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President of the General Assembly
Mr. Harri Holkeri (Finland)

 News and Highlights from the President

29 September 2000
President meets with Nelson Mandela (more)
28 September 2000
President briefs civil society representatives about the Assembly's work (more)
27 September 2000
Assembly discusses the work of the United Nations (more)
26 September 2000
President focuses on organizational aspects of the Assembly (more)
25 September 2000
On Staff Day, President emphasizes need for better protection of UN staff (more)
22 September 2000
President concludes General Debate, sums up main themes discussed (more)
21 September 2000
President discusses the Financing for Development Process (more)
20 September 2000
Fifteen speakers addressed the General Assembly today (more)
19 September 2000
On Peace Day, the President salutes the role of children (more)
18 September 2000
Eighteen countries participate in today's continuing General Debate (more)
17 September 2000
President delivers the sermon at a church service dedicated to the United Nations (more)
16 September 2000
The General Debate continues today with Mr. Holkeri presiding (more)
15 September 2000
President continues to preside over the General Debate, now in its fourth day, and meets with the Foreign Minister of Switzerland (more)
14 September 2000
Mr. Holkeri presides over the third day of the General Debate; meets with the Foreign Ministers of Spain and Kuwait and with the Crown Princess of Sweden (more)
13 September 2000
President presides over the second day of the General Debate and meets with the Foreign Ministers of Poland and Luxembourg (more)
12 September 2000
President opens debate in General Assembly (more)
11 September 2000
“Maintain the Millennium Summit spirit” General Assembly President urges at his press conference today (more)

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