United Nations General Assembly President, Julian R. Hunte,
visits Suriname

Amid concerns in the Caribbean over the United Nations' capacity to face the challenges of globalization, poverty, or the spread of pandemics, affecting the region today, the President of the 58th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Julian R. Hunte will address the role and relevance of the United Nations, during an official visit to Surinam this week.

President Julian R. Hunte, will meet with President Runaldo Ronald Venetiann, Vice-President Jules R. Ajodhia and the Speaker of the Surinamese National Assembly, Ramdien Sardjoe. President Hunte will be the keynote speaker at an event hosted by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Surinam, Maria Levens Wednesday evening July 28. The President of the General Assembly and Minister Levens will also hold a joint press conference earlier in the day. During the two-day visit President Julian Hunte will discuss his experience as President of the United Nations General Assembly.

In the last few months, President Julian Hunte has proposed a series of reforms of the 191-member inter-governmental body. These reforms were unanimously accepted by the General Assembly and hailed as a significant step to increase the Organization's effectiveness and better enable it to face twenty-first century challenges.

Mr. Hunte has also stressed the need to implement the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, one of the priorities of the 58th session. "It is where our real battle lies, he has repeatedly said. This is war against poverty, against disease, instability, and for human rights and fundamental freedoms".
Mr. Julian Robert Hunte, President of the fifty-eighth session of the United Nations General Assembly, is Minister for External Affairs, International Trade and Civil Aviation of Saint Lucia, a Senator and Member of Parliament, a Justice of the Peace and a business executive. He has had extensive experience in the multilateral process, and has a keen interest in the issues of regional cooperation and the role of small states within the United Nations.

President Julian Hunte will leave Paramaribo on July 29.



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