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Invitation to the Launch of the Publication:


Volunteerism in Urban Development and the Role of the United Nations Volunteers Programme

To be held during the parallel session
Volunteerism and Urban Development
Dag Hammarskjold Library Auditorium,
6 June 2001,
1:15 - 2:45 PM

Dear Participant,

The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Programme has pleasure to invite you and your delegation to the launch of UNV's publication "CARING CITIES - Volunteerism in Urban Development and the Role of the United Nations Volunteers Programme".

This publication analyses the importance of volunteer work in the development of cities and towns, and presents the urban agenda of the United Nations Volunteers programme (UNV). The publication is divided into two main parts: volunteerism and UNV. The first part focuses on the importance of volunteerism in urban development. It starts with an introduction to urban problems, followed by a detailed analysis of volunteerism in this context. The second part begins with an introduction to UNV, followed by the general features of its urban operations. Subsequently it provides a detailed view of the UNV response to urban problems, with illustrations. The publication concludes with thoughts on the achievements of UNV, and on the consolidation of its urban agenda.

Copies of the publication will be distributed during the parallel session on Volunteerism and Urban Development

Contents: Introduction; The Challenges of Urbanization (Urban Poverty; Urban Opportunities); Meanings and Typology of Volunteerism; The Importance of Volunteerism in Urban Development (Economic Benefits; Grassroots Work / Organizations; Social Cohesion and Capital; Cultural Heritage and Local Pride; Benefits to the Volunteer); Introduction to UNV; The International Response to the Urban Problems of Developing Countries and UNV's Role; UNV's Niche in Urban Work (Promotion and Support to Volunteerism; the Mobilization of UN Volunteers); Thematic View and Illustrations (Political & Institutional; Social; Economic; Physical; Cultural; An Integrated Approach); Conclusion; References.

For more information, contact:
Edmundo Werna;




2001 UNCHS