Following is the text of a letter, dated 8 June 2001:

To: All Member States and Observers
From: The President of the General Assembly


I am writing to you concerning the consideration of the report of the Secretary-General on Prevention of armed conflict (A/55/985-S/2001/574).

The Security Council in its Presidential Statement of 20 July invited the Secretary-General to submit to the Council a report containing an analysis and recommendations on initiatives within the United Nations on the prevention of armed conflict. This report A/55/985-S/2001/574 is now available and it is submitted also to the General Assembly.

This is a very important report. In view of its subject matter and scope, it is imperative that the report be considered by the General Assembly. I have therefore scheduled Plenary meetings of the General Assembly for July 12th and 13th for a general debate on the report. A formal announcement in the Journal will follow, including opening a speakers' list.

A general debate is a first step in order to hear the views of Member States on this important report. Further steps depend somewhat on the debate, but I think it is important to start the process. I would therefore suggest that after the debate a short procedural resolution be adopted whereby the report is forwarded to all relevant organs within the UN system and other actors addressed in the report for their consideration and further recommendations. These organs could be invited to report back to the General Assembly during the 56th Session of the Assembly. At that time the Assembly could consider the report and all recommendations in a comprehensive manner and discuss also the recommendations addressed to the Assembly.

Yours sincerely,
Harri Holkeri