37th Week
8 to 14 September 2003

8 September
Opening Session of the 56th Annual Conference of NGOs associated with DPI entiteled "Human Security and Dignity: Fulfilling the Promise of the United Nations"
Luncheon hosted by Ms. Nane Annan
Reception hosted by the Permanent Representative of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, H.E. Mr. Pak Gil Yon, on the occasion of the National Day
Reception hosted by the Executive Committee of Non-Governmental Organizations associated with the UN DPI
Interview Czech BBC
9 September

10 September

Meeting of the Office with the Diplomats of the Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic
Interview Dallas Galvin, WBAI Radio
Interview Petra Flanderková, Czech Television

11 September

Interview Vlastimil Milý, CTK - Czech New Agency
Luncheon hosted by H.E. Sir Emyr Jones Parry, KCMG, Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom in honor of the President of the 57th session of the UNGA, President of the 58th session of the UNGA and President of ECOSOC
Meeting with Journalists - UN Correspondence Association

12 September

Luncheon hosted by H.E. Mr. Jan Kavan in honor of H.E. Mr. Julian R. Hunte, President of the 58th Session (Saint Lucia)

13 September

14 September

Monday 15 September

the Last Day of the Czech Presidency of the United Nations General Assembly - We thank you for your attention...


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