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President of the General Assembly
Mr. Harri Holkeri (Finland)

 News and Highlights from the President

30 November 2000
Assembly continues discussion on the question of Palestine (more)
29 November 2000
President participates in the observance of the Day of Solidarity with Palestinians (more)
28 November 2000
Landmine action discussed by Assembly (more)
27 November 2000
General Assembly discusses humanitarian and disaster relief assistance (more)
22 November 2000
President meets with the Chairpersons of the Main Committees (more)
21 November 2000
President continues consultations on follow-up to the Millennium Summit (more)
20 November 2000
On Africa Industrialization Day President speaks about sustainable development in Africa (more)
17 November 2000
Security Council reform the focus of General Assembly discussions (more)
16 November 2000
President opens the World TV Forum (more)
15 November 2000
General Assembly adopts a treaty against organized crime (more)
14 November 2000
President meets with the Managing Director of IMF and the Vice-President of the World Bank in Washington (more)
13 November 2000
General Assembly discusses Year of Dialogue among Civilizations (more)
10 November 2000
President opens UNHCR pledging conference (more)
9 November 2000
General Assembly calls for end to the United States embargo against Cuba (more)
8 November 2000
General Assembly seeks stronger cooperation with IPU (more)
7 November 2000
President meets with High Commissioner for Refugees (more)
6 November 2000
President addresses NGO conference in Vienna (more)
5 November 2000
President travels to Vienna to attend NGO conference (more)
3 November 2000
Special Session on HIV/AIDS to be held in June (more)
2 November 2000
General Assembly discusses culture of peace (more)
1 November 2000
General Assembly admits Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to United Nations membership (more)

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