H.E. Mrs. Dilbar GULYAMOVA 
Deputy Prime-Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan

 at the Twenty-seventh Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly on Children

8 May 2002 New York

Distinguished Mr. President,
Distinguished Heads of State and Government,
Distinguished participants of this Forum,

I am glad to welcome you on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the Special session of the General Assembly, where an evaluation and analysis of the achieved aims and objectives, elaborated at the World Summit for Children, are conducted in ten years after their adoption.

I would like especially to stress the significance of a such forum, which undoubtedly is making worthy contribution and will contribute to the creation of necessary conditions and opportunities for the development of children and ensuring happy childhood in the entire world.

Uzbekistan, among many other countries, supports and approves all initiatives of the United Nations aimed at the ensuring interests of children.

Since first days of its independence our country has highlighted the issue of legal, economic and social protection of motherhood and childhood, creation of conditions for comprehensive and harmonious development, education of children and teenagers in the spirit of universal values as a priority task.

The experience of past years confirms that the issue of protection of interests of children can not be out of a state policy, especially at transition stages of development of a country, which Uzbekistan has been facing for the last 11 years.

Moreover, the urgency of this problem puts forward a task on protection of interests of children to a rank of most important priority of state policy, since without concentration of efforts of a whole society it is impossible to provide fully-fledged protection of rights and interests of children.

In complex periods of development of a country women and children become most economically and socially vulnerable. Therefore, it is natural that the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1992 became as one of the first steps of Uzbekistan after gaining its independence.

Thus Uzbekistan has emphasized that it takes the responsibility and obligation before the international community to meet all the provisions of the Convention. The young Uzbek state made it clear to the world that the protection of interests of children is the most important priority in the state policy.

At the same time there has been created and successfully functions a system of monitoring the observance of rights of women and children, the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Under the Ombudsman together with the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan there has been created a Consultative and Analytical Council, which by the assistance of local authorities carries out monitoring the realization of the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and also the international instruments related to interests of women and children.

The state policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan with regard to children provides for the comprehensive ensured protection of family, motherhood and childhood, present and future generations as its most important task.

As a mainstream of the state policy in Uzbekistan on the protection of children's interests in the last decade there have being implemented the following measures on:
- creation and modernization of the legal basis to protect interests of family, motherhood and childhood taking into account the usage of the leading international experience and legal system;
- creation of economic conditions for strengthening family, financial well-being of children, prevention of facts related to the homelessness among children and teenagers;
- application of complex of measures, directed to birth and upbringing healthy children, beginning from the creation of a healthy young family, and thus implementing the task: healthy mother - healthy child, provision of free state medical aid at birth and childcare, vaccination, as well as provision of free medical services to children;
-implementation of educational programme at the national scale providing for free comprehensive and qualitatively compulsory 12 year education, issuing significant sum of state grants for education of young people at higher and middle special educational institutions to continue the education;
- providing with the state protection for socially vulnerable groups of handicapped children, orphans, children from indigent families;
- creation of necessary social conditions, a system of ethic norms and rules with respect to family, mother and child. Public state recognition of citizens who retain merits before the society in upbringing healthy young generation.

For the realization of these tasks special bodies operate under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the local authorities, which coordinate the work of the state and public organizations on securing interests of women and children.

This policy is implemented in the forms which consist of strictly controlled accomplishment of government decisions regarding the question of protection of interests of children, families and women, as well as the relevant state programs financed by the state and donor resources.

The major state programs providing for the protection of interests of children in Uzbekistan are:

National program for training of personnel, under which all children have the right to receive free 12 year compulsory education, including professional training;

Program on healthcare reforms, which secures free medical aid to women at birth and treatment of children;

Programs «Increasing the role of women in society», «Healthy generation», «Mother and Child», «Family» aimed at creation of necessary legal and economic provisions for the realization of interests of women and children, increasing the role and participation of a family in reformation of the society, upbringing physically healthy, spiritually rich, harmonically developed young generation;

Program to address the issue of support for socially vulnerable groups of population for the period of 2002-2003.

Starting from the first steps of its independence Uzbekistan draws an enormous attention to the revival and further development of spirituality, perfection of the educational system, advancement of its quality to the level of the worldwide standards.

Measures on the provision of comprehensive development of growing generation directed to the creation of conditions for physical and spiritual development of a child, forming of national self-consciousness on the basis of the universal values of the world civilization.

Special care and social protection guaranteed to children from needy families, to children with particular psychophysical development and to those who have lost family environment or have faced difficult life conditions.

The President of the country H.E. Mr. Islam Karimov has underlined: "Since the first years of our independence we have been regarding the upbringing of healthy generation as a priority mission. A task of upbringing of harmoniously developed generation has been raised to the level of state policy..."

One of the first orders that has been set up in Uzbekistan is "Soglom Avlod Uchun" ("For the Healthy Generation"), which is rewarded to people for their selfless activity in training of physically and morally healthy children.

Taking into account that the government attaches enormous significance to children there are being established a lot of governmental and nongovernmental funds, whose activities directly or indirectly related to the upbringing of children and youth. Special resources are being provided for the accomplishment of arrangements related to problems of childhood.

As the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov said: "... our cherished dream is to build a state with great future and free society. The strategy of our progress is based on training of healthy generation and directed to its development".

To achieve this cherished dream Uzbekistan conducts complex of purposeful measures contributing to improvement of economic condition of the whole population, creation of additional provisions for strengthening the health of mothers and children, comprehensive development of a personality and preparation of young people to independent life in the free society.

Dear friends,

As I have mentioned before, Uzbekistan will further continue to support all initiatives of the United Nations related to interests of children. In this context, I would like to inform you that in Universal voting "Say Yes to Children" our country has also actively participated by collecting more than 3 million signatures of adults and children.

In our country an Alliance and Coalition of non-governmental organizations successfully work for interests of children in Uzbekistan, which perceive with a great attention to everything positive applied to the interests of children.

In conclusion, I would like to wish all participants of the Special Session of the General Assembly good health, happiness, well-being and success in their noble work.

Thank you for attention.