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Second Committee


Summaries of work and documentation


Reference:  A/60/100  [F]  [S]  [A]  [C]  [R]


  Item 125:


Programme planning

Date of consideration:  19 October 2005 (PM)

Second Committee Report (59th session): 

A/59/610   [F]   [S]   [A]   [C]   [R] 


A/60/16   [F]   [S]   [A]   [C]   [R]

A/60/16/Corr.1   [F]   [S]   [A]   [C]   [R]

Report of the Committee for Programme and Coordination (Forty-fifth session, 6 June - 1 July 2005)


Pursuant to General Assembly resolutions 54/236 and paragraph 4, Section III of 57/282, the General Assembly reiterated that the Main Committees of the General Assembly should include in their programme of work a review of the recommendations contained in the report of the Committee for Programme and Coordination (A/60/16), relevant to their work and to take appropriate action.

In this context, the General Assembly decided to allocate to the Second Committee, for its consideration, the relevant recommendations contained in chapter III of the report of the CPC, namely:  section C.1, entitled "Evaluation of linkages between headquarters and field activities: a review of best practices for poverty eradication in the framework of the United Nations Millennium Declaration" and section C.2, entitled "In-depth evaluation of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme".   These two sections are relevant to the work of the Second Committee, in particular, item 53 entitled "Implementation of the outcome of the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) and strengthening of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)" and item 56 entitled "Eradication of poverty and other development issues".

In this context, careful consideration should be made of the recommendations contained in the report of the Committee for Programme and Coordination (A/60/16), in particular Section C, paragraphs 135 through 139 and paragraphs 151 through 158, contained in pages 20 through 24 of the report, and to communicate comments on the above-mentioned recommendations to the Chairman of the Fifth Committee.  



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