United Nations
Fifty-fifth session
Agenda item 182:


Elements for a draft resolution on the follow-up to the outcome of the Millennium Summit
submitted by the President of the General Assembly


1. Express satisfaction that for the first time in history so many heads of State and Government gathered in New York and reached a successful conclusion and adopted the Millennium Declaration.

2. Stress the need for maintaining the political will and momentum of the Millennium Summit at the national, regional and international levels.

3. Recognize the necessity to create a framework for the implementation of the Declaration.

4. Stress the need for a comprehensive and balanced approach in implementation and follow-up.

5. Reinforce an integrated and coordinated approach in the implementation of the commitments made.

6. Recognize that Governments bear the main responsibility for action.

7. Call upon the entire United Nations system to assist Member States in every way possible in the implementation of the Declaration.

8. Decide to use existing structures and mechanisms and upcoming events to the maximum extent possible.

9. Invite the Main Committees of the General Assembly to ensure that the outcome of the Summit be reflected in the work of the Committees.

10. Ensure that the commitments undertaken in the Millennium Declaration are fully reflected, as appropriate, in upcoming debates and special sessions of the General Assembly as well as in related conferences and events and in their final documents.

11. To this end, request the President of the General Assembly to follow up the processes leading to these events and conferences.

12. Request that the General Assembly be kept informed about how these events and conferences contribute to the Declaration's implementation.

13. Call upon all relevant organs, organizations and bodies of the United Nations system to be involved in the follow-up to the Summit, and invite specialized agencies and related organizations of the United Nations system to strengthen and adjust their activities, programmes and medium-term strategies, as appropriate, to take into account the follow-up to the Summit.

14. Invite the regional commissions, in cooperation with regional intergovernmental organizations and banks to review progress made towards implementing the Millennium Declaration.

15. Request the United Nations system in particular to review and assess the broad range of its engagement in Africa, with a view to intensifying support to processes of conflict prevention, democratization and development.

16. Identify within the framework of the Administrative Committee on Coordination (ACC) innovative ways of enhancing cooperation and consultations throughout the United Nations system.

17. Recognize that the implementation of the Declaration will require resources at the national and international levels.

18. Request the appropriate bodies to consider how the implementation of the Millennium Declaration should relate to the biennial budget process and the medium-term plan.

19. Invite the Bretton Woods institutions to be actively involved in the implementation of and follow-up to the Summit and to enhance their cooperation with other parts of the United Nations system for this purpose.

20. Invite the World Trade Organization to contribute to the implementation of the Declaration.

21. Request the specialized agencies, the Bretton Woods institutions and the World Trade Organization to keep the General Assembly informed on how they contribute to the implementation of the Declaration;

22. Call for strong partnerships with the private sector and civil society organizations in pursuit of development and poverty eradication and take this into account in the involvement and potential contributions of these actors in the events and processes referred to above.

23. Enhance partnership and cooperation between United Nations, governments and the relevant actors of civil society, including non-governmental organizations and the private sector as a whole, including through exploring innovative ways in order to ensure that their contribution to the implementation is possible already at an early stage.

24. Consider the possibility to convene informal discussions, possibly in an open-ended round-table format, to advance the successful implementation of the Declaration.

25. Request the Secretary-General to ensure system-wide coordination within the Secretariat to assist with the implementation of and follow-up to the Summit.

26. Request the Secretary-General to coordinate the preparation of a longer-term "road map" on how best to achieve the main targets and commitments of the Millennium Declaration.

27. reiterate the call to assess on a regular basis progress towards implementing the Millennium Declaration.

28. In this connection request the Secretary-General to issue periodic reports as a basis for further action taking into account the following:

* Appraise the reporting system with a view to strengthening its coherence and integration;

* Reflect the broad array of goals and commitments enunciated in the Millennium Declaration, though each annual report could look in greater depth at one or two areas covered in the Declaration;

* Focus on the results and benchmarks achieved, help identify "best practices" in achieving them, define the major gaps in implementation and suggest strategies for reducing and eliminating these gaps, including through strengthening the United Nations capacity for gathering and analysing information and developing indicators for development;

* Explore and highlight relationships across issues and sectors, and not merely report on individual subject areas, in particular with regard to cross-cutting themes on development and peace and security;

* Draw on the work of the entire United Nations family of organizations, including the Bretton Woods institutions, as well as the World Trade Organization.

29. Continue the consideration of this issue under the item entitled "Follow-up of the Outcome of the Millennium Summit".