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Parallel Event

Experience in making capacity building work

organised by
the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) Thursday 7th June,
3.00 - 5.00 PM
Conference Room C

IHS staff members, together with their counterparts, will share their experience in the area of capacity building, look for lessons and discuss what they mean for the future.

Key points
For each speaker the key points will be:
1. What was the connection to the Habitat Agenda?
2. What did you do to implement the ideas in the programme?
3. What has been the experience so far?
4. What lessons have you learned for this that help us move forward?

Presenters and subjects
The minister of Local Governance and Rural Development from Ghana will share the Ghana experience in capacity building to support decentralisation. From Forbes Davidson (IHS staff member) and our SINPA partners Mr. Loton (Bangladesh) and Mrs. Maria Luisa (Bolivia) you will learn more about the Programme of Support for Implementation of National Plans of Action (SINPA) for Bangladesh, Bolivia and Zambia. This will be followed by a short presentation by Forbes Davidson on research on participative processes. Subsequently Mrs. Mariana Llona of DESCO, Peru, partner of the Dutch development organisation CORDAID will share their knowledge about the role of an international NGO in capacity building. After that Liliana Miranda Sara (representative of the PEGUP Programme Peru) will share her experience on partnerships in capacity building.

Emiel Wegelin, director of IHS, will start the event with an introduction and will chair the panel discussion: "What does this experience mean for future priorities for action at city, national and international level?" This discussion will focus on two points:

1. The lessons coming from the cases presented and the panellists own experience; and
2. What these lessons and experiences means for priority future actions

The open discussion will lead on from this.

Launch of the IHS publication: "New Institutional Forms in Urban Management: Emerging Practices in Developing and Transitional Countries"
The event will be closed with the launch of IHS' new publication on "New Institutional Forms in Urban Management: Emerging Practices in Developing and Transitional Countries", edited by Emiel Wegelin, Meine Pieter van Dijk and Marike Noordhoek. This collection of essays explores the evolution of new institutional forms and includes essays from both IHS staff members and professionals from outside IHS.


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