321-AIDS/151-GA/10835Secretary-General, at General Assembly HIV/AIDS Review, Warns That Criminalizing Transmission Reduces Prevention Efforts while Reinforcing Stigma

15 June, 2009
GA/COL/3193Special Committee on Decolonization Approves Text Calling on United States to Expedite Self-Determination Process for Puerto Rico

10 June, 2009
GA/10831By Acclamation, General Assembly Elects Veteran Libyan Diplomat to Preside over Its Sixty-Fourth Session

GA/PAL/1132Civil Society Makes Voices Heard During United Nations Public Forum in Support of Palestinian People

SG/SM/12302-GA/10832Welcoming Back Familiar Figure, Secretary-General Congratulates President of Sixty-Fourth General Assembly on His Election

9 June, 2009
GA/COL/3192Special Committee on Decolonization Hears Petitioner from Gibraltar as Spain Opposes Its Removal from List of Non-Self-Governing Territories

GA/PAL/1130United Nations Asian and Pacific Meeting on Question of Palestine Addresses Issue of Jerusalem

GA/PAL/1131United Nations Asian and Pacific Meeting On Question of Palestine Expresses Strong Support for Two-State Solution

8 June, 2009
GA/COL/3191Special Committee on Decolonization Approves 3 Draft Resolutions during Opening Meeting of Its 2009 Resumed Session

GA/PAL/1128United Nations Asian and Pacific Meeting on Question of Palestine Opens in Jakarta, Indonesia

GA/PAL/1129United Nations Asia-Pacific Meeting on Question of Palestine Hears Expert Opinions on International Efforts to Achieve Peace

SG/SM/12294-GA/PAL/1127Secretary-General, Addressing Asia-Pacific Meeting on Question of Palestine, Voices Serious Concern about Gaza Situation, Israeli Actions in West Bank

5 June, 2009
GA/AB/3913Fifth Committee Takes up Financing to Continue Logistical Support Package for African Union Mission in Somalia

4 June, 2009
GA/AB/3912Fifth Committee Takes Up $68 Million Budget for Logistics Base in Brindisi

GA/PAL/1126United Nations Asian and Pacific Meeting on Question of Palestine to Be Held in Jakarta, Indonesia, 8-9 June

3 June, 2009
GA/10830General Assembly, Expressing Deep Concern, Invites Major United Nations Organs to Intensify Efforts in Addressing Security Implications of Climate Change

GA/AB/3911Budget Committee Takes up Financing for United Nations Missions in Kosovo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Western Sahara

2 June, 2009
GA/AB/3910Fifth Committee Takes Up Proposed $768.2 Million Budget for United Nations Mission in Central African Republic and Chad

28 May, 2009
GA/AB/3909Budget Committee Takes Up 2009/10 Financing for Interim Force in Lebanon

26 May, 2009
GA/10829General Assembly Reschedules Conference on World Financial, Economic Crisis to 24-26 June to Foster Consensus on ‘Positive, Forward-Looking’ Outcome

GA/AB/3908Budget Committee Takes up 2009/10 Financing for Peacekeeping Missions in Côte d’Ivoire, Haiti, Timor-Leste

22 May, 2009
GA/AB/3907Speakers Reiterate Importance of Paying Budget Assessments in Full, on Time, Without Conditions, as Fifth Committee Debates UN Financial Situation

20 May, 2009
GA/AB/3906Budget Committee Takes up Financing for Missions in Cyprus, Georgia, Liberia

19 May, 2009
GA/PAL/1125Palestinian Rights Committee, in Statement, Expresses Utmost Concern about ‘Illegal and Provocative’ Israeli Policies in Occupied East Jerusalem

18 May, 2009
GA/AB/3905Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Briefs Budget Committee on Restructuring; Describes Positive Steps, Says 22 Months in, ‘We Are Very Much a Work in Progress’

15 May, 2009
GA/AB/3904Under-Secretary-General for Management Provides ‘Mixed Picture’ of United Nations Financial Situation in Briefing to Budget Committee

14 May, 2009
GA/AB/3903Fifth Committee Takes Up 2009/10 Budgets for Observer Force on Golan Heights, Mission in Sudan, Hybrid Operation in Darfur

GA/COL/3189Regional Decolonization Seminar Addresses Pacific and Other Non-Self-Governing Territories outside Caribbean, United Nations Role in Providing Assistance

GA/COL/3190Caribbean Regional on Decolonization Concludes Work with Discussion on Priorities for Way Forward, Role of Special Committee

13 May, 2009
GA/10827No Longer Possible to Turn Blind Eye to Human Trafficking, as World Wakes Up to Scope of Scourge, General Assembly Hears in Thematic Dialogue

GA/AB/3902Fifth Committee Takes Up Proposed $8.2 Billion Peacekeeping Budget for 2009-2010, Board of Auditors Report on Peacekeeping Operations for Year Ending June 2008

GA/COL/3187Caribbean Regional Seminar on Implementation of Second International Decade for Eradication of Colonialism Opens in Saint Kitts and Nevis

SG/SM/12238-GA/10828Traffickers in Human Beings Should See an Oncoming Train, Strong Laws, Broad Alliances, Concerted Action, Zero Tolerance, Says Secretary-General

SG/SM/12241-GA/COL/3188Secretary-General Recognizes Emerging Threats to Non-Self-Governing Territories, in Message to Caribbean Regional Seminar on Decolonization

12 May, 2009
GA/10826United States Elected to Human Rights Council for First Time, with Belgium, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Norway, as 18 Seats Filled In Single Round of Voting

11 May, 2009
GA/AB/3901Budget Committee Takes Up Reports on Department of Safety and Security Concerning Request for Additional Resources, Internal Oversight Audit

8 May, 2009
GA/10825General Assembly President Calls for Unity as Member States Negotiate ‘Powerful Outcome Document’ for Upcoming Conference on World Economic Crisis

7 May, 2009
GA/PAL/1122Lawmakers Must Engage in Palestinian Question Since Constituents Will Always Confront Harsh Realities of Middle East Peoples, Cyprus Meeting Told

GA/PAL/1123Parliamentarians’ Contribution to Israeli-Palestinian Peace Is Quiet, Modest, Bottom-Up Approach, but Useful Add-On to Enduring Effort, Cyprus Meeting Told

GA/PAL/1124Endorsement of Role of Parliaments, Inter-Parliamentary Organizations in Advancing Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process Caps Cyprus Meeting

6 May, 2009
GA/COL/3186Special Committee on Decolonization to Hold Caribbean Regional Seminar in Saint Kitts and Nevis, 12-14 May

GA/PAL/1121United Nations Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Opens in Cyprus with Focus on ‘Parliamentary Diplomacy’ to Boost Dialogue

SG/SM/12225-GA/PAL/1120Negotiations Must Resume on All Core Issues, Secretary-General Tells International Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace

5 May, 2009
GA/PAL/1119Cyprus Hosts United Nations International Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace, 6-7 May

4 May, 2009
GA/SPD/419Fourth Committee Approves Draft Resolution by Which General Assembly Would Endorse Recommendations, Conclusions of Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations

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