Office of the President of the Millennium Assembly
55th session of the United Nations General Assembly

Announcement by
President of the General Assembly

Appointements of two facilitators
of the preparatory process of the HIV/AIDS Special Session

6 December 2000


Before we take up the next items on the agenda, I should like to make an announcement concerning the special session on HIV/AIDS.

Members will recall that the General Assembly, by its resolution 55/13 of 3 November 2000, decided to convene a special session on HIV/AIDS from 25 to 27 June 2001. The resolution also invited me, in the capacity of the President of the General Assembly, to appoint, in consultation with Member States, two facilitators to assist in carrying out the preparatory process to ensure effective participation of all countries.

In this regard, I have conducted extensive consultations, both through the chairs of regional groups and with a significant number of individual delegations, representing all regions.

It is my great pleasure to announce my decision to appoint Her Excellency, Ambassador Penny Wensley, Permanent Representative of Australia and His Excellency, Ambassador Ibra Degučne Ka, Permanent Representative of Senegal to the United Nations, as the two facilitators of the preparatory process of the special session on HIV/AIDS. Both are highly praised for their excellence as mediators and consensus builders. Both are also persons with exceptional skills to seek and find solutions to difficult and sensitive issues.