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The reports considered by the Advisory Committee are shown in bold. 

Related Resolutions

In bold: the resolution(s) adopted by the General Assembly on the subject under consideration. In italics: the resolutions in which the General Assembly requested the Secretary-General to submit the considered report(s). The other resolutions listed include previous General Assembly resolutions and for peacekeeping missions, the latest Security Council resolution. 

1. A/72/536 Fifteenth annual progress report on the implementation of the capital master plan (CMP) 72
2. A/72/537 Financial reports and audited financial statements and reports of the Board of Auditors (BOA) for the period ended 31 December 2016 72
3. A/72/558 Human resources management (HRM) 72
4. A/72/561 Pattern of conferences 72
5. A/72/7 Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions Report First report on the proposed programme budget for the biennium 2018-2019 72
6. A/72/7/Add.1 Revised estimates relating to the Office of Counter-Terrorism under section 3, Political Affairs, section 29D, Office of Central Support Services, and section 36, Staff assessment 72
7. A/72/7/Add.11 Estimates in respect of special political missions, good offices and other political initiatives authorized by the General Assembly and/or the Security Council Thematic cluster I: special and personal envoys, advisers and representatives of the Secretary-General 72
8. A/72/7/Add.15 Estimates in respect of special political missions, good offices and other political initiatives authorized by the General Assembly and/or the Security Council United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) 72
9. A/72/7/Add.19 Administration of justice at the United Nations and activities of the Office of the Ombudsman and Mediation Services 72
10. A/72/7/Add.2 Request for a subvention to the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) resulting from the recommendations of the Board of Trustees of the Institute on the work programme of the Institute for 2018-2019 72
11. A/72/7/Add.20 Report on the use of the commitment authority and request for a subvention to the Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone 72
12. A/72/7/Add.21 Administrative and financial implications of the decisions and recommendations contained in the report of the International Civil Service Commission for the year 2017 (ICSC) 72
13. A/72/7/Add.22 Revised estimates resulting from resolutions and decisions adopted by the Economic and Social Council during 2017 (ECOSOC) 72
14. A/72/7/Add.3 Section 13, International Trade Centre 72
15. A/72/7/Add.4 Tenth and final progress report on the adoption of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards by the United Nations (IPSAS) 72
16. A/72/7/Add.5 Proposed United Nations Secretariat contribution to the United Nations Development Group cost-sharing arrangement for the resident coordinator system 72
17. A/72/7/Add.6 Seismic mitigation retrofit and life-cycle replacements project at the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific premises in Bangkok (ESCAP) 72
18. A/72/7/Add.7 Request for a subvention to the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) 72
19. A/72/7/Add.8 Proposal for the renovation of the North Building at the headquarters of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) 72
20. A/72/7/Add.9 Strategic capital review 72