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Parallel Event

within material continua from aid to development

Parallel event organised by
UNCHS Habitat - Belgian Government - Free University of Brussels
Conference room 4
Tuesday 05.06.2001
10-12 a.m

Objective :
introduction of preparation of international co-operation for development of global and general applicable material(ising) systems.

Emergency situations and more or less interlinked natural and manmade disasters increase in numbers, frequency, variety, magnitude and Geographical spreading. As such they might suggest global problems and ditto actual or future challenges. In this context, Agenda 21 and the Habitat II Agenda mention overall interdependency and call for more scientific approaches in general and for international co-operation in development of a global economic system for global sustainable development while considering the environment Moreover, this happens on the background of extension and completion of major scientific systems about physics, politics, sociology and economics towards comprehensiveness, unification and universal, global and general applicability. Hence, because of the many central problem causing-and solving roles material culture and physical planning do play, and because of the need for maximal problem solving capacity, we urgently do call directly, and hopefully also via the Istanbul + 5 resolutions, for international co-operation in development of scientific, thus global and general applicable material(ising) systems too. Application of the results of related Research and Development might reach maximal productivity if benefiting from the opportunities offered by emergency situations and if aiming at maximal change enablement, acceleration of aid to development continua, and simultaneous local and global problem avoiding- anticipating- resisting- mitigating and solving capacity.

Tentative agenda
Opening speech :

Mr.John Hogan, UNCHS Habitat - Disaster Management Unit and Programme .

Lecture :
Hendrickx Hendrik Prof.Architect Free University Brussels Belgium
Vanwalleghem Hedwig Architect Researcher Syntectuur-Free

University Brussel Belgium
Eventually, explanation of some examples of a provisional global and general applicable system, as projected during the lecture. They mainly deal with an earthquake proof reconstruction system, applied on the temple of Nemea in Greece and General Purpose Metal sheets. They are only shown in order to suggest the possibility to reach results and materialise them. In fact, we aim at launching objective research towards development of such global and general material(ising) systems which have to compete towards selection of a final, globally and generally acceptable one. It might be better not to go into the details of such provisional subjective (?) results in order to avoid influencing too much or too early, objective international research and development.

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