NEW  YORK,  10  MAY  2002

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Mr. President,
Distinguished Delegates,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today I bring to you a message of Peace from the children of Seychelles.
This Special Session provides a timely opportunity to reflect back on the progress made in implementing the goals set at the 1990 World Summit. In fact, it is more than just timely. It has become a matter of moral duty and a pragmatic reality for the children of the world to be, once again, truly at the focus of international attention.

Mr. President,

Twelve years ago, the almost universal endorsement of Children's Rights by Governments world-wide, gave reason to hope that these simple truths would be a daily reminder of our responsibilities towards the children.

Today, slightly more that a decade after its adoption and at the turn of a century, it is to humanity's credit that much has been achieved.  Yet achievements in some areas also highlight the tremendous amount that still remains to be accomplished in other crucial areas. It is indeed sad to note that much of the dream has gone astray.

What has happened to our aspirations, to our principles, to our good intentions?

Why are we still battling with exploitation, violence, injustice, denial of basic rights, towards children in most parts of the world?

The Convention has enjoyed widespread and global acceptance by Governments, organizations and individuals at all levels.
The Rights and responsibilities as laid down are a way of life that we all embody, believe in and identify with.

Why then, have we been unable to implement this vision?

It would appear that somewhere, somehow the links between goals and implementation, beliefs and practice, purpose and meaning to life have been slashed exposing a deep gash.

Mr. President,

We cannot truly understand rights and responsibilities without first understanding the values on which they are based.

A simple awareness and acceptance of the worth and dignity of each individual child would maybe help us focus on what we need to do to respect the Convention.
The fulfillment of rights and the building of a better world for our children is ultimately based on bringing back into our daily lives a culture of thinking, attitudes and behaviour based on human values of respect, responsibility, love and peace.

We must reinstate the awareness that as members of one family, the world's children are our children and that we can all do something to fulfill this responsibility.

In this forum, let us both individually and collectively re-affirm and rekindle the universal principles and aspirations of the Convention and this time round, let us really work together in unity towards promoting a better world for our children.

Mr. President,

I would like to end with a quotation from Deepak Chopra.

"A principle of Physics states that when an electron vibrates, the universe shakes.
Let us then, you and I be these electrons that vibrate at the level of consciousness to bring peace, harmony, joy and love to the children of the world."

We in Seychelles, have reason to hope that, through a joint vibration, there will be a brighter tomorrow for our children and for the children of the universe.

Thank you.