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Youth Event
Organized by the Youth for Habitat International Network

Turkish House
(Through 8 June)
7 June 2001
10:00 -16:00

Number of the participants: 11
The youth Caucus gathered to draft the speech to be made by Youth for Habitat International Network in the plenary session on Friday. They departed at 13:00. The structure of the statement is designed as having three parts. The first part should be brief introductory part for Youth for Habitat and the second part will be reminding the commitments made by the governments in the Habitat Agenda and Agenda 21. Third part should be stating the obstacles and problems faced by youth organizations and the recommendation of youth to the governments.

Following problems were outlined as problems:

  • Lack of youth policies and ineffective implementation of the policies where they exist.
  • Problems in access to basic services and facilities, information and financial resources.
  • Participation in decision making processes is ineffective.
  • Lack of Data base and documentation.
  • Lack of awareness raising on both the side of the youth and on government's.
  • Insufficient urban services.
  • Education: a big number of youth are not in the education cycle.
  • Health: there is lack of awareness and problems in access to basic health services.
  • Poverty: youth is one of the groups mostly affected from poverty.

These stated problems were discussed as the most important problems faced by youth organizations. Then recommendations on these problems were discussed.

Governments should formulate national youth policies, effective administrative capacity and regular review mechanisms in consultation with youth themselves for coordinated and integrated approach and implementation in youth works.

Access to basic services and facilities, information and financial resources- sufficient budgetary allocation and capacity building for fund-raising and income generation should be facilitated.

Youth councils and youth parliaments should be encouraged and promoted for effective participation in decision making processes which is a way through including youth in overcoming challenges of urbanization as a partner in the implementation of the Habitat Agenda.

Substantive awareness raising activities are needed to overcome the health problems.

Potential of youth should be fully utilized to effectively combat poverty.


2001 UNCHS