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Summaries of work and documentation


Reference:  A/60/100  [F]  [S]  [A]  [C]  [R]


  Item 59:


Towards global partnerships

Date of consideration:  16 November 2005 (AM)


A/60/111  [F]   [S]   [A]   [C]   [R]  

Letter dated 5 July 2005 from the Permanent Representative of Jamaica to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General


A/60/214   [F]   [S]   [A]   [C]   [R]  

Report of the Secretary-General entitled "Enhanced cooperation between the United Nations and all relevant partners, in particular the private sector" (Mandate: GA res. 58/129, para. 12)


This item was included as a supplementary item in the agenda of the fifty-fifth session of the General Assembly, in 2000, at the request of Germany (A/55/228). The Assembly considered this question at its fifty-fifth and fifty-sixth sessions (resolutions 55/215 and 56/76).

At its fifty-eighth session, the General Assembly, stressing that partnerships should focus on the achievement of concrete results, also stressed the importance of the contributions of voluntary partnerships to the achievement of the internationally agreed development goals; requested the Secretary-General to continue to promote the transparency and accountability of partnerships; acknowledged that serving successful partnerships required specific skills on the part of the Secretariat staff, and called upon the Secretary-General to continue to support and further develop such skills, through appropriate training and the sharing of best practices; and requested the Secretary-General to report to the Assembly at its sixtieth session on the implementation of the resolution (resolution 58/129).

At its resumed fifty-eighth session, in July 2004, the General Assembly decided to biennialize the item as of the fifty-eighth session and to allocate it to the Second Committee (resolution 58/316).



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