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Subject: Follow-up to the outcome of the Millennium Summit (2005 World Summit)

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The reports considered by the Advisory Committee are shown in bold. 

Related Resolutions

In bold: the resolution(s) adopted by the General Assembly on the subject under consideration. In italics: the resolutions in which the General Assembly requested the Secretary-General to submit the considered report(s). The other resolutions listed include previous General Assembly resolutions and for peacekeeping missions, the latest Security Council resolution. 

1. A/60/7/Add.23 Implementation of decisions from the 2005 World Summit Outcome for action by the Secretary-General : Ethics office; comprehensive review of governance arrangements, including an independent external evaluation of the auditing and oversight system; and the independent audit advisory committee 60
2. A/60/7/Add.25 The Peacebuilding Commission: Programme budget implications (PBI) of draft resolution A/60/L.40 60
3. A/60/735 Investing in the United Nations: for a stronger Organization worldwide 60
4. A/60/870 Investing in the United Nations for a stronger Organization worldwide : detailed report 60
5. A/60/903 Investing in the United Nations for a stronger organization worldwide : updated terms of reference for the Independent Audit Advisory Committee (IAAC) 60
6. A/60/904 Investing in the United Nations: for a stronger Organizationworldwide: detailed report. Procurement reform 60
7. A/60/909 Investing in the United Nations for a stronger organization worldwide: detailed report. Accountability 60
8. A/60/929 Disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) 60
9. A/61/605 Comprehensive review of governance and oversight within the United Nations and its funds, programmes and specialized agencies 61
10. A/68/7/Add.14 Revised estimates resulting from the decisions contained in General Assembly resolution 67/290, entitled “Format and organizational aspects of the high-level political forum on sustainable development” (A/68/365) 68
11. A/70/7/ADD.28 Revised estimates resulting from resolutions and decisions adopted by the Human Rights Council at its twenty-eighth, twenty-ninth and thirtieth sessions and twenty-third special session 70
12. A/70/883 Supporting the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda of the Third International Conference on Financing for Development 70