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President of the General Assembly
Mr. Harri Holkeri (Finland)

 News and Highlights from the President

31 January 2001
President attends monthly meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Group (more)
30 January 2001
President discusses improving the efficiency of the General Assembly (more)
29 January 2001
President addresses PrepCom for GA Special Session on Children (more)
26 January 2001
President briefs the Security Council about East Timor (more)
25 January 2001
President meets with the head of UNDP (more)
24 January 2001
President opens the second informal consultations on HIV/AIDS (more)
23 January 2001
President appoints facilitator for the General Assembly Reform (more)
22 January 2001
President returns to New York (more)
10-17 January 2001
President visits Singapore, East Timor and Jakarta (press release on his visit)

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