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Grassroots Women International Academy
Conference Room 5
4 June 2001
10:00 - 6:00 PM

World's women seek solutions to problems of governance and security of tenure

As part of the ongoing General Assembly Special Session on the Habitat Agenda, representatives of grassroots women's organizations from all the regions of the world have been exchanging experiences and learning from each other on how to tackle a wide range of issues and problems.

The issues addressed include governance, security of tenure, urban safety, disaster and conflict management, and HIV/AIDS.

The women have been meeting since Tuesday last week (May 29) under the auspices of the Global Women's International Academy (GIWA).

The last day was organized to sum up shared experiences from previous discussions and map out plans for the future.

External partners were invited to discuss issues of collaboration and resource mobilisation with the women. Working in a number of panels, the women mapped out strategies on the way forward. Present at these panels were representatives from the donor community, UN agencies, as well as organizations with good examples to learn from.

Habitat officials also participated throughout the week-long meeting.

GIWA will compile a report which will outline and highlight the week's discussions and decisions made. Further discussion on specific topics will continue in more details during the United National General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) and its parallel events.




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