UN General Assembly - 3rd Committee (Social, humanitarian & cultural)

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27 November, 2013
GA/SHC/4095Third Committee Passes 11 Texts, Including One on Protecting Women Human Rights Defenders, as Members Conclude Their Work

26 November, 2013
GA/SHC/4094Third Committee Approves Text Titled Right to Privacy in the Digital Age, as It Takes Action on 18 Draft Resolutions

25 November, 2013
GA/SHC/4093Third Committee Approves Texts on Youth Policies, International Cooperation on Human Rights, Protection against Enforced Disappearance

21 November, 2013
GA/SHC/4092Third Committee Approves Text on Human Right to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation, 10 Other Draft Resolutions

19 November, 2013
GA/SHC/4091Delegates Hail Human Rights Improvements in Myanmar as Third Committee Approves 8 Draft Resolutions, including 4 Country-Specific Texts

14 November, 2013
GA/SHC/4090Third Committee Approves Several Texts, Including One Designating 30 July World Day against Trafficking in Persons

13 November, 2013
GA/SHC/4089Participation by All Crucial for Successful Universal Periodic Review of National Records, Third Committee Told

12 November, 2013
GA/SHC/4088Solitary Confinement, Refoulement Cited as Third Committee Approves Text on Torture, Hears Presentation of 11 Others

7 November, 2013
GA/SHC/4087Third Committee Approves Three Draft Resolutions, Including One Addressing Needs of Rural Women

6 November, 2013
GA/SHC/4086United Nations Refugee Agencys Services Severely Tested by Syria Conflict, Persisting Crises Worldwide, High Commissioner Tells Third Committee

5 November, 2013
GA/SHC/4085Self-Determination Integral to Basic Human Rights, Fundamental Freedoms, Third Committee Told as It Concludes General Discussion

4 November, 2013
GA/SHC/4084Support International Decade for People of African Descent, Working Group Chair Urges, as Third Committee Takes up Racism, Self-Determination

1 November, 2013
GA/SHC/4083Delegates Stress Need to Engage with United Nations Human Rights Mechanisms as Third Committee Concludes General Discussion

31 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4082Third Committee Approves Texts Aimed at Eradicating Illiteracy Worldwide, Boosting Cooperatives as Sustainable Business Enterprises

30 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4081Elections Not an End in Themselves, Says Under-Secretary-General as Third Committee Continues Discussion on Human Rights

29 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4080Progress Cannot Be Hostage to Favoured Agendas, General Assembly President Says as Third Committee Continues Discussion on Human Rights

28 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4079Silence of Millennium Goals on Inequalities Called Biggest Blind Spot as Third Committee Continues Consideration of Human Rights

25 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4078Delegates Consider Deadly Use of Drone Technology as Third Committee Hears More Presentations by Experts on Human Rights Obligations

24 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4077Third Committee Approves Text on Women's Advancement as It Continues Hearing Presentations by Special Rapporteurs, Other Human Rights Experts

23 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4076Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights Increasingly Action-Oriented, She Tells Third Committee as It Hears from Special Rapporteurs

22 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4075Outdated Prisoner-Related Standards Need Revision, Says Special Rapporteur as Third Committee Discusses Human Rights

21 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4074Implementing Declaration on Indigenous Rights Will Be Difficult or Impossible without Greater Awareness of Human Rights Values, Third Committee Told

18 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4073Promoting Childrens Rights Key to Future Development, Prosperity, Delegates Stress as Third Committee Concludes Debate

17 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4072Third Committee Approves 8 Draft Resolutions, Including Text Aimed at Curbing Trafficking in Cultural Property

16 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4071UNICEF Executive Director, in Third Committee, Says 18,000 Children Still Dying Every Day, despite Dramatic Fall in Death Rate

14 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4070Domestic, Gender-based Violence Dominate Third Committee Discussion as Speakers Urge Greater Participation by Women in Political Life

11 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4069Speakers Urge Stand-Alone Status for Gender Equality, Empowerment in Post-2015 Framework as Third Committee Considers Advancement of Women

10 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4068Combating Transnational Crime, Need for Greater Funding Overriding Themes as Third Committee Concludes Debate

9 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4067Head of United Nations Crime Prevention Office Says Trafficking in Humans, Drugs Violates Human Rights, Undermines Development

8 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4066Elderly Called Invaluable Force as Third Committee Concludes General Discussion on Social Development

7 October, 2013
GA/SHC/4065Social Development Efforts at Important Juncture, Under-Secretary-General Says as Third Committee Begins Discussion

2 October, 2013
BIO/4539-GA/SHC/4064Stephan Tafrov of Bulgaria Elected Chair of Third Committee

28 November, 2012
GA/SHC/4063Social Development Summit, Follow-up to Beijing Womens Conference, Child Rights Among Issues, as Third Committee Approves 24 Resolutions, Concludes Session

27 November, 2012
GA/SHC/4062General Assembly Will Strongly Condemn Continued Human Rights Violations in Syria, Under Terms of Resolution Approved by Third Committee

26 November, 2012
GA/SHC/4061Third Committee Approves Draft Resolution Aimed at Intensifying Global Effort to Eliminate Female Genital Mutilation

21 November, 2012
SG/SM/14661-GA/SHC/4060Secretary-General Welcomes Third Committees Death Penalty Moratorium Resolution, Saying Taking of Life Too Absolute Even Under Legal Regime

20 November, 2012
GA/SHC/4059General Assembly Will Condemn in Strongest Terms Use of Extrajudicial Executions, Demand States End Practice, Under Terms of Text Approved by Third Committee

19 November, 2012
GA/SHC/4058General Assembly Will Call for Moratorium on Executions, with View to Abolishing Death Penalty, under Terms of Resolution Approved by Third Committee

16 November, 2012
GA/SHC/4057Resolution Approved by Third Committee Calls for High-level General Assembly Meeting to Assess Progress against Grave Challenge of Human Trafficking

15 November, 2012
GA/SHC/4056Third Committee Approves Resolution That Condemns All Forms of Torture, Calls for Full Implementation of Absolute Prohibition

14 November, 2012
GA/SHC/4055Human Rights Council Successfully Built on Strong Desire of States to Address Human Rights Violations in Non-Confrontational Manner, Third Committee Told

13 November, 2012
GA/SHC/4054Third Committee Approves Text Reaffirming Fundamental Importance of Universal Realization of Right of All Peoples to Self-Determination

8 November, 2012
GA/SHC/4053There Are No First-Class or Second-Class Rights, as All Human Rights, Freedoms Interdependent, Indivisible, Third Committee Told

7 November, 2012
GA/SHC/4052As Conflicts Multiply, World Communitys Capacity to Respond to People Uprooted by Violence Being Tested in Unforeseen Ways, Third Committee Told

6 November, 2012
GA/SHC/4051Universal Recognition of Inalienable Right to Self-Determination Most Effective Way of Guaranteeing Fundamental Freedoms, Third Committee Told

5 November, 2012
GA/SHC/4050Comprehensive Approach, Solid Legal Framework Needed to Address New and Complex Challenge of Racial Hatred Promoted Through Internet, Third Committee Told

2 November, 2012
GA/SHC/4049Human Rights Not Luxuries, but Rather Inalienable Entitlements to Be Exercised Everywhere by All Members of Human Family, Third Committee Told

25 October, 2012
GA/SHC/4048UN Expert Calls for Boycott of International Businesses Profiting from Israeli Settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territories, in Third Committee

24 October, 2012
GA/SHC/4047Past Year Marred by Events - Syria, Horn of Africa - That 'Put to the Test' World Community's Capacity to Respond to Human Rights Crises, Third Committee Told

23 October, 2012
GA/SHC/4046In Third Committee, Special Rapporteur on Torture Calls on States to Seriously Reconsider Whether Death Penalty Amounts to Cruel, Inhuman Treatment

22 October, 2012
GA/SHC/4045Much Progress since General Assembly Adoption of Indigenous Rights Declaration, But Long Way to Go to Fully Realize Those Rights, Third Committee Told

19 October, 2012
GA/SHC/4044Third Committee Speakers Describe National Efforts to Safeguard Child Development, Including Intensified Effort to Combat Under-5 Malnutrition in Developing World

18 October, 2012
GA/SHC/4043Strengthening UN Efforts against Transnational Organized Crime among Issues Addressed, as Third Committee Approves 5 Texts on Criminal Justice

17 October, 2012
GA/SHC/4042Too Many Children Being Left Behind Due to Poverty, Malnutrition, Unpardonable Discrimination, UN Childrens Fund Head Tells Third Committee

16 October, 2012
GA/SHC/4041Third Committee Debate on Womens Rights Critical to Achieving Gender Equality, Goal That Should Receive Wide Global Support, Says General Assembly President

15 October, 2012
GA/SHC/4040Pervasive, Continued Violence against Women An Appalling Human Rights Violation; Eliminating Such Violence at Core of Womens Empowerment, Third Committee Told

11 October, 2012
GA/SHC/4039Heinous, Fast-Growing Crimes of Human, Drug Trafficking Will Continue to Ravage Worlds Economies without Coordinated Global Action, Third Committee Told

10 October, 2012
GA/SHC/4038World Faces Complex, Interconnected Threats from Practically Seamless Web of Drugs, Crime and Sometimes Terrorism', Third Committee Told

9 October, 2012
GA/SHC/4037Creation of Decent Work - Especially for Millions of Unemployed Youth - Vital for Reducing Inequality, Eradicating Poverty, Third Committee Told

8 October, 2012
GA/SHC/4036Significant Progress Made Towards Development Goals, but Multifaceted Challenges Remain, None More Daunting Than Rising Inequality, Third Committee Told

18 September, 2012
BIO/4408-GA/SHC/4035Henry Leonard Mac-Donald of Suriname Chair of Third Committee

4 September, 2012
GA/SHC/4034Third Committee Elects Bureau for Sixty-Seventh General Assembly Session

22 November, 2011
GA/SHC/4033Third Committee Approves Resolution Condemning Human Rights Violations in Syria, by Vote of 122 in Favour to 13 Against, with 41 Abstentions

21 November, 2011
GA/SHC/4032Third Committee Approves Draft Resolutions on Human Rights Situations in Iran, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, Myanmar

18 November, 2011
GA/SHC/4031Third Committee Approves Text Stressing Critical Importance of Women's Political Participation in All Contexts Peace, Conflict, Political Transition

17 November, 2011
GA/SHC/4030Third Committee Approves Resolution Recommending Adoption of United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training

15 November, 2011
GA/SHC/4029Text Recommending Adoption of Protocol to Child Rights Convention Establishing Communications Procedure for Individual Complaints Approved By Third Committee

10 November, 2011
GA/SHC/4028Third Committee Approves Text Condemning All Forms of Torture, Any Steps to Legalize Such Actions, Including on Grounds of National Security

8 November, 2011
GA/SHC/4027Draft Text Approved by Third Committee Recognizes Youth as Key Agents for Social Change, Affirms Investment in Youth Crucial for Sustainable Development

3 November, 2011
GA/SHC/4026Third Committee Approves Draft Resolution on Womens Anti-Discrimination Convention; Hears Introduction of 11 Texts on Wide Range of Issues

2 November, 2011
GA/SHC/4025Five Years after Creation, Human Rights Council Has Completed Appraisal of Human Rights Situation in Every Country in the World, Third Committee Told

1 November, 2011
GA/SHC/402421st Century Proving to Be Century of People on the Move, Innovative Approaches Needed to Address New Patterns of Forced Displacement, Third Committee Told

31 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4023UN Expert Reports Alarming Resurgence in Use of Mercenaries to Violate Human Rights, Often in New, Novel Ways, in Statement to Third Committee

28 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4022Ten Years after Global Agreement in Durban on Framework to Combat Racism, No Country Could Claim to Be Free from Scourge, Third Committee Told

27 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4021In Third Committee, States Describe National Efforts Made to Meet Human Rights Obligations; Stress Rights Are Equal, Indivisible, Mutually Reinforcing

26 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4020With Crises Disproportionately Affecting Most Vulnerable, World Community Must Ensure Economic, Social Rights Not Relegated to Second Tier, Committee Told

25 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4019Landmark Election in Tunisia Superb Demonstration of UN Providing Advice, Support, while Fully Respecting National Leadership, Ownership Third Committee Told

24 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4018Several Aspects of Sexual, Reproductive Health Providing Information, Using Contraception, Abortion Should Be Decriminalized, Third Committee Told

21 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4017Extremists Have Pushed Anti-immigration Agenda, but in Fact We Are All Migrants, Migrant Rights Are Human Rights, Says United Nations Expert in Third Committee

20 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4016Under Prolonged Israeli Occupation, Childrens Development Deformed by Pervasive Deprivations Affecting Health, Education, Security, UN Expert Tells Committee

19 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4015Protest Movements in Middle East, North Africa Reaffirm Reach of Human Rights Even Where Repression Once Seemed Immutable, Third Committee Told

18 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4014Special Rapporteur on Torture Tells Third Committee Use of Prolonged Solitary Confinement on Rise, Calls for Global Ban on Practice

17 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4013Special Rapporteur Highlights Negative, Even Catastrophic Impact of Extractive Industries on Rights of Indigenous Peoples, in Third Committee Statement

14 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4012In Third Committee Member States Detail National Steps to Safeguard, Nurture Children, Call for More Support to The Most Vulnerable of the Vulnerables

13 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4011Strengthening Global Efforts against Criminal Financing, Money-Laundering, among Issues Addressed, as Third Committee Approves Four Criminal Justice Texts

12 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4010'Too Many Children Are Being Left Behind' Simply Because They Are Born Female, Have Disabilities, Live in Worlds Poorest Places, Third Committee Told

11 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4009With Equal Rights, Empowerment, Women Can Be Agents of Change for Sustained Socio-economic Development, Security around World, Third Committee Told

10 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4008After Remarkable Year for Gender Equality, Womens Empowerment, Momentum Must Be Turned into Tangible Gains for Women, Girls Everywhere, Third Committee Told

6 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4007Criminal Groups Trafficking in Drugs, Weapons Can Destabilize Countries, Regions; Combating Them Requires Increased Cooperation, Resources, Third Committee Told

5 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4006World Confronts Complex, Practically Seamless Web of Crime, Corruption, Drugs, Which Touches Every Country, Spans Every Region, Third Committee Told

4 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4005Austerity Measures Adopted by Developed Countries Hurt Global Growth, Push More into Poverty, Just When Greater Social Protection Needed, Third Committee Told

3 October, 2011
GA/SHC/4004As World Struggles with Economic Crisis, Time Bomb of Rising Social Inequality Could Tear Apart Moral Fabric of Societies, Third Committee Told

16 September, 2011
GA/SHC/4003Third Committee Completes Bureau for Sixty-Sixth General Assembly Session

14 September, 2011
BIO/4321-GA/SHC/4002Haniff Hussein of Malaysia Chair of Third Committee

23 November, 2010
GA/SHC/4001Third Committee Approves Eight More Draft Resolutions as Current Session Concludes; Durban Commemorative Meeting, Regulating Private Security Companies among Issues

22 November, 2010
GA/SHC/4000Third Committee Approves Text to Ensure Human Rights Protected in Anti-Terrorism Efforts, Another Stating No Religion Should Be Equated with Terrorism

19 November, 2010
GA/SHC/3999General Assembly Will Declare 30 August International Day for Victims of Enforced Disappearance, in Resolution Approved by Third Committee

18 November, 2010
GA/SHC/3998Third Committee Approves Resolutions on Human Rights in Myanmar, Iran, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

16 November, 2010
GA/SHC/3997General Assembly Will Hold World Conference on Indigenous Peoples in 2014, under Terms of Resolution Recommended by Third Committee

11 November, 2010
GA/SHC/3996General Assembly Will Call for All States to Establish a Moratorium on Executions with View to Abolishing Death Penalty, under Text Approved by Third Committee

9 November, 2010
GA/SHC/3995Third Committee Approves Text Calling for Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Global Development Goal Efforts, High-Level Meeting to Assess Progress

4 November, 2010
GA/SHC/3994Third Committee Approves Three Texts on Womens Issues Welcoming UN Women, Condemning All Violence against Women, Establishing International Widows Day

3 November, 2010
GA/SHC/3993Eliminating Racial Discrimination; Ensuring Right to Self-Determination; Protecting Refugees Issues Addressed, as Third Committee Continues Human Rights Debate

2 November, 2010
GA/SHC/3992Voluntary Refugee Returns Worst in Two Decades; World Faces Quasi-Permanent Refugee Situations in Areas of Never-Ending Conflict, Third Committee Told

1 November, 2010
GA/SHC/3991Intergovernmental Working Group Established by Human Rights Council to Elaborate Convention on Regulating Private Security Companies, Third Committee Told

28 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3990Third Committee Approves Draft Text Calling for General Assembly Plenary Meeting to Launch International Year of Cooperatives 2012

27 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3989National Efforts to Protect Human Rights, Effectiveness of Human Rights Council and Special Procedures among Issues, as Third Committee Debate Continues

26 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3988Cornerstone Security Council Resolutions on Counter-Terrorism Should Be Replaced by Single Text Not Adopted Under Charters Chapter VII, Third Committee Told

25 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3987General Assembly, Human Rights Council Texts Declaring Water, Sanitation Human Right Breakthrough; Challenge Now to Turn Right into a Reality, Third Committee Told

22 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3986Past Trends towards Increasing Criminalization of Irregular Migration Continue; Migrants Face Racism, Abuse, Appalling Housing Conditions, Third Committee Told

21 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3985Unprecedented Pressures on Farmland with 30 million Hectares Lost Annually Poses Direct Threat to the Right to Food of Rural Populations, Third Committee Told

20 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3984Sixty Years after Human Rights Declaration Adopted Challenge Remains Same Bringing Vision Closer to Ground, so It Touches Lives of Real People, Third Committee Told

19 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3983Twenty-Six Years after UN Treaty Aimed at Absolute Prohibition of Torture Adopted We Have Not yet Achieved That Goal, Third Committee Told

18 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3982Implementation of Indigenous Rights Declaration Should Be Regarded as Political, Moral, Legal Imperative without Qualification, Third Committee Told

15 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3981Third Committee Speakers Describe Wide Range of Ways from Reintegration of Child Soldiers to Rural Schools-on-Wheels Countries Promote Child Rights

14 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3980Third Committee Approves Text on Bangkok Rules for Treatment of Female Prisoners; One of Four Criminal Justice Resolutions Recommended to General Assembly

13 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3979To Truly Universalize Child Rights Global Community Must Reach Neediest Children in Critical Early Years with Nutrition, Protection, Third Committee Told

12 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3978Third Committee Speakers Say 2010 Groundbreaking Year for Womens Empowerment, with Creation of UN Women, While Underlining Many Challenges Ahead

11 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3977Calls for Gender Equality, Womens Empowerment Must Be More Than a Mantra; It Must Become a Lived Reality for Women in All Countries, Third Committee Told

7 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3976Transnational Organized Crime Extending Reach into New Areas Cyber Crime, High Seas Poaching Which Needs Coordinated Response, Third Committee Told

6 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3975Struggle against Organized Crime, Corruption, Drug Trafficking Connected; Too Big for Countries to Confront on Their Own, Third Committee Told

5 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3974Residual Effects of Global Crises Financial, Food, Fuel Impeding Progress towards Achieving Millennium Development Goals, Third Committee Told

4 October, 2010
GA/SHC/3973To Achieve Development Goals Inclusive Policies Needed to Reduce Unemployment, Fight Poverty, Lessen Social Injustice, Says Under-Secretary General

14 September, 2010
BIO/4241-GA/SHC/3972Michel Tommo Monthe of Cameroon Chair of Third Committee

27 August, 2010
GA/SHC/3971Michel Tommo Monthe of Cameroon Elected Chair of Third Committee for Sixty-Fifth Session of General Assembly

24 November, 2009
GA/SHC/3970Girl Child, Eliminating Racism, Protecting Human Rights while Countering Terrorism among Issues, as Third Committee Approves Five More Texts, Concludes Session

23 November, 2009
GA/SHC/3969Third Committee Decision Welcomes Outcome of Durban Review Conference, One of Six Texts Recommended to General Assembly for Adoption

20 November, 2009
GA/SHC/3968Acting on 20th Anniversary of Child Rights Convention, Third Committee Approves Annual Resolution on Rights of the Child by Consensus

19 November, 2009
GA/SHC/3967General Assembly Will Adopt Declaration, Strategy to Counter World Drug Problem under Terms of Draft Resolution Approved by Third Committee

12 November, 2009
GA/SHC/3966Third Committee Approves Resolution Aimed at Combating Defamation of Religions, One of 16 Draft Texts Recommended to General Assembly

10 November, 2009
GA/SHC/3965Saying Torture Can Never Be Justified, Third Committee Approves Text Condemning Any Attempt to Legalize, Authorize, Including on National Security Grounds

3 November, 2009
GA/SHC/3964Five Mega-Trends -- including Population Growth, Urbanization, Climate Change -- Make Contemporary Displacement Increasingly Complex, Third Committee Told

2 November, 2009
GA/SHC/3963Third Committee Speakers Say Durban Review Conference Start of New Era in Fight against Racial Discrimination

29 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3962Third Committee Approves Resolution Calling for Intensified Efforts by All UN Bodies to Eliminate Violence against Women

28 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3961Speakers in Third Committee Draw Links between Fight to Secure Human Rights, Fight against Poverty, as Three-Day Discussion Concludes

27 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3960UN Expert Tells Third Committee No State Free from Human Rights Violations, Accountability System Must Be Effective in as Many States as Possible

26 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3959Political Affairs Head Says UN Efforts to Assist Elections in High Demand as Third Committees Debate on Promotion of Human Rights Continues

23 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3958Third Committee Hears Presentations from Six UN Human Rights Experts, As Debate on Promotion, Protection of Human Rights Continues

22 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3957Third Committee Approves Texts on Crime Congress, Cooperatives, Year of Family, Womens Anti-Discrimination Convention, African Crime Institute, Ageing

21 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3956Ordinary People Throughout World Want Human Rights of Universal Declaration Translated into Reality, UN High Commissioner Tells Third Committee

20 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3955Convention against Torture Next Generation Treaty That Places Value on Prevention over Cure, Third Committee Told

19 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3954Implementing Declaration on Indigenous Rights Will Bring Historical Justice, Develop Stronger, Democratic, Multicultural Societies, Third Committee Told

16 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3953Credibility of States Rested in Their Work for Future Generations; Children Must Be Protected, Nurtured, Encouraged to Participate, Third Committee Told

15 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3952Third Committee Approves Texts on Commemoration of 15th Anniversary of Beijing Declaration, Technical Assistance for Implementing Terrorism Conventions

14 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3951Urgent Action Needed by World Community to Stamp Out Violence against Children, Newly Appointed Special Representative Tells Third Committee

13 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3950Efforts to Empower Women, Initiatives to Promote Sustainable Economic Growth Mutually Reinforcing, Say Third Committee Speakers

12 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3949Third Committee Delegates Encourage Speedy Implementation of Proposal for New, Composite United Nations Body to Oversee Gender Equality, Womens Empowerment

8 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3948Successful Fight against Drug Trafficking, Transnational Organized Crime Requires Interlocking National, Regional, International Strategies, Third Committee Told

7 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3947Sinister Nexus of Drugs, Crime, Terrorism Must Be Countered by Promoting Health, Justice, Security, Third Committee Told

6 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3946Strengthening Well-Being of Youth Not Just a Question of Rights; Should Be Key Strategy in Bolstering Vitality of Global Village, Third Committee Told

5 October, 2009
GA/SHC/3945World Economic Crisis Could Have Unparalleled Negative Consequences on Human Development, Third Committee Told, as Debate Begins for Current Session

15 September, 2009
BIO/4127-GA/SHC/3944Normans Penke of Lativia Chair of Third Committee

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