Office of the President of the Millennium Assembly
55th session of the United Nations General Assembly

Concluding remarks by
President of the General Assembly

At the Twelfth Meeting of theOpen-ended Working Group
on the Question of Equitable Representation on
and Increase in the Membership of the Security Council
and Other Matters Related to the Security Council
11 May 2001

Before we conclude this May session of the Working Group and without trying to summarize our discussions I should like to say a few words.

I believe we have had a good and constructive discussion on both Clusters and I should like to thank all delegations for their active participation and contribution in substance and for creating a good working atmosphere for our discussions. I believe that the Conference Room Papers (CRPs) prepared by the Bureau have indeed facilitated our discussions. The Bureau has noted all comments made by delegations as well as observations on the CRPs and suggestions for their improvement.

When we began our discussion last Monday I stressed that in the Summit Declaration, Member States had resolved to intensify efforts to achieve a comprehensive reform of the Security Council in all its aspects and that, in my view, this implied that there is a renewed willingness to move forward on this issue.

The Reform of the Council has now been discussed over seven years. While there have been some improvements in the working methods of the Security Council , the main issues are still open. During this second substantive session of the Working Group this year, we have dealt with issues that are at the centre of the general agreement at which we are all aiming.

However, and looking ahead to our June session, I believe we need to consider very carefully whether indeed we have been able to intensify our efforts to achieve a comprehensive reform of the Security Council in all its aspects and whether an additional effort is needed in this respect.

All along I have tried to guide the discussions in such a manner that we can work in a focused and productive manner. But ultimately the process and the outcome is up to the political leaders of the Member States.

When we prepare for our next session we all, including the Bureau, need to reflect very hard on how we can continue our discussions in a productive and fruitful manner in order to move forward in this process. I hope that I shall be able to count on the support of all delegations and I look forward seeing you again in June.

I should also like to inform you that it is the Bureau's intention to invite the President of the Security Council to attend our June meeting and brief us on the Cluster II issues.

Finally, I should like to remind delegations that this Working Group is scheduled to meet again for its next session to be held between 11 and 15 June.