Information for Delegations - 60th session of the United Nations General Assembly
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Frequently Asked Questions


1. When does the sixtieth session of the General Assembly open? What are the dates of the High-level Plenary Meeting? What are the dates of the general debate?

Sixtieth session of the General Assembly: Tuesday, 13 September 2005;

2005 World Summit:
From Wednesday, 14 September 2005 to Friday, 16 September 2005;

General debate:
From Saturday, 17 September 2005 to Friday, 23 September and from Monday, 26 September 2005 to Wednesday, 28 September 2005.

2. How do I contact the President of the sixtieth General Assembly?

His Excellency, Mr. Jan Eliasson (Sweden), Room C-204, Telephone: 1 (212) 963-7555; Fax: (212) 963-3301.

[The office of the President is located on the 2nd floor of the Conference Building, between the ECOSOC and Trusteeship Council Chambers].

3. How many copies of statements are needed for distribution in the General Assembly Hall? Where and when do I deliver them?

Before meeting begins, deliver statements to the documents counter on the left side of the General Assembly Hall or to the conference officer.

300 copies for general distribution; or 30 copies for minimum distribution; or at least 15 copies for interpreters and press officers only.

4. Can documents or other materials relevant to the meetings be made
available in the General Assembly Hall for the meeting?

Only UN documents and statements of speakers can be distributed in the Hall before or during a meeting. Any other pertinent materials can be made available in the General Assembly Hall upon authorization by the Chief of the General Assembly Affairs Branch (ext. 1 (212) 963.2336 in room S-2925, or ext. 1 (212) 963.7787 in GA-200).

5. What is the procedure for tabling a draft resolution?

  • the printed version and a computer diskette containing the final text of a draft resolution must be submitted by an accredited delegate of a Mission, and signed in the presence of the General Assembly staff member responsible for processing draft resolutions;
  • the submitting delegation provides a list of co-sponsors if any;
  • if the new draft resolution is based on a previous one, the old text may be downloaded from the UN Official Document System, and necessary changes made, i.e. new text in bold and unwanted text clearly marked for deletion.

6. How can a Member State co-sponsor a draft resolution?

Member States wishing to co-sponsor a particular draft resolution may sign up with the Member State coordinating the draft resolution or with the staff member of the General Assembly Affairs Branch responsible for draft resolutions in the General Assembly Hall during plenary meetings, or at other times in room S-2994B or S-2925.

7. Where can I get a blank copy of the co-sponsorship form?

From the offices of the General Assembly Affairs Branch, room S-2994B or S-2925, or in the General Assembly Hall during plenary meetings.

8. Where can I get a copy of the voting record on the resolution adopted?

Voting records are distributed to all Member States in the General Assembly Hall immediately after the adoption. Copies can also be obtained from the General Assembly Affairs Branch in room S-2994B or S-2925.

9. Where can I get a copy of the resolution adopted?

A few weeks after adoption, resolutions are published in the A/RES/ series of documents. Until then, the text is contained in the “L” document and on the ODS or in the report of the relevant Committee.

10. How can I find out the programme of work of the respective Main Committees?

Call the Secretary of the respective Main Committee. The Secretaries’ names, office locations and telephone numbers are available in document A/INF/60/2.

11. How do I arrange for a videotape of my head of State’s statement in the General Assembly Hall? Photographs?

For videotaping: Contact the Chief, Broadcast and Conference Support Section, FAX: 1 (212) 963-3699; e-mail:;

For photographs: Photos of heads of State delivering statements in the plenary of the General Assembly are routinely taken and available from the UN Photo Resource Centre, room S-0805L, Tel: 1 (212) 963-6927/963-0034, Fax: 1 (212) 963-1658. Special requests for other photographs may be addressed to Mr. Evan Schneider, room S-0927B, Tel: 1 (212) 963-5828; such requests can be accommodated only as staffing constraints allow.

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