On Appointment of Mark Malloch Brown
Administrator of United Nations Development Programme
Statement of the President

15 April 2003

Excellencies, Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me seize this opportunity to congratulate Mark Malloch Brown on his appointment as Administrator of United Nations Development Programme for a further four-year term. I am personally very pleased that we just approved his reappointment because I believe that he has done an outstanding job during his first term. Under his leadership, UNDP has completed the process of its reform and revitalization in a timely and most effective manner and, as a result, UNDP has established its pivotal role in the United Nations development system.

When he came in 1999, UNDP was in a difficult situation. Core resources had fallen to an all-time low of US $ 630 Million, and there were expectations that this drop would continue. In four short years, the funding situation has been turned around. Confidence in the organization has increased dramatically. The core budget is growing, and so is UNDP's contribution to world development.

Confidence in the Organization has grown largely because of Mark Malloch Brown's bold reforms. From a dispersed organization that funded a variety of areas of technical assistance, UNDP has been turned into a networked, practice-based and result-oriented organization. The speed with which UNDP has responded to post-conflict situations, such as Afghanistan or East Timor, or to new developmental challenges in Africa and elsewhere, reflect the new agility and relevance of the organization.

Mark Malloch Brown has worked hard to bring the United Nations development perspective and that of the Bretton Woods institutions much closer. He relentlessly built partnerships between UNDP and the Bretton Woods institutions that have increased understanding of the United Nations in Washington, and of the Bretton Woods perspective in New York. The growing support for PRSPs in the United Nations, for instance, and the rallying of the Bretton Woods institutions around the MDGs are, to a certain extent, his achievements. He has also steadily fostered greater coherence of United Nations development operations through his Chairmanship of United Nations Development Group and the resident coordinator system.

Today, if UNDP is a strong voice for the United Nations in development, if it has become an efficient, result-driven, and increasingly better-funded organization, it is to Mark Malloch Brown's credit. His talented, highly motivated staff shares the credit for this turnaround with him.

Personally, I have had an opportunity to meet Mark Malloch Brown several times on different occasions. First I met him shortly after he assumed the post of the Administrator of UNDP. At that time, he initiated the Ministerial Meeting of UNDP in attempt to reverse the negative trend in UNDP financing which I had the honor to chair as the President of the UNDP Executive Board in 2000. I met him in Monterrey, actively participating and vigorously pushing the development agenda and partnerships ahead. At those as well as all other opportunities, I always witnessed a determined, eloquent and dedicated advocate of development and firm supporter of development cooperation. I feel privileged that I met him. I wish Mark Malloch Brown a successful next term in UNDP.



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