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Independent Audit Advisory Committee

Biographical Notes

Vadim Dubinkin | Vinod Rai | Adrian Strachan | John Muwanga | J. Christopher Mihm

Vadim Vadimovich Dubinkin (Russian Federation) - Vice-Chairman

Mr. Vadim Vadimovich DubinkinMr. Dubinkin has a Master’s degree in economics from Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics (Moscow) and has completed advanced studies and training at the Academy of Economics, and the Academy of Finance of the Government of the Russian Federation in areas such as economics, capital construction planning, finance and law.

Mr. Dubinkin is currently the Deputy Head of Division, Chief Inspector, Deputy Head of Department and Head of Integrated Audit Department, Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.

From 1991 to 1996 he served as Senior Expert, Deputy Head and Head, Integrated Economics Division, Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Russian Federation and prior to this as Expert and senior expert, Regional Development Division, State Planning Committee of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.