Regular budget and Working Capital Fund

By its resolution 64/248, the General Assembly decided that the scale of assessments for the period 2010–2012 shall be based on the following elements and criteria:

           (a)      Estimates of gross national income;

           (b)      Average statistical base periods of three and six years;

           (c)      Conversion rates based on market exchange rates, except where that would cause excessive fluctuations and distortions in the income of some Member States, when price-adjusted rates of exchange or other appropriate conversion rates should be employed, taking due account of its resolution 46/221 B;

           (d)      The debt-burden approach employed in the scale of assessments for the period 2007–2009;

           (e)      A low per capita income adjustment of 80 per cent, with a threshold per capita income limit of the average per capita gross national income of all Member States for the statistical base periods;

           (f)       A minimum assessment rate of 0.001 per cent;

           (g)      A maximum assessment rate for the least developed countries of 0.01 per cent;

           (h)      A maximum assessment rate of 22 per cent;


Assessment of Member States’ advances to the Working Capital Fund and contributions to the United Nations regular budget
- 2010 [ST/ADM/SER.B/789]
- 2009 [ST/ADM/SER.B/755]
- 2008 [ST/ADM/SER.B/719]
- 2007 [ST/ADM.SER.B/701]
- 2006 [ST/ADM.SER.B/668]
- 2005 [ST/ADM.SER.B/638]
- 2004 [ST/ADM.SER.B/612]
- 2003 [ST/ADM.SER.B/597]
- 2002 [ST/DAM.SER.B/582]
- 2001 [ST/ADM.SER.B/568]
- 2000 [ST/ADM/SER.B/551]
- 1999 [ST/ADM/SER.B/534]
- 1998 [ST/ADM/SER.B/519]
- 1997 [ST/ADM/SER.B/503]
- 1996 [ST/ADM/SER.B/482]
- 1995 [ST/ADM/SER.B/456]
- 1994 [ST/ADM/SER.B/422]