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President presided over Plenary Meeting today in regards to the adoption of the Draft Resolution on the Revitalization of the General Assembly; and the Election of the President of the General Assembly for the 57th Session
8 July 2002


This morning, Dr. Han presided over Plenary Meeting today. In the Plenary, the General Assembly adopted draft resolution A/56/L.80 under agenda item 60, Revitalization of the Work of the General Assembly.

The draft resolution said that the President and the Vice-Presidents of the General Assembly and the Chairpersons of the Main Committees should be elected three months before the opening of the General Assembly and that, for this year only, the elections should take place at least two months before the start of the next session. As not all Vice-Presidents and Chairpersons were known at the moment, however, the President of the General Assembly orally amended the resolution to say that they should be elected "as early as possible".

Based on the endorsement of the Eastern European Group, the Assembly then proceeded to elect Mr. Jan Kavan, the deputy prime minister and foreign minister of the Czech Republic, as President of the 57th session. The election was by acclamation, and Mr. Kavan will assume the presidency on 10 September. The President-elect of the 57th session then addressed the Plenary whereupon the chairpersons of the regional groups briefly offered congratulations.

Dr. Han made a statement after the Adoption of the Resolution on Amendments to Rules 30, 31 and 99 of the Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly. In his statement, Dr. Han said "As for the implementation of the resolution, I am pleased to report to you that I have wasted no time. In fact, the last Member State I visited was the Czech Republic as recently as at the end of last month, where I met Minister Jan Kavan. To be sure, Minister Kavan and I will make the most of the remaining two months until the end of the 56th session to enable a most smooth and efficient transition between ourselves as well as our staffs. I hope this will set a good precent not only for the future sessions of the General Assembly but all other institutions of the United Nations system."

The plan was to hold meetings of the Main Committees immediately after the plenary to elect the chairpersons but this was postponed to a later date as was the election of 21 Vice-Presidents.

Tomorrow at 10 am, the Assembly will meet in plenary to endorse the Monterrey Consensus. There is more information in draft resolution A/56/L.81. Dr. Han is expected to preside over this meeting which will be held in the Trusteeship Council Chamber.

Dr. Han attended a luncheon hosted by the President of ECOSOC, H. E. Mr. Ivan Simonovic from Republic of Croatia with the President of the Security Council, H. E. Sir Jeremy Greenstock from the United Kingdom.

Statement after the Adoption of the Resolution on Amendments to Rules 30, 31 and 99 of the Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly

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