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Parallel Event

Monitoring the Implementation of the Habitat Agenda
Thursday, 7 June 2001, Room 3
12.45 - 2.45 p.m.

The parallel event will start with a brief opening address by the Executive Director which will be followed by an introduction and overview by the Chief, Urban Secretariat. After that, two substantive presentations will be made. The first one will focus on the role and relevance of the Global Report on Human Settlements and the State of the World's Cities Report for the monitoring system of the Centre. The second presentation will elaborate on the rationale, the components and the future direction of the Global Urban Observatory as well as its overall function in the Monitoring of the Implementation of the Habitat Agenda.

The purpose of the parallel event is to inform the delegates, NGOs and other partners about the Centre's approach on monitoring the Habitat Agenda and to seek partnerships to enhance the monitoring system in order to make the results useful for partners at all levels. The meeting will also discuss the need for new and enhanced instruments to measure change especially at the level of cities. There will be time for discussion after each presentation.

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