Office of the President of the Millennium Assembly
55th session of the United Nations General Assembly

Announcement by
President of the General Assembly

Nomination of Facilitator
for the process of Reform of the General Assembly
23 January 2001

I have spoken of the need for reform of the General Assembly and its working methods on many occasions, including at the Forum of Small States on 15 November last year and most recently in an address I gave on 17 January to the Indonesian Council on World Affairs in Jakarta.

I have invited Member States to discuss the issue of how to improve the Assembly's working methods, focusing on the implementation of already existing GA resolutions such as 51/241 and 48/264.

In a meeting with the Chairs of the Regional Groups on 12 December, I indicated that I would nominate a facilitator to assist me in this process.

I am very pleased to nominate H.E. Sr. J. Gabriel Valdes, Permanent Representative of Chile, to act as facilitator.

I have invited Ambassador Valdes to assist me in organizing a 'brainstorming' meeting of the General Committee and in preparing a "non-paper" for discussion at the meeting.

Later, the issue will be discussed with the whole membership of the General Assembly and I have invited Ambassador Valdes to chair these meetings.

With the support and cooperation of Member States, I hope to achieve some concrete results during this session to make the General Assembly more effective.