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The Women's Caucus
every morning between 9-10 in Conference Room 8

A Women's Caucus is held every morning with participants from women's network, NGOs, UN agencies and Government delegation. The Caucus is organized by the Huairou Commission with a representative from each network every day.

One of its purposes is to make the issue of women's rights and participation in the Istanbul +5 process visible. The other is to follow the events at UNGASS to keep track of the issues discussed and negotiated by participating Member States. The Caucus has, therefore, representatives present at both the informal as well as the formal sessions of the UNGASS. The Caucus use their daily session to report back on the previous day as well as strategize for the coming one.

Guest speakers from delegations as well as NGOs participate every day to inform the Caucus on specific issues of concern. Delegations from Finland, Norway and the Netherlands have visited the Caucus to inform the members about the ongoing negotiations and important issues of interest to the Caucus that should be observed.

Groups from both within the Huairou Commission as well as others have presented lessons learned and practical examples from the ground in order to share experiences with others around the area of human settlement development. The Caucus will have one final session on Friday from 9-10 in Conference Room 8. Everyone is invited!


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