Office of the President of the Millennium Assembly
55th session of the United Nations General Assembly

The monthly meeting between
the Office of the President of the General Assembly
and the Chairpersons of the Regional Groups for the month of September
6 September 2001

The meeting was attended by the Chairpersons of the Regional Groups for the month of August: Republic of South Africa (African States), Republic of Viet Nam (Asian States), Czech Republic (Eastern European States), Guyana (Latin American and Caribbean States) and Greece (Western European and other States).


1. Arrangements for Round Tables

It was noted that co-chairs have been endorsed and pairing of co-chairpersons has been decided.

Participants in the roundtables

The President noted that the lists have been almost completed as far as Member States are concerned, and we are now looking at the allocation of different UN entities.

Representatives of children

According to resolution 55/276 two children may participate in each round table to give an introductory statement. The President of the General Assembly was requested to select these child delegates, in consultation with the co-chairpersons of the round tables and with the Member States, by 31 August.

The President noted that his Office has received all names of candidates only by 31 August, all together names of 20 children have been put forward. He noted that there will be a meeting today with the co-chairs to hear their views after which I will submit a list of 6 children for the consideration of Member States as soon as possible.

The list will be prepared in accordance with the criteria established by the resolution and taking into account the criteria that was submitted to regional chairs of August, i.e.:
- regional representation/languages;
- gender balance;
- under the age of 18 (balance within this age group, e.g. 11-14/15-17);
- nominee should have been actively involved, or participated in the preparatory process at national and/or regional/international level;
- nominee may have experience or expertise on one of the topics of the special session;
- it would be an advantage, if a nominee has previously demonstrated some confidence to address a formal meeting and a large audience.

The President thanked the Chairpersons for their co-operation in all the issues he has mentioned.

2. Participation of NGOs in the plenary of the special session

In connection with the participation of civil society actors in the debate in the plenary the paragraph (c) of General Assembly decision 55/459 of 14 February 2001, stated that given availability of time, a limited number of representatives of non-governmental organisations accredited to the special session may make statements in the debate of the plenary of the special session.

It was noted that on August 30 a list of selected accredited non-governmental organisations for participation in the debate of the plenary of the special session was circulated and in the absence of any comment by 2 p.m. on Friday, 7 September 2001, this list will be considered approved in accordance with paragraph (c) of decision 55/459.

3. Presentation of the outcome of the Children's Forum at the special session

The Prep.Com recommeded last June that at least two child delegates to the Children's Forum will present the outcome of the Forum to the special session. The Children's Forum will take place from 16 to 18 September.

These child delegates will be identified by the children's Forum, in consultation with the President of the 56th General Assembly, namely the Republic of Korea, and Member States.


It was noted that plenary on Friday will take up several pending issues, including the Resolution 93 on Revitalization of the GA. The President expressed his thanks, through the Chairpersons, to all Member states for their co-operation in the reform process.

The President informed the Chairpersons that as part of the reform efforts he had asked the members of the General Committee to express their views and suggestions their experiences of the work of the General Committee in order to facilitate the incoming committee in their work. He noted that his intention is to forward these suggestions for the consideration of the incoming General Committee as provided in resolution 51/241, paragraph 34.

On Monday September 10 is the closing session of the 55ths Session of the GA, all other pending issues will be taken up then. These include the report of the open ended working group on Security Council Reform.

Finally, the President noted that on Monday, in his closing statement he will also brief Member States on the responses from the Minister for foreign affairs that he has received to his letter of May 24 concerning the Security Council reform.