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President of the General Assembly
Mr. Harri Holkeri (Finland)

 News and Highlights from the President

31 October 2000
General Assembly supports reunification of the Korean peninsula (more)
30 October 2000
President speaks in the "Eliminating Hunger in the New Millennium" event (more)
27 october 2000
Informal consultations begin on follow-up to the Millennium Summit (more)
26 October 2000
General Assembly discusses the important role of the International Court of Justice (more)
25 October 2000
President meets with the Chairpersons of the Main Committees (more)
24 October 2000
President celebrates United Nations Day in a concert in General Assembly Hall (more)
23 October 2000
President meets with Messengers of Peace and Goodwill Ambassadors (more)
20 October 2000
General Assembly continues the Tenth Emergency Special Session (more)
19 October 2000
President discusses cooperation with the Council of Europe (more)
18 October 2000
General Assembly held its Tenth Emergency Special Session today (more)
17 October 2000
Security Council discussed today (more)
16 October 2000
President attends World Food Day event (more)
13 October 2000
President receives request for emergency special session of the General Assembly (more)
12 October 2000
President conducts ECOSOC elections (more)
11 October 2000
President focuses on development issues (more)
10 October 2000
President conducts Security Council elections (more)
9 October 2000
President discusses tomorrow's Security Council elections (more)
6 October 2000
President discusses the role of information and communications technology for development (more)
5 October 2000
President discusses "Dialogue among Civilizations" (more)
4 October 2000
President discusses ways to improve the role of the General Assembly (more)
3 October 2000
President briefed on situation in East Timor (more)
2 October 2000
Issues relating to Africa on President's agenda today (more)

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