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President of the General Assembly
Mr. Harri Holkeri (Finland)

 News and Highlights from the President

31 July 2001
Mr. Holkeri presides over meetings (more)
30 July 2001
Working Group discusses Africa (more)
27 July 2001
Meetings on President's agenda today (more)
26 July 2001
President focuses on General Assembly revitalization process (more)
25 July 2001
General Assembly discusses Financing for Development (more)
23 July 2001
President discusses renovation of his office facilities (more)
20 July 2001
Security Council Working Group concludes its work for the session (more)
19 July 2001
Discussions on Security Council reform continue (more)
17 July 2001
President meets with Permanent Representatives (more)
16 July 2001
President focuses on Security Council reform (more)
13 July 2001
President speaks about poverty eradication (more)
12 July 2001
General Assembly discusses conflict prevention (more)
11 July 2001
President meets with Regional Groups (more)
10 July 2001
President discusses Security Council reform (more)
9 July 2001
President addresses UN Small Arms Conference (more)
1 July 2001
President makes telecommunications history (more)
1-8 July 2001
President visits Finland

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