Disarmament & International Security / 1st Committee - 60th session of the United Nations General Assembly
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Fax: 1 (212) 963-5305

Ms. Cheryl H. Stoute, Secretary of the First Committee
Room: S-2977, Tel.: (212) 963-5595, e-mail: stoute@un.org

Mr. Sergei Cherniavsky, Senior Political Affairs Officer, Deputy Secretary
Room: S-2977G, Tel.: (212) 963-3051, e-mail: cherniavsky@un.org

Ms. Christa Giles, Political Affairs Officer (draft resolutions)
Room: S-2977J, Tel.: (212) 963-0962, e-mail: giles@un.org

Mr. Tam Chung, Political Affairs Officer (Chair's notes)
Room: S-2977E, Tel.: (212) 963-1901, e-mail: chungt@un.org

Ms. Ruby Kulanusorstit, Senior Meetings Services Assistant (documents)
Room: S-2977L, Tel.: (212) 963-5592, e-mail: kulanusorstit@un.org

Ms. Janett Serrano, Secretarial and Meetings Services Assistant (Office of the Secretary)
Room: S-2977HH, Tel.: (212) 963-7712, e-mail: serrano@un.org

Ms. Francine Leong, Secretarial and Meetings Services Assistant (list of delegations)
Room: S-2977II, Tel.: (212) 963-4389, e-mail: leong@un.org

Ms. Lidija Komatina, Secretarial and Meetings Services Assistant (Meeting Assistant)
Room: S-2977FF, Tel.: (212) 963-2378, e-mail: komatina@un.org