Office of the President of the Millennium Assembly
55th session of the United Nations General Assembly

55th session of the General Assembly
Item 182: Follow-up to the outcome of the Millennium Summit
meeting with the Coordinators of the upcoming events
10 November 2000


In order to establish how best to make use of upcoming events within the United Nations system in the implementation of the outcome of the Summit the office of the GA President arranged a meeting with the coordinators of these events on 10 November 2000. The representatives of the respective secretariat departments/units were also invited.

At the beginning of the meeting a short summary of the Summit follow-up process was made with particular attention to the aspect of using the upcoming events in the process of implementing the outcome of the Millennium Summit.

Attention was drawn in particular to the paragraphs 10,11,12 and 22 in the elements paper (A/55/CRP.1) prepared by the President of the GA.

Short presentations on the preparations of different upcoming events were given in a form of a tour the table by co-ordinators and representatives of the Secretariat.

Participants expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to share information concerning the preparations for different events. Many emphasized the importance of co-ordination already prior to the events in order to avoid duplication and to consolidate the efforts so as to ensure that the commitments undertaken in the Millennium Declaration are fully reflected, as appropriate, in upcoming debates and special sessions of the General Assembly as well as in related conferences and events and in their final documents.

It was noted that many of the upcoming events have a direct link to the Millennium Declaration. In addition it would be important to take into account the inter-linkages and the crosscutting themes of the Declaration in order to enhance the integrated approach to the follow up process.

The importance to continue to share information throughout the preparation processes and the final events was stressed. Participants supported the idea of arranging further meetings of similar nature. It was further noted that other possible ways of information sharing should be explored.