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Third Committee


Summaries of work and documentation


Reference:  A/60/100  [F]  [S]  [A]  [C]  [R]


  Item 116:


Revitalization of the work of the General Assembly

Date of consideration:  11 November 2005

References for the 59th session

   A/59/860   [ F ]   [ S ]   [ A ]   [ C ]   [ R ]  

   A/59/860/Add.1   [ F ]   [ S ]   [ A ]   [ C ]   [ R ]  

   Revitalization of the work of the General Assembly 


   A/60/=  [F]  [S]  [A]  [C]  [R]

    Report of the Secretary-General (ref. res. 58/316)

   A/60/440-S/2005/658   [F]   [S]   [A]   [C]   [R]   

   A/60/440/Corr.1-S/2005/658/Corr.1   [A] only  

   A/60/440/Corr.2-S/2005/658/Corr.2   [F]   [S]   [A]   [C]   [R]   

    Letter dated 17 October 2005 from the Permanent Representative of Yemen
    to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General



This item, which was included in the agenda of the forty-sixth session of the General Assembly, in 1991, had originally been proposed for inclusion in the draft agenda of that session by the President of the Assembly at its forty-fifth session (see decision 45/461).

The General Assembly considered the question at its forty-sixth to forty-eighth, fifty-second, fifty-third and fifty-fifth sessions (resolutions 46/77, 47/233, 48/264 and 55/285 and decisions 52/479 and 53/491).

At its fifty-fourth session, the General Assembly decided to defer consideration of the item and to include it in the draft agenda of its subsequent session (decision 54/491).

At its fifty-fifth session, the General Assembly, inter alia, decided to cluster, biennialize or triennialize a number of agenda items (resolution 55/285).

At its fifty-sixth session, the General Assembly amended rules 30, 31 and 99 of its rules of procedure concerning the election of the President and the Vice-Presidents of the General Assembly, as well as the election of the Chairmen and other officers of the Main Committees of the Assembly (resolution 56/509). At its fifty-eighth session, the Assembly decided that the full Bureaux of the Main Committees should be elected three months in advance of the next session (resolution 58/126, annex, sect. B) (see items 1 and 4 to 6).

At its fifty-seventh session, the General Assembly amended rule 1 of the rules of procedure of the Assembly concerning the opening date of its regular session and also decided on the opening date and duration of the general debate (see items 1 and 8) (resolution 57/301).

At its fifty-eighth session, in 2003, the General Assembly adopted a text on enhancing the authority and role of the General Assembly and on improving its working methods (resolution 58/126, annex).

At its resumed fifty-eighth session, in July 2004, the General Assembly adopted a number of measures, inter alia, to reorder the work of the General Assembly, reorganize the agenda of the Assembly, improve the practices and working methods of the Main Committees, enhance the role of the General Committee and reduce the volume of documentation that was submitted to the Assembly; and requested the Secretary-General to report on all aspects of the implementation of resolutions 58/126 and 58/316 to the Assembly at its sixtieth session (resolution 58/316).



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