Facilitators for some items requiring early action


Agenda Item


Item 44 - Information and communication technologies

Mr. Abdellah Benmellouk (Morocco)

Item 83 - Macroeconomic policy questions and sub-items:


(a) International trade and development

Mr. Khondker Talha (Bangladesh)

(b) International financial system and development

Mr. George Talbot (Guyana)

(c) External debt crisis and development

Mr. Jose Briz Gutiérrez (Guatemala)

(d) Commodities

Mr. George Talbot (Guyana)

Mr. Garfield Barnwell (Guyana)

Item 84 - Financing for Development

Mr. Felix Mbayu (Cameroon)

Item 85 - Sustainable development and sub-items:

Ms. Ulrika Cronenberg-Mossberg (Sweden)

(a) Implementation of A21, Programme for Further Implementation of A21, and outcomes of WSSD

Ms. Irena Zubcevic (Croatia)

Mr. Gabriel Cremades (Spain)

(b) Further Implementation of PoA for Sustainable Development of SIDS

Mr. Mark Ramsden (New Zealand)

(c) International Strategy for Disaster Reduction

Mr. Stefano Toscano (Switzerland)

Mr. Juraj Koudelka (Czech Republic)

(d) Protection of global climate

Mr. Gustavo Ainchil (Argentina)

(e) Implementation of the UNCCD in Those Countries Experiencing Serious Drought and/or Desertification, Particularly in Africa

Mr. Paul Lolo (Nigeria)

(f)  United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity

Mr. Xolisa Mabhongo (South Africa)

(g) UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

Ms. Eva Tomič (Slovenia)

Item 86 - Human settlements

Mr. Kumar Gupta (Canada)

Item 87 - Globalization and interdependence


(a) Globalization and interdependence

Mr. Claudio Rojas (Chile)

(b) International migration and development

Ms. Ulrika Cronenberg-Mossberg (Sweden)

(c) Preventing and combating corrupt practices and transfer of funds of illicit origin and returning such assets to the countries of origin

Ms. Vanessa Gomes (Portugal)

Item 88 - Groups of countries in special situations and sub-items:


(a) 3rd UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries

Mr. Bruno van der Pluijm (Belgium)

(b) Specific actions relating to particular needs and problems of landlocked developing countries

Mr. Kazuo Sunaga (Japan)

Item 89 - Eradication of poverty and sub-items:


(a) Implementation of the First UN Decade for the Eradication of Poverty

Ms. Claudia Aleman (Peru)

(b) Women in development

Ms. Jennifer Feller (Mexico)

(c) Industrial development cooperation

Mr. Hussein Sabbagh (Syrian Arab Republic)

Item 90 - Operational activities for development and sub-item:


(b) Triennial policy review of operational activities for development of the United Nations system

Mr. Olivier Chave (Switzerland)

Item 92 - Training and research and sub-items:



Ms. Vanessa Gomes (Portugal)

(b) UNU

Mr. Tadayuki Miyashita (Japan)

 Tuesday, 23 November 2004